Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God is Too Big

A classmate of mine used to wear a T-shirt that says: "God is too big to fit into just one religion", with the all the symbols of the world's major religions above it.

The more I think about it, the more I think that the line should read "God is too big to fit into Religion(s)".


Jenna said...
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Jenna said...

Religion is synthetic, and the bible is a fantasy novel. If you choose to believe in higher spiritual existance, the only driving factor will have to be Faith. There is no solid proof of God's existance in the history of mankind, and and there never will be.

But none of that matters. What is really important is that you achieve happiness in whatever u believe in; whatever makes you a better person, and hence lead a better life. You don't have to choose between Christianity and Atheism, you can be in between. Be agnostic.

I had always been an agnostic - believing in some higher power, but never certain what it is. I recently joined a Christian church for spiritual support for a life decision. On my first visit at the church, what i saw was a bunch of people who were unhappy with their life, and wanted change, but many things in life are out of their control. Hence they turned to God, who they believe has a better chance at changing their life than themselves. Once people have Faith, they acquire a sense of inner serenity and confidence; and having a postive attitude has a positive influence on how things turn out. So i joined Christianity.

There are lots of good things in Christianity, eg teaching now to be a better person; how to reach out to others; and feel that you are loved by this 'God'. But most importantly, I realised that all of the people in the world are hurt in some way or the other, and I am not alone. We are all the same.

However, as I get to know Christianity more, they are lot of obscure things in the Bible. When i read the old testiments again, this time as a religious follower, like you, I cannot get myself to agree with the cruelty and angst of this 'kind and gentle God' - in the story of Noarc, God flooded the world and killed random innocent livings, including women and children; and how God brought angels down to teach people different language so they can't unite and build a magnificent tower. The teachings in the Old testiment are contradictory and utterly flawed in comparison to their modern teachings.

Hence i decide to pick and choose what i believe in. I believe in all the good things that comes with Christianity, and ignore what i don't agree with. My friend said i can't just pick and choose, but whadaheck, it makes me happy, and a happy person is always more fun to be around and can be of assistance to others. Who wants friends with lots of baggages waiting for you to help carry?

Perhaps you are like me, desparately seeking for a religion but Christianity does not fit the bill. But i am happy with being able to throw my troubles and uncertainity to my God; when the choices are difficult, follow my instincts and let God worry about the future. We are only human, there is not point worrying over things that we have no control over. Might as well complain and whinge to God and be hopeful that things will be better. Coz we for sure can't solve the problem ourselves!

LOL, i had blabbered on and wrote too much, hope u don't mind me sabotaging your blog!

May you find happines in your belief my lost friend! Peace man!

p.s. sorry about deleting the previous comment, i had too many gramma + spelling mistakes!!

Anonymous said...

My balls are too big to fit in my pants.