Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Is the title too boombastic? Lol. Well, so it ends. Year 2003. This is definitely the best year I have among my 12 years of studies, cuz nv have I encountered so many different and interesting people in a year b4! It is definitely the year of self-discovery too!

1. Self-confidence boost
I was never a confident guy. Ask anyone who knows me well, they'll tell you I'm full of self-doubt. (Hey, come to think of it, the movie version of Aragorn is full of self doubt too... Does that mean I'm macho? Akakakaka) Well, I guess that's the effect of sumthing that happen a few years back, when I'm treated like a failed committee in a society... Sumtimes I still wonder did I failed in it or juz that my views were unpopular... That self-doubting attitude of mine has caused some negative consequences at me, but thank God, the inferiority complex is dying now...

How did that happen? Well, if ur classmates start calling u 'genius' and all sort of other titles that were meant to make u aware of ur supposed mental superiority, ur egoism will surely be inflated sooner or later. At first, I try to push those remarks away, thinking that they're juz teasing me. After all, I'm juz an average Joe (make that slightly quirky average Joe), aren't I? I'm no one throughout my life, so why now?But soon, I started to think, what if they're serious about it? Maybe I nv realized the potential in me! Then there's Beng, the 'crazy genius' who scored impossible marks. I started to wonder... why is it impossible? Maybe I juz need to try harder...

So when the 2nd semester started, I try pushing myself to the limit... And the results are amazing... 98 for Biology and 97 for Economics? Wow! I used to think those are impossible! That's when I realized I have yet to fully utilised my potential! I'm no genius, no matter how much flattering compliments I've received from my friends (which are quite nice, actually... heehee), but I am gifted, mentally, in some ways. I'm still average in math, but otherwise, I'm quite good in academics. Funny that I nv realized that until now...

Well, I'm more confident of myself now. I accepted the fact that I am gifted in academics, and I'm quite capable of accomplishing my duties well. And I'm not inferior as I thought I was years back!

2. Discovery and Curiosity
I've discovered a lot of stuff this year too. Roti Canai was one of the earliest. Hahaha, can u imagined this... I have nv tasted Roti Canai until the 1st semester of CPU? I remembered how shocked my friends were, and how Kian Fatt pulled me to Canai 'N Such to try them out with Sebastian... Haha... This is also the year when I fell in love with Brit Rock! Coldplay and Radiohead are now my fav bands! These discoveries makes me realized that there's so much out there that I have yet to know, yet to experience... and I'm hungry for them!

Then there's TJ. Haha, it's kinda weird that the both of us were in the same OS class b4 for six months, but nv get to know each other well. It wasn't until the day he asked me whether I have Kazaa or not that marks the real beginning of our friendship. He started to introduce me to a music genre that I've always ignored in the past: Metal. Haha, after all theses months, I still dun find it quite my taste. I also introduced Radiohead to him too, but so far, he juz hate them. Lol. We exchange our views on music through chatting, and also share our problems. Really looking forward to see him again next year at IMU, but it is kinda unfair that he's my senior eventhough I'm older than him!

3. Re-establish Contact with Old Friends
I've managed to re-contact a few of my old friends too this year. 1st up are the brothers Lionel and Jarrett, who shared the same tour trip to Australia with us. We lost contact after we returned to M'sia from the trip, since they live in Malacca and we've both lost the contact number of each other. But thank God, my bro copied the number down on his phone book b4 the number is lost. But ironically, the phone book dissapeared too, and I live in a constant regret for a few years for not contacting them when i have the chance. But the phone book juz shows up all of sudden this year! I've managed to contact Jarrett as a result, but sadly, his bro has already left to Australia for further studies.
Nevertheless, I get to meet Jarrett at Pyramid Alley, and called his bro too!

Also, I've get to meet 1 of my primary school friend too this year! What a coincidence that he's actually my sister's friend's brother! When I was teaching at Kong Hoe during mid-2003, the friend of my sis was my student. She told her bro about me, and he remembered my name! Hahaha... Got to visit him too, and well, he doesn't change much after all this year... except he's more handsome now! Makes me jealous... Hahaha... It's great that I get to meet with him again!

Well, those are the main events I guess... Man, this is the longest post I've ever wrote! Hahaha... Better end here now... I've online for 4 hours adi!


Into the West
Annie Lennox

Lay down
your sweet and weary head
Night is falling,
you have come to journey's end.

Sleep now,
and dream of the ones who came before.
They are calling
from across the distant shore.

Why do you weep?
What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see
all of your fears will pass away,
safe in my arms
you're only sleeping.

What can you see
on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea
a pale moon rises --
The ships have come to carry you home.

Dawn will turn
to silver glass
A light on the water
All souls pass.

Hope fades
into the world of night
through shadows falling
out of memory and time.

Don't say,
"We have come now to the end."
White shores are calling
you and I will meet again.
And you'll be here in my arms
Just sleeping.

What can you see
on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea
a pale moon rises --
The ships have come to carry you home.

And all will turn
to silver glass
A light on the water
Grey ships pass
Into the west.

The closing song of RoTK... Really beautiful... The lyrics are excellent too! Really paints a picture in my head. I espeacially like the last part. Grey ships pass into the west. Beautiful! ;)

Monday, December 29, 2003


Spent the entire day at my grandma’s place today… Gonna return there soon… juz came back for dinner… I can’t live without online access man… It’s killin’ me!!! I wonder how will I survive the night again!

Went to swimming with 2 of my frens yesterday… Only then do I realize that, heck, swimming alone ain’t so bad after all! Granted, having companions means more fun, but it also means less swimming exercises! Especially when 1 of ur frens dunno how to swim… sigh… Also tried out the gymnasium at the condo… Although limited, the gym is a great place to exercise… I’ll probably visit it more often in da future!

Saturday, December 27, 2003


The Passion of The Christ, the much talked-about movie directed by Mel Gibson, will be out in the US by late February next year. I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm kinda worry it will get banned... It's not juz in Malaysia, but internationally! Some ppl raise the issue of the movie fuelling hatred and bigotry towards Jewish ppl and promote anti-semitism, but I'm really stupefied by it. Come on, we've watched so much movies on the Germans and Nazis being the bad guys, but do we specifically hate Germans NOW? Wat the Jews did was 2000 years ago, and they think the Jewish will be a target for racism? Wat foolishness is that?

I really hope and pray the movie will be release, espeacially in M'sia... I'm waiting for it since a year ago!

Friday, December 26, 2003


Christmas has juz passed... And I really wanna blog about it! But dang this stupid monitor of mine! The screen is all blurred! I have to strain my eyes to see all the text!!! Rite now I'm seeing stars all over adi from the constant straining... Guess I'll juz blog next morning instead... Can't believe this... The PC is not even a month old! >=(

Thursday, December 25, 2003


Whoa... wat a day! Well, it began with me watching The Joy Luck Club... Cried my tears out when it ends... really really touching... Then came the long day trip to MidValley and Pyramid... It's kinda funny that I'm going to that 2 places, cuz I've been to MidValley 2 days ago and Pyramid juz yesterday! Lol... But well, the purpose this time around is different... It's to buy some new year clothes with my frens! =D

Haha... We were stuck in a serious traffic jam at Petaling Jaya... Then spent more than 40 minutes looking for a car park at MidValley. I was suffering from a bad gastric then... hehe. After lunch, me, Wei Cher and Thian Meng stroll around the mall... fow a about an hour or so, but we still bought nothing... For some reasons, the clothes juz seemed... normal, plain, or unsuitable... Then we left dor Sungei Wang Plaza, but unfortunately we took the wrong turn and end up back at PJ... Well, we could have a U-turn back, but the way back to KL was so heavily jammed we abandoned the idea. So we end up at Pyramid.

Well, things turn out the same in Pyramid... We guys didn't buy anything! Wei Cher's sis, who drove us there, together withher friend, then "intervene" and "forced" us to try all types of clothes all over the mall. It was hilarious at times... But well, their "strategy" worked... All 3 of us ended up buying at least 1 item... I bought 2 though... I simple but nice T-shirt, and a turtle-neck shirt. They say the turtle-neck shirt looked nice on me, but I know I have to get rid of my tummy... Lol... This is also the 1st turtle-neck shirt I've ever bought... Hope it lasts long!

By the time we reached home, it's 9.15pm already... Whoa... Damn tiring day, from 12pm to 9.15pm, scouting for clothes... But it was wonderful! Maybe I'll go for another such trip soon! Perhaps at Times Square!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003


Went to IMU to pay the fees for Semester 1. Since I wanna go to Sunway Pyramid and Taylor's College for awhile after that, I decided to drive myself, following behind my mum's car (need her to pay the fees, and to preventing myself from getting lost!) I'm really surprised to see that they're still interviewing potential candidates! Wow... Here I am, already accepted to IMU, when so many are still in the selection process! I wonder how it works...

While waiting for the SLOW processing work on the fees, I chatted with a guy from Sarawak, Joseph Tan. He there for the interview for Medical course, and seemed quite nervous too. For some reasons, most of the guys I met in IMU for the past few visits who came for the interviews were... nerdy... Hopefully they only form a minority... Life in uni would have been incredibly boring if all the students are like that! Well, this guy sure do strike me as one studious one, and seemed to be quite nervous too. I tried to calm him down, and told him wat the interview questions will be like. I also found out that his family is here for a vacation, and he was came along so he can have the interview at the same time. Talk about good arrangements! >=)

I tried to get a letter stating I'm officially a med student at IMU, so I could apply for the scholarship at Lee Foundation. Turns out that they can't do that until I register next year at 25th February... But that's too late! It's easier for me to get the scholarship now bcuz i have connection with someone there at Lee Foundation... but he's retiring at the end of this month! Well, hope I can still get it using the offer letter and receipt!

Then to Taylor's... And my am I glad that I AM STILL THE HIGHEST IN BIOLOGY!!! I'm still King! Hahahahaha... No Alexis is going to destroy all my hardwork throughout the semester!! Ohoo!!! So that 1 goal achieved! Have a nice chat with Miss Betsy. She seems to be very familiar with me now... She's interested to know the future venture of all CPU graduates, so u guys should write to her! Lol.

Then to Sunway Pyramid. Finally bought the Vision of Escaflowne and The Joy Luck Club. Met a few of my friends too! Haha, it's a small world really.

Monday, December 22, 2003


Well, since I shared the PC with my bro yesterday, I can't post than comments on the movie. Well, quite some things happened surrounding the events, good and bad. Let me start with the bad ones 1st...

After I knew I've been accepted to IMU, I think of throwing a party. I contacted an old friend of mine at secondary skool, and asked if he is interested to watch RoTK on Sunday b4 or after a meal at a fast food restaurant in the shopping mall itself, with a gang of friends, of course. Turns out that he already has bought the tickets to watch with his friends. Well, since my cousin and her siblings wanna watch too, I took them all, along with my sis, to watch too. Coincidentally, we watch the same showing.

Arriving at the shopping mall earlier, I left the kids at the bookstore, and explore around the mall to find my friends... to no avail. I only met them when we're entering the cinema... and their reactions were awfully disappointing. I was so eager and glad when I've spotted them, friends that I haven't meet for a year... But their reaction was cold at best. They show no interest on knowing how am I now, and heck, one of them dun even looked at me but busying buying her ice-cream! Man... luckily I dun invited them to a party or sumthing... I'll be the invisible man there!

I'm not sure what's the problem here. Maybe it's just as a friend of mine said, that I'm a loyal friend. I'm not one that become good friends easily with others, but once they are my friends, they are for life. I guess I'm too loyal... wait... is there such things as too loyal? Sigh... they've already let go off the past... Maybe I should to... I'll really think hard b4 I attend the next so-called reunion party...

Now for the good ones. The reactions of the movie audience have always been amusing to me. RoTK is one of the most amusing yet. The audience really get sucked into the movie. Throughout the show, I can see that the audience has truly become attached to the characters and even Middle Earth itself. When Shelob was stalking at Frodo, the guy in front of man actually gasp and shout out a warning to Frodo... Lol. Exclamation and nervous squeel can be heard all da time. I even heard whispers of awe and pity. Well, for me (and others as well, I believe), I cried. Seriously. Not sobbing, but I do have tears in my eyes. Well, I dun feel as sad as when I read the book, but the emotional impact is seriously powerful in RoTK. To say more is to spoil the movie, so I won't say who I cried for. :p

The other interesting thing to note is that I noticed no audience within my sight (I'm at the 3rd last row, so I can see quite a big part of the audience) went to the toilet throughout the show, which was 3 hours and 20 minutes long! That's a great achievement! =D It's amazing how the audience is so captivated by the movie that no one wants to miss anything! Cluedos to PJ! (I'm really sick of my ambivalent attitude to PJ... brrrrrr).

Well, that's all for now. Gotta leave for MidValley soon. >=)


Well, I've finally watched it... RoTK... My verdict? Definitely one of the best movie I've ever seen. Do I like it? Well, yes. How good I think it is? Spectacular battle scenes, great emotional storyline... BUT... still inferior compared to the books. :p Hahahaha, well, to give PJ credits, he did decently well in RoTK (but wat he did to the The Siege of Gondor and The Battle of the Pelennor Fields will certainly be a landmark in movie-making history! They're so good, it's almost unreal!)

Well, good thing I went into the cinema without much expectation for faithfulness to the book. The faithfulness in the movie is not as good as FoTR, but (THANK GOD) it's more faithful than TTT [which is still a blasphemy to me... >=( ]. The differences from the book are as clear as sky and earth, but well, I accept them, quite calmly. After the perversion of the character of Faramir in TTT, any changes are bearable, I guess... But if there's one thing I really dislike, is the treatment of Denethor's character, and Gandalf's reaction towards that change...

For some reason, PJ (Peter Jackson, the director) seems to messed up with the father-sons trio, Boromir, Faramir, and Denethor. Well, not Boromir really, he's quite decent, but Denethor and Faramir... Sigh... I'll skip the blashemy of Faramir, but wat they did to Denethor really is questionable... Instead of a noble, strong-willed leader who collapse into a state of madness after he despaired, Denethor is a bloody a**. He's really a fool in the movie. Refused to call for aid, eat like a dog, let Gandalf hit him, climb over him, and all that. Wat Gandalf did to the Steward of Gondor is horribly outrageous. I'm very disappointed at Gandalf... Wat the heck is PJ thinking?

PJ must have skipped this line from LoTR when he's reading the book:
"Who is the master of Minas Tirith? ... The Lord Denethor or the Grey Wanderer?"

PJ, u can be such an a** sumtimes... >=( And yet, u can be impossibly good at others... <=) Shelob is seriously scary, and the armies of the dead is... kewl! The scene at Mount Doom is also great!

And the greatest loss in the movie is the absence of courtship and romance between Faramir (again) and Eowyn... That's a heavy loss indeed, espeacially since Eowyn is my fav character in LoTR, and they've denied her the happy ending! &^$^@* But well, I can see why the're not included... The movie is over-packed adi! Haha... I'll juz wait for the Extended Edition VCD, I guess. Oh ya, Eomer has been reduced to a mere name. Sheesh... >=(

So, do I think RoTK is worth watching? If u are still reading and has yet to watch it, go do urself a favor. Go pick up the phone, and book urself tickets to watch that show. Better still, go buy the tickets for the next showing now!!! It's one of the best movie ever made, the battle scenes are unbelievable (still an understatement) and the emotional impact of da movie is powerful (yea yea, I shed tears at the ending, serious). It only deserves a full 5 stars out of 5, though I have my own personal grudges against it. A cinematic masterpiece!

Saturday, December 20, 2003


Finished Max Payne 2... in 4 days! It's a nice improvement indeed, and I really enjoyed the game. And man, it seriously is funny! Even the stupid shows that played in the TVs at Max's world!!! I kinda regretted not paying much attention to them earlier, cuz I only found out at the very end of the game that they're actually a series withing the game! I espeacially like Lords and Ladies, which has incredibly cheesy dialogue and voice acting, really hilarious!!! The graphics have improve, and I really enjot the closing song, Late Goodbye, by Poets of the Fall. Can't wait for Max Payne 3!!!

Well, I realized that I didn't post my thoughts on Infernal Affairs 3 I watched a few days earlier, till I read Kay Ping's blog a couple of days ago (a very nicely-designed blog, btw). I guess the reason behind this is becuz I dun like it... Well, I think it's not neccessary at all. The storyline is awfully confusing, and serves no purpose. The only good thing I can say about the show is the charming and funny romantic scenes between Tony's and Kelly's characters. That part really shines in the movie.

Will be watching RoTK with my sis, cousin and her siblings this Sunday... I wonder if I'l enjoy the show, since I was extremely angered by TTT... Well, we'll see... Juz hope that my cousin will not bug me with questions throughout all the movie... Being a big fan of LoTR (the book, not the movies, mind u), I guess it's my duty to clarify any confusion/distortion/perversion caused by the movies. Burarom... >=(

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


I have juz finished my fried rice for lunch, and was going to the kitchen for my secong helping, when someone shouted outside my house. Thinking that it may perhaps be salesman or something, I hesitated for a moment b4 I looked outside... It's an Indian in a blue shirt with a motocycle behind him. Seeing that he carried a mail with him, I figured it must have been important, so I went out of my house and towards him.

He was busying giving me papers to sign when I noticed the logo of the mail envelope he's carrying... IMU!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! FINALLY!!! THE HOUR OF DOOM APPROACHES!!!! Well, wat happened next was a blur, but I remember signing 3 documents and ran into my house howling with excitement, yet reluctant to open up the mail so quickly that I'll spoil the golden moment of the excitement...

Well, now the mail is juz beside the monitor... and I have yet to open it... Well, here goes... [deep inhale]

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I'M ACCEPTED TO IMU!!!! Ohooo!!!! Yeehaa!!! Hahahahahahahaha... Man I'm glad... Though it's not totally unexpected... Oh heck, Thank you God!!! =D Phew, for a minute there I was worrying that I may not be accpeted... Cuz there's no plan B for me if IMU dun accept me!!! Hmmm, come to think of it, it's weird that the motorcycle carries no emblem of the company... Wat izzit again? SecureXpress... Oh nvm... Now to spread the news!!! =D


Tuesday, December 16, 2003


I woke up this morning from a horrifying nightmare... I write the details down on a paper at once after I woke up. Looking at the paper now, it juz seemed like a pile of unrelated sentences... Let me try to re-piece them together...

I was studying Physics for SPM (why SPM, I dunno). I then started to grew worry, cuz I've kept studying Physics and neglected my Chemistry. As u guys know, there ain't much sense of time in dream world... I thought it was a Friday then, and the SPM test will start next Monday... yet there's an awful feeling of something's not right there... I told my dad, and check out the timetable for the test... and I was shocked beyond imagination... All the dates for the test were b4 the 10th of December... That means... SPM was over already!!!

I panic and despair. What? How come? how come no one call me when I was not in the exam hall? Dad told me we're in vacation then, at Sepang. In my dream, there's no telephone line there, and therefore I can't be contacted. I was so grieved then I woke up in shock... Then a great sense of relief took over...

Yea, I know, the nightmare dun make sense, but it was horrifying when I was still in it...


Monday, December 15, 2003


"It's ridiculous you made it this far..."

Yea, I have to agree with that old hag. Without the save/load interface, there's no way the game, Max Payne, could be finished! I've hundreds of time in the last round b4 I could finish it! The ending hangs on mid-air, so I guess the story will continue in Max Payne 2, with Alfred Woden as an important figure I guess, for good or evil... Man, this gotta be one of the best game I've ever played! I'm going to buy Max Payne 2 ASAP!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Cheer Bear
You're the Care Bear cheerleader! Your spunky personality and optimisim lifts everyone's spirit. Though you want everyone to be happy, you stand your ground on issues you feel strongly about and this can bring disunity among your friends. Despite this, you are a true believer in working together.


Imagine this... Me and my family went to the Kampung place at Berkeley Garden, and a pirated VCD/DVD seller approached me. I asked for the DVD folder, and I flipped through it, searching for any DVD of interest... A while later I noticed a malay approach the guy and give a light slap on the back, but I dun really took much notice of it. If I did think more about it, I'll realize it's weird... Cuz that place dun sell halal food. Suddenly, a stranger grab lightly on my wrist, and fear gripped me in that fraction of a second.

I raised up my head, and saw that it's also a malay guy, in his middle age. He said he's a police, and showed us his ID, and a few other guys behind him. Then he asked me for my IC. My mum looked stunned, and later she told me that she feared they gonna arrest me or sumthing. But knowing that looking through pirated VCDs/DVDs ain't ILLEGAL, I asked back, "What for?" He replied, "The DVD folder was urs, rite?" "Heck no!" "Then whose is that?" "That guy over there!" After that they juz ignored me and arrest that vendor. I instantly felt relieved, but was alert all the time, until I went home safely without getting arrested... Heehee

I guess the cops thought I was a pirated VCD/DVD vendor too, selling the goods to my family. I guess the clothes I'm wearing was a bit out of place, and therefore suspicious... I was still wearing the long sleeves shirt I wore to the CPU graduation! I must have look like a salesman indeed! Lol. Well, gotta wear plainer clothes to eat next time! =D

Well, it's a relief that nothing bad happened. Guess I'll be more careful buying all these pirated stuff in the future...


The grand finale... Now CPU truly ends, and I can't help but feeling hollow... Sigh... Well, it ends now. Bye. Doors slammed, wat's there to expect in da future? Still waiting for reply from IMU, so I'm kinda stuck in a limbo now...

Left for college around 12.15pm, and picked Jayne up along the way. Picked up my gown (man the weather's hot and I hate formal attire!), pass it to Sebastian, and have a really hasty lunch, as I have only about 30 minutes b4 the briefing starts. The briefing took too much time, and much too boring... And Boodram still annoys the hell out of me, calling me Mr Egg like that. Brrrr... Wearing the gown really felt weird, as if I'm a floating balloon or sumthing... But still, look smart! >>=)

As for the ceremony, it's OK... Kinda disappointed that I dun get the science award, and kinda unhappy Zhen get it, since he only took 2 science subjects, and has already won the Chairman's Award. But then, even if Zhen dun win it, other probably get it too... So it adds up to nothing after so much hardwork... Guess I've started too late, wasted the 1st sem... Oh nvm. I've learn from it. I'll juz make sure I won't repeat the same mistake again... But shit juz happens sumtimes... Sigh...

The speeches were OK, ranging from so-so to really amusing (Harish's). The performance by the choir were also good, espeacially (ironically) the national anthem of Malaysia and Canada. Their versions of them were so astonishingly refreshing! The graduation song by Vitamin C however, was just TOO OVERUSED and sound horribly cliche... Argh... The candle stuff was... well, interesting, but very... idle, I guess.

By the time the ceremony ended, the sky was black... A storm was coming. After spending much time and energy returning the gown, submit the survey, return the candle, get my diploma, and taking pics, I finally got down to the cafeteria... And a huge pour followed... Well, guess I have to cancel my trip to the IMU concert... Kinda guilty of not going... TJ sounded disappointed when I told him... But well, I'm too tired also anyway... Went back soon after. Unclimatic endind for my year at CPU eh? Sigh...

Well, that's all, I guess... <=(


Friday, December 12, 2003


My... How can so much ideas get stuffed into a 13 episodes, 5 hours anime? Gosh... It's amazing! I have high expectation when I bought this anime, cuz it has rave reviews... It didn't turn out as I expected... It's better!

I love the artwork and the music (Duvet by Boa is very catchy!). I really love how the series forced me to think, and how it warped my view on the Internet forever. As for the characters, well, they aren't consturcted in great detail... but the enigmatic nature of all of them solve the dilemma! Lain is espeacially captivating and attenion-grabbing. No, she's not a hot sexy babe or a femme fatale most anime have, but a introverted 13-year-old. Yet, as the series progress, I can't help but symphatize with her, eventhough she is really distant and cynical at times.

The series started out really really slow, and dun seemed to make much sense at all... Not until episode 9 or so... Then everything falls together and things starts to make sense... I espeacially love the confrontation scene at episode 12, but kinda disappointed that there ain't any climatic showdown at the end of the series, but a neat tie. But well, it's an interesting ending too!

I can't really say much about how great the anime is! Truly, it has to be experienced, not explained! I'm really glad I've bought this series, and I'll definitely watch it again! There's juz so much infomation overflowing from the series, I probably missed out some!

Thursday, December 11, 2003


I've watched 12 episodes out of 13 of Serial Experiment Lain already. Finally, many things make sense now, though not all yet. Guess more questions can be answered at the final episode… But I'll leave that to tomorrow! So I can look forward to it! ;)

Truly, Serial Experiment Lain etched deep deep impression on me, so deep, it will surely change my way of thinking slightly, especially on issues dealing with the Internet and the nature of identity. This gotta be one of the finest anime ever made! It starts incredibly slow, and dun makes much sense, until episode (layer) 9 or so… Then the pieces of the earlier episodes start to fall together… Not unlike The X-Files, yet I enjoy this better! ;)

Oh, I've finally completed the Prom Nite blog entry below... Check it out! ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Biology: 98%
Physics: 88%
Chemistry: 91%
Organizational Studies: 91%
Mathematics of Data Management: 87%
Analysing Current Economic Issues: 97%

Average: 92.00%

Well, it's satisfying, I guess... No. 7, no, No. 6 (since I shared the same mark with 2 other students) in the graduating students list. Now I juz have to wait for the acceptance letter from IMU...


I was still sleeping when my handphone rang... It was from IMU... They always called me on unexpected times. The 1st time was when I'm in Econs class. The 2nd time was when I'm on my way to IMU (ok, this is more expected). This was the 3rd time they called me, and when I reply them, I'm still in the groggy state of half-awake consciouness (poor English there, sorry). They were asking ofr my actual results, and said that someone from CPU have already sent them last Saturday! Incredible! Who the heck is that, and how? I mean, today is the day when the results are out! Wonder how he/she made it... Well, better get my breakfast now. I'll leave for Taylor's soon. Pls God, let the results be almost the same as the forecast! <=)

Tuesday, December 09, 2003


The prom nite has came and gone yesterday... Well, it's ok I guess, but not as fun as I hope it could be... Went to Sebastian's house at SS18/1 by my dad's car. It dun take long b4 I realized Sebastian has given the wrong directions to his house... It's on the opposite dierections! Not "right"s, but "left"s!! Then, went to Palace of the Golden Horses with Sebastian in his dad's car... Stucked in a traffic jam, but thank God it's not too bad... But ended up we arrived too early... 6.20pm, 40 minutes b4 the official starting time (the real starting time was 8pm)!

So we lepak around and try to find our friends... I'm a bit worried when most of the guys turned out in suits and tux... I'm juz wearing a simple maroon long-sleeves shirt, and bright orange tie, a newly bought.. wat u call that? pants? and a pair of black leather shoes (my dad's), which I juz bought a few hors b4 the prom (I nv wear formal clothes until I started teaching during the semester break, horribly uncomfortable). Man luckily there a guys who dun even wear a tie... Guess I ain't that, er, odd then...

As for the girls... one word: WOW... They have so much make-up that I can't recognize many of them! New hairstyle, fancy dress, shiny jewelerries... They're so... different from usual! Anna's red dress is gorgeous! Reminded me of Nicole Kidman! Oh and Yun Min gave me the biggest shock! She look so AWESOME in her black dress and quirky hair! GORGEOUS! As for the guy, Jonathan's dreadlock hair really stands out!

Now, the food... A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT... I dunno about others, but to me, food is the most important part of the prom... Not that the food is not good, but it's too... simple... Totally unlike a 5-star hotel's standard. Come on, plain rice, Hokkien mee, Mushrooms, cakes, breads? That's SO plain!!! I would rather pay more to have a more enjoyable meal! As for the performance, it ranged from amusing to impressive to downrite cool. Vespertine performance was moderately good, but it was rapping part that blows me off. Oh, Avinash and Vinod also mentioned... wat izzit again? Box-beating or sumthing... Real cool stuff! They're like orchetrating a song by just using their mouth! And the breakdancing was cool too!

In between the performances, I went out to take pictures with my fellow CPU friends. I was surprised early to see so many ppl left the ballroom earlier, so I juz followed them out. It was crowded outside! Ppl taking pictures everywhere! We really spent a good time snapping pictures then... Ironic that that was actually the best part of the prom! Then came the dancing... At first, I can't help but hesitate whether should I join in the dancefloor... Then I slowly get "infected" by all the beats and rhythm... As I slowly approach the dancefloor, I tried to dance... but I dunno how! I was like, shaking my hands, shaking my head, shaking my legs... but dunno how to shake my body! Lol... Guess I was juz too self-concious... That has also stopped me from playing basketball... Sigh...

Well, went back earlier with Sebastian by taxi. B4 that, we hanged around the lobby waiting for the taxi. I get to know a friend of Sebastian there from A-Levels. He juz introduced himself as Hui. We have a nice chat, and I'm pleasently surprised that he is also interested in studying at IMU in the future. Too bad I dun ask for his contact b4 I left... Wat a waste... Hopefully we'll meet again soon!

By the time I was back home, it's already 1.00 am... And I'll soon realize my stomach problem is returning again... The pain... Sigh...

Sunday, December 07, 2003


Went to my godsister's wedding ceremony this morning, which I must attend since I dun attend both the feast yesterday and tonight due to the prom. As for the godsister relationship, I'm not very sure how it all started too. I juz know that I have a couple of godparents whom I met juz about 2 or 3 times the most a year. Previously, I only known them by title, that is, whenever I see them, I juz greet them godfather and godsmother. Well, today, something new turned out...

I'll start with the wedding ceremony 1st. I always find the Chinese wedding tradition cute! Heehee... First off, the bridegroom came to the bride's house, and the bride will be waiting in her room, along with few of her siblings or cousins. Then, the bridegroom will approach the door of the room, but it will be locked. The bride's relations will "demand" a fee b4 they open the door. Both sides will start bargaining (which is hilarious sometimes!), b4 they agreed on a price, slip the money into an ang pow, and give it to the bride. Well, something unusual happened today. The bridegroom and his friends/ siblings pass the ang pow to the bride's relations, but they dun think it's sufficient! So they keep on arguing, with one of them at the bride's side saying is they dun pay more, they can go back and cancel the marriage! Eventually, the bridegroom agreed, and the bride's side opened the door casually...

The bridegroom's side straightaway push full force on the door!! The bride's side rushed to the door and stopped them from escaping the "bargain"... There's one guy from the bridegroom's side who actually sticked his arm and foot towards the inside of the room, so the door can't be shut! The bride's side started slapping the arm and kicking the leg, and I juz stood there laughing at the all idiotic scene. Soon, the door opened, and the bridegroom entered the room, kissed the bride, and took some pictures with their relations. Then, they'll both went downstairs and started the tea ceremony, where they serve tea to all the elders. Then, the ang pow session to the younger ones. Then off the couple go, to the bridegroom's house, which I guessed will be having a tea ceremony too... I dun follow along.

Well, this was the 1st time I actually talked to one of my godbrother, and I must say, I have sudden feeling of attachment, of kinship... They were juz titles b4, I know their face, I greet them with specific titles, that's it... Now, I can't help but feel that... there's sort of a connection between me and my godfather's family... Like a kinship of something... Weird... After more than 10 years since they "adopted" me as their godson, I nv have this... bond b4. I've finally have the interest to chat with them and actually know their background better (remember, my mother's side has a lot of members! So much I dunno how to greet them! Unlike English, different aunts and uncles have different "titles"... And I can't remember them all!). Perhaps this is a new beginning... The sealing o a bond or sumthing... Dunno... Time will tell, I guess... I planned to visit them more often in the future.

Alright, I gotta take my nap now. I'll be leaving for the prom soon, in about 1 hour's time... Hope the clothes I'll be wearing there is OK... And hopefully less guys wear tux or coats... Cuz I'm not wearing one and all I wanted is to blend with the crowd! <=S


Today is truly a day of pure mirth. Bought Max Payne which I have wanna played for the past 2 years... And it really rocks! I've juz started the game, but I'm amazed by the graphics, sound, plotline and omigosh ultracool style! I'm dang impressed! Can't believe that it took me so long b4 I could play this game!

The highlight of the day: I've finally met Jarrett again! After 4 years since we last seen each other in the airport, returning from the Gold Coast- Sydney tour! I entered the bowling place at Sunway Pyramid at 4.50pm, walked towards lane 31 (he told me he's there), and a guy sitting on a high bench caught my attention at once. Funny, I know it's him even b4 I recognize his face. Kinda like an instinct or sumthing. He dun seemed to notice, so I juz walked towards him, and sit beside him. Still he seemed oblivious. I turned and juz said one word, "Jarrett!" He instantly smiled and ask how did I recognized me... I was so happy then! Here's a long lost friend, finally found! Hahahaha...

We chat quite a lot then, but he seemed a bit nervous with the bowling tournament... No, not nervous, tensed... He has some friends along with him, but it's ok, I guess... I nv get to know their name, but I did talk with them, a little... The tournament lasted from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. He dun do so well in the 1st round, but on the 2nd, he improved much. On the 3rd, he started off with 3 consecutive strike, and almost made a full consecutive strikes but for a couple of glitches. He seemed very controlled all the time, and mildly confident. When the tournament is over, he said that he'll probably get around the 10th place, and we juz lepak there, waiting for the results and announcement...

It seems that they really take a long long time... about 30 minutes! I felt a bit bored then, since Jarrett moved around talking to his friends... When the results are out, turns out that Jarrett was in the 3rd place! He himself was truly surprised!! So he got his prize (the "ceremony" didn't start till another 20 minutes... Dang slow!) Guess wat? RM 150... and that's it! No cert, no trophies, NOTHING!!! Duh... his friend won 1st prize, RM 500... Anyway, we went for A&W for dinner... And Jarrett belanja my meal and his friend's. It was then I felt a bit bittersweet... We're about to parted again, and the next time we may, MAY meet again is next year, or even 5 years later... Sheesh... Well, at least better than nv get to meet!

I followed him back to the bowling alley again after that (he has to passed a key to his friend), then the guys were moving towards the exit... They're going to Jln Chow Kit by taxi, and I figured I better dun tag along, since I will be back home VERY late if I did follow. So we parted at the entrance/exit... And the feeling I have when I parted with Einstein that day returned... Until now I'm still wondering did I made the right choice... It soon rained later (heehee, suckers!)... But then I was proceeding to Anime Tech to bought the long-awaited Serial Experiment Lain!!

Well, I chose the RM 79.90 version, since the packaging is really really incredibly beautiful!!! Also, I trusted import DVDs more than local's... Watched a bit already, seems quite cool! I'm very eager to check them all out now!!!

Sigh... Now I have this mixed feeling of mirth and sadness... Nevertheless, I really thank God for that short 3 hours of reunion... I'll always cherish it!! Since I've always pray for guidance and comfort, and rarely praising God for all the blessings he gave me, I'll take this oppurtunity now: Thank you God, for the wonderful 3 days you have given me! How much more so for the prom tomorrow! Thank you! ;)

Saturday, December 06, 2003


WOW!!! TALK ABOUT EFFICIENT SERVICE! i ORDER THE PC YESTERDAY, AND IT'S HERE ALREADY NOW!!! WEEEEE!!! Hahaha.. This sounds too good to be true... Which is juz wat it is... There's something wrong with the printer, and they're bring it back to get a new one or sumthing... U know, all the little glitches u will have when u juz bought a new PC... My thank God, it's juz the printer! Hurray! THIS IS MY VERY 1ST POST USING THIS NEW PC!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

Oops, better eat my dinner now... Almost time for MIF meeting! Oooo I'm so happy!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2003


Went to Isaac's "housewarming" party yesterday night... Drived Kenneth, Kendrick and Adeline along... My, the house is so spacious!! My 1st impression was actually HUGE!, but later I realize it's juz an illusionary effect. It wasn't really large, but incredibly spacious! The food was excellent, but more so the game!

We played Taboo at the "formal" living room (as Isaac puts it... there's 2 living rooms!) They changed the rule a bit, which frankly was a trifle disappointing to me, but still, the game is unbelievably FUN! It's hilarious, exciting, and engaging! Spent about 1 and a half hour juz playing da game! Gosh, it's so good, I'm thinking of buying one myself! But it's NOT cheap... RM 89.90... Another version cost RM 119.90 or sumthing... $$$...

And finally, the new PC will be coming to me house tomorrow! After 1 month of waiting! And kinda cheap if u ask me... Here's the basic configuration of the PC:

Intel Pentium 4 2.6GHz
GeForce 4 Graphic Card
Integrated 3D Audio Sound System
CD-RW & DVD combo drive
17" Samsung flat monitor
Altec Lansing Surround System

Sounds pretty good, eh? It only costs around RM 3000! I can't believe my own ears! Well, juz hope that it will not be as problematic as my last PC... Finally I can play some games that I've missed for the past few years! Hooray! ;)

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


So it ends... My finals, and my life in CPU... I'll be returning to look at my results next Thursday, graduating next Saturday, and going to da prom this coming SUnday... Fin. Wat a relieve, yet how sad too... My cycle of boredom is about to begin...

Went to Sunway Pyramid with Einstein and his pal Alexander from Lim Kok Wing Institute of Art. Used the Touch N Go card to pay my parking fees (1st time)... Really handy!!! I nv thought that I'll spent more than 1 hour in the Anime Tech shop... Einstein really look through every single inch of the shop... Gosh... I've found wat I want there... Too many versions of them in fact... Serial Experiment Lain... There's the VCD version which only cost RM 35.90 for about 6 hours of viewing! Then there's 3 DVD version, 1 nicely packages with 4 DVD at RM 159.90, the other has a thinner package with 2 DVD cost RM 79.90, and the Malaysian produced one with 4 DVD but inferior covers at RM 59.90... Really can't made up my mind... Guess I'll have to decide this coming Saturday when I visit there again...

Oh, bought Radiohead's second album, The Bends... I've juz listen to the 1st few songs, and I've like it already! There's one that's oddly familiar... Probably heard it when I was a kid, since the album is out 8 YEARS AGO!!! Well, I've got 5 albums out of the 6 Radiohead's album so far... And to imagine that I've juz 1st heard of them a couple of months ago! They're really 1 of the best band out there! Funny how come I've nv came across them b4... Probably cuz they're so-oh-not-mainstream...

Guess I better go home now... Juz wanna post this blog entry... Kinda crazy eh? I'm in the college library now... Juz came back from Pyramid... And since I parking fee last till 3.30pm, I juz came straight to the library... When I parted with the guys, I suddenly realized I may nv see them again... Sigh... That's life I guess... Well, I do hope I'll meet them again, and also all my friends and not-so-close classmates... Sigh...

It's about to rain now... better chao!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Wow! Great new interface for Hotmail! Finally they've come up with a solution with the tedious forward mail process! I've been waiting for a long time for this! Good job indeed!

Well, left one Physics test now, then I'm FREE!!! fo what? Oh ya, rot in my house... Then again, not really... This week are full of exciting activities... Party at Isaac's house tomorrow night, meet Jarrett whom I've not seen for 3 years at Sunway Pyramid on Saturday, then prom night on Sunday... THEN?! Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries of its own. One day's trouble is enough... So I'll try to ignore my earlier chain of thoughts... ahem...

Dun have enuf time to finish my Econs test juz now... Guess I've juz messed up my marks... uh oh... But too late to worry about that now... Gotta study me Physics... Better do it now...

Monday, December 01, 2003


NO!!! I can't stand this!!! Someone in period 3 or 6 Bio class got 99% for Bio... Higher than me!!! I'm dethroned!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!! But how can that be?! I've nv heard of any Alexis by for the whole year, and now she juz pops out of nowhere and get 99 for Bio? Impossible! There must be some mistake... Man, why must she dash my last and final hope of getting the highest mark for once in my life?! But then, it can't be possible... Must be some mistake... So I look at the score list...

And it turns out I might be right... Cuz Mrs Lim seemed to forget to add Test 1 and 2 into the average!! It cannot be possible that I've heard nothing from her b4, and then suddenly pops out with a 99, 1 mark more than me! Juz let me get the highest once, ok, girl? U can get the highest for all the subjetcs but leave that to me!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! I'm going to bug Mrs Joanne for this!

Bought the pirated vcd of Mystic River after I heard that it's likely to snatch the Best Picture category for the Oscar (and thus a big contender for The Return of the King). I figured that I should check it out since good movies are incredibly rare and I figured I might as well enjoy one of them... The quality of the vcd is horrible, but I watch it anyway... All those stuff that I've missed out, I check on Internet forums...

How's the movie? It's so horribly bleak and tragic and full of hopelessness and despair that I can never enjoy it, eventhough the cast are excellent... Sean Penn overact though... He's trying so hard to be convincing that his acting become too dramatic and intense and thus felt fake... But I'm pleasently surprise with Kevin Bacon... Nv seen him as a good actor, but his acting in this one surely did give me a deep impression... But I guess the main reason I dislike the movie is bcos of the ending, where Justice is not done... Hate it for that. Hopefully Mystic River won't win the Oscar... I hate to see that...

As for now, I'm looking forward to Master and Commander (rave reviews), The Last Samurai (rave reviews too), and of course, The Return of the King! I certainly hope RoTK could garner the Best Picture award! But at the same time I'm incredibly worry about it... In my opinion, director Peter Jackson totally messed up The Two Towers last year (the theatrical version, at least).

I've already heard (sources confirmed) that PJ will cut off at least two key scenes vital for character development, The Voice of Saruman and The Houses of Healing (I really feel like killing him for that)... He's chopping story and character depth away for the sake of actions and actions and ACTIONS... But for ppl who want action in RoTK, they will get more than wat they want... The action scenes in RoTK will probably blow them away... As for me, I'll sing a lament under the heavy rain over the mutilation of RoTK...

Rain down, rain down/ Come on rain down on me.../ From a great height/ From a great heaaaaaaaaa...