Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Finally I can update! The server in IMU really sux big time la, down all the time. I wonder where our RM 24,000 per semester fee went to... They should channel more to the IT department so they can do a better job with the server!!! Anyway, since I have SO SO much to update, I'll split it under different subtitles...


The good news was out during the CG last Friday... Heng Jeng has accepted Christ as his saviour on the Saturday b4!!! I am SO SO happy for him!!! He has joined our CG for a long time, and eventhough he has his doubts, he has gain hope also from the seemingly purposelessness of life. I have been praying for him time and again, that he might eventually see the love and sacrifice that God has for us... The time has finally came!!! Welcome to the family of God, brother!!!


The night b4 the test (25/4), around 10pm while I always still studying, I suddenly got a call from (none other than) Heng Jeng. He told me to open the door, as there's a bunch of ppl who are coming to my apartment to pray for my test... All I could remember was that I was really really touched when a bunch of Campus Friend ppl, most of them I barely know, slowly striding into my apartment, one even carried a guitar! They invited my housemates to join in the prayer for our test too! In fact, I was so touched, I ended up following them around to houses to pray rather than studying back in my room!!!

But in the course of action, I missed something great too... For minutes after I left with them, my Serdang Hope of God CG members turned out at my apartment to pray for me too!!! Worst, they actually have some siow pau and I forgot what else with them!!! They came, and when they found out I'm not home, they left me a seashell with a message for me to depend on God for my studies... I was quite disappointed when I found out what I've missed after I've returned... Nevertheless, I feel very blessed by the tons of support from my brothers and sisters, from the Campus Friends, Hope of God Serdang CG, and also my CG back home at Klang. Thank you God for all the blessings you have showered upon me!!! My cup overflows!!!


The day has finally came... I was a little worry at the morning, for I suddenly have a mind blank-out after the prayer visit last night... Nevertheless, I went to the pre-summative prayer meeting and surrendered everything unto God's hands. When the time finally came, I went into the exam hall... All the thirty or forty hours (maybe more) of my studies will now depend on this one hour... But as started doing the paper... I can't helped by felt really really geram...

The questions that came out were so irrelevant and easy... I overlooked them during my studies!!! Argh... There I go studying all the anatomy and physiology of the cardiavascular and respiratory system, and ends up none of them came out!!! Not to mention the rather complicated haemostasis!!! Worse still, all the glucose, amino acid and lipid metabolism (and the ultimate killer Integrated Metabolism)... N.O.N.E.!!! Instead, we're asked about body composition and BMI!!!! ARGH... I dunno wat IMU is thinking... I could have done as well by juz reading the notes a few days b4 the exam instead of every night after lecture!!! Sheesh...

Still, I guess the efforts aren't wasted... Those that I really spent a lot of time on will probably come out during the end of semester Finals... And thank God too, for I believe none of us could possibly fail this test... Unless he was sleeping all day long during lectures and nv touched his lecture notes at all, which is impossible considering they managed to entered IMU and having gone thru all the stiff competition.


Right after the summative and after having lunch at Shakey's with the sem 2s celebrating Ai Ling's birthday, me, Jane, Michelle, Joseph, and Xian Nian went to KLCC by Star LRT and later transit at Masjid Jamek. Spent about 1 and a half hour at Kinokuniya (wat u expect from a bookworm like me? Going straight to a bookshop rite after a test!!! >=), bought the parody Bored of the Rings. Then juz walked rather aimlessly around, killing some time, having some root beer (man I seriously miss the taste of them), Kyros Kebab for dinner... Then joined with Joseph to go for Sungei Wang Plaza after splitting with the rest (The breaking of the fellowship... Sniff). Finally got my first bird-eye's view of the famous Bintang Walk which I know next to nothing about, and get to step into Sungei Wang Plaza after about 10 or more years interval... Sad that I can't recall anything at all since my last visit... Has it really has been so long ago??

Anyway, Joseph's primary purpose of going all the way there was to get a hair-growing formula for his dad... Quite a costly 1 too, RM 240+... Then I get to walk around Sungei Wang Plaza and Lau Yat (I dunno how to spell it) behind it... Too bad most of the shop was close by then. Get to buy Kill Bill Vol. 1 DVD there (Vol. 2 was sold out... DANG!) By the time we went back to Vista Komanwel, it's 10.30pm already! This was the 1st time that I actually took Star LRT and the monorail... Man is it pricey! Still, I've spent a great time!


Went to EV's place thru Jody's car on the morning after the test. Not long after we've arrived, EV, Sue Ann and Jody went out somewhere, while we watched the Kill Bill Vol. 1 DVD that I've juz bought yesterday! I was a bit hesitant to play the DVD at 1st... Come on, everybody knows this seriously isn't a movie u'll juz show it to everyone! I'm juz... well, not sure if everyone can take in the gore, as cheesy and funny as it is. But I guess it worked out fine in the end. In fact, I get to know more about katanas and some other Jap stuff thru the tutelage of Iona!

We went to A&W later after EV has returned, and came back... well, doing all kinds of stuff like playing Pictionary, Taboo, playing the piano (if I only I can play it too... sigh... Almost everyone there are experts), practising my Tai Chi, and all sorts of crazy stuff u won't catch us doing during the hectic schedule of IMU life. It's kinda dull yet kinda relaxing at the same time, I guess. After all, how do u spend ur holiday but... well, getting wasted? Anyway, that applies for me! After having a rather pricey steamboat dinner (too bad Jin Ken, King, Matthew and Iona didn't join us!), I was sent back home by EV.


Now that I've watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 again and juz finished watching the awesome movie trailer of Kill Bill Vol. 2, I juz can't wait to watch the 2nd half of the movie!!! There's much hope that there will be more emotional resonance and character development in the sequel (or continuation, since it was meant to be one movie). Have to get the DVD soon!!! Btw, doesn't the poster look cool? A bride with a katana! Kewl!!! >=)

Friday, April 23, 2004



Can u believe this?! A woman was left with a pair of seven-inch-long scissors inside her abdomen after undergoing surgery in Sydney!!! The 69-year-old lady discovered about the scissors after having a colon operation!!! Of cuz she underwent a lot of pain, but when she mentioned it to the doctors, she was told the pain was part of her recovery from the surgery. The truth was not revealed until she demanded an X-ray 18 MONTHS later!!! Imagine carrying a scissor in ur abdomen for 1.5 year!!!

How can there be such a blunder, that a surgeon actually left a pair of 17cm-scissors in the woman's abdomen? Worse still, dun the nurses wonder about where a particular pair of scissors is missing to after the surgery? And even more unbelievable is that no action has been taken against the operation team after the truth is revealed! I say they shud all be fired man!

It's scary that a surgeon could have done such a huge blunder yet not be responsible for it... I could have laugh at it if the woman didn't went thru so much unimaginable pain. Let's hope I'll nv do something as stupid as that in my clinical training! Then again, the only bodies I get to cut open are dead ones, so I guess I'm quite safe... >=)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


I juz have a rather weird dream (nightmare?) last night. I was lepak-ing around at an area I always dreamed about (kinda like a pseudo-Jalan Chow Kit), when I decided to go to the supermarket. What is so particular about this supermarket is that I keep dreaming about this building frequently. From the outside, it kinda resemble the RTM station building at KL (The one with the "Wawasan 2020" words on the builing... or izzit the hill under the building? Can't remember...), but it has a very dilapidated look. Kinda like the ones in the CRPG Fallout, as if the building has survived a nuclear holocaust, and have this burnt brown look with it, and all the windows gone. And it's situated beside Klang River (beats me).

The funny thing is, the function of the building differ from different dreams. I can recall dreaming about it as a hotel and a hospital b4. It looks ugly from the outside, but incredibly elegant from the inside. And the funny thing is, I always enter the elevator from the top of the building, whether izzit a hospital, hotel or supermarket. Well, it so happens that in this particular dream, I was in a rush, and so I ran rather hurriedly to the elevator at a corridor. As I turn to the corridor, I am shocked to see... a gigantic crocodile! The moment it sees me, even b4 I have a chance to stop, it rushed towards me. I jumped, turn 180 degrees till my feet is on top, and landed with my palms on top of the crocodile's mouth (beak?!). Then I hit its mouth (beak again?!) with all my strength to prevent it from eating me up... That's when I woke up... Cuz I hit too hard on my bed that it actually hurts!!! Talk about a weird dream...

I also juz discovered that maybe I shud avoid drinking coffee from now onwards... I was eating some cakes and drinking a cup of coffee b4 I went for my Tai Chi class, when I suddenly felt very giddy and out of focus. Later on, as I was studying in the library, I felt really uncomfortable, as if I'm a little breathless... I tried to feel my pulse on my wrist... and that's when I found out that my heart beat was about 115 per minute!!! The normal pulse rate is around 60 - 80 per minute! Man, this seriously is scary. I ain't gonna drink any coffee in the near future!

Well, gotta resume my study now... I was studying today's lecture note when I suddenly have the compulsion to blog! Sigh... Still got lots to study...

Sunday, April 18, 2004


Finally, I got my PC fixed!!! Now for some updates...

Planet Shakers from Australia has came to town last Friday!!! Wat's more, they're performing a concert juz less than 1 km from my home! Well, actually, I only know 1 of their song, but since this is almost like a once in a lifetime event, I sacrificed my cell group at IMU to attend this event... Well, turned out that I'm not really turn on by them after all... Well... Lots of youth were there at Glad Tidings Assembly, and most of them were jumping around singing shouting screaming cheering etc... But I'm juz really not into this... wild-concert type of praise and worship sessions... No offence to any Charismatics who may be reading my blog, but I juz can't get used to it... Can't feel the presence of the holy spirit at all... I still prefer the traditional way of singing praises and worship songs I guess. Nevertheless, I still acknowledge and treat all Charismatics are my brothers and sisters! ;)

Well, the Worship-cum-Prayer Night was a totally different matter. Almost two hours of prayers between praise and worship!!! It was kinda tiring physically, but it was the most spiritual enriching 2 hours I've ever had!!! Man, the IMU CF should held sumthing like this!!! Then maybe the members will truly sing with all their heart with all their soul with all their strength, and not sounded as if we're half-dead!!! I wonder what's wrong with us there... Fear? Timidity? What's there to be afraid of? We should juz sing our hearts out man! Well, let's hope I can be a bit more contagious during the P&W of the next CF meeting!!!

The 1st summative is coming... 26th April is looming ever closer and closer... and I've barely finished revising half of the sylables covered in the test!!! 1 more week is all I got!!! Guess I won't be blogging until after the test... And I guess I better finish up my skeletal muscle contraction notes now!!!

Monday, April 12, 2004


I planned to blog after I returned home on Friday, but my PC went kaputt again! Something's wrong with Windows XP, and off the PC go to the repairman!!! Argh... I can't remember all the stuffs I wanna blog about anymore!!! Well, I'll try to remember as I blog now...

Went for the blood donation on Friday (9th April, coincidentally, Good Friday!). I was a little uncertain whether or not I should donate my blood then... Kinda worry about the effects afterwards. But I knew then if I dun do it, I'll surely regret about it later on, so I juz go for it... Well, it turned out to be quite alrite afterall! And I've made a shocking discovery that my blood type is actually A Positive! Gosh, I always thought my blood type is O! Both my parents told me theirs are O... Then mine couldn't have been A +ve! Unless... Hmmm, better not to think about it! >=)

Oh ya, during the CMAC (Chinese Martial Art Club) AGM b4 I went for the blood donation thingie, I was elected to be the vice secretary!!! Man, that must have been one of the dullest post in the commitee! Worse, I have no say about it! Every post is decided by Dr. Timonthy Sung, my Tai Chi master! Argh... But well, I guess I should be proud of myself, since ppl look up to me... NOT! Sigh... Well, what done is done. I'll juz do my best then.

Hmmmm... Can't seem to recall anything else I wanna blog about... Other than the fact that I really wanna watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soon!!! The plot summary sounds cool! It's about a guy who went for a memory erasing procedure of his past romance with a girl after he found out that she has successfully the memory of them together b4 their breakup, but after the memory-erasing process had started, he finally realized as painful as the memories are, they are really worth cherishing, and he therefore struggles to fight against the process by trying to protect his memory from being erased (in a sub-concious kinda way), for the process is irreversible! Whoa, I juz summarize the plot in 1 sentence! Well, it does sound promising, and since the script is by the famous Charlie Kaufman, I'm sure not gonna miss it!

Monday, April 05, 2004


I'm beginning to dread weekends now... For it's the time I return to Klang from Vista Komanwel... and I nv get to study when I'm back home! It's as if all my study mood juz evaporized when I'm back home! There's the puppy, the PC, and not to forget, online hours! I planned to finish up what that I have yet to study during the weekends, but it nv works! If this goes on, I'll have to stay at Vista for 2 weeks instead of 1 b4 I return back here! One thing's for sure... I will not return back to Klang one week b4 the Summative!!! Man, 26th April is coming adi, and the few bricks I moved are full of holes! Hey... I haven't mentioned the "Brick Story" by Paul Jambu in my blog, did I? Maybe next time leh... What I mean is, for all the long hours I have spent on studies, "holes" have began to appear! I'm forgetting the finer details of what I've learned! And that's juz for the 1st half of sem 1!!! Man I seriously need to catch up!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2004


I was about to rushed back home after my Tai Chi practise when my mum called and told me not to come back yet, for it's still raining very heavily here. So I changed my mind and stayed back for awhile, and joined the Adventure Club's BBQ AGM (the AGM part dun work though... too few ppl attend due to the rain... poor Seng Kiat and Chia Meng... Haha). By the time I left the place, it's 8.15pm already... And I still have a CG back Klang to rush to!!!

Halfway back, I suddenly realized that my surroundings was unfamiliar... But it's kinda hard to tell since the sky was really dark then due to the aftermath of the heavy rain. When I saw the Caltrex petrol station, I confirmed that I was really really at the wrong road... But there's no place for me to stop my car for at least 10km down the highway!!! When the word "ELITE" appeared over the overhead bridge was like, "Wat?! Since when I left Kesas and entered ELITE?! This is bad..." But I was relatively clam even then, cuz I know no matter what big sh*t I'm stuck in, God will always make a way to lead me out.

I called my mum, and man did she nag! Lol. I tried really hard to explain to my parents where I was then, but it was hopeless. I was thinking then, "Great... I'm moving forward into the middle of nowhere..." When I finally found the signboard that sez "Kawasan Rehat Dengkil", I was really relieved... although the name "Dengkil" dun ring a bell at all. All that I know was that KLIA and Seremban was rite ahead of me... I called my dad again, and thank God that he knew where Dengkil is (I tried to tell him loads of time but he kept hearing "Thank You" instead of "Dengkil" thru the phone... blegh...). After much discussion on what I shud do and which turning I shud take and etc etc (not to mention asking the stall owners for directions), my dad finally made up his mind to drive all the way to Dengkil to lead me back home... That saved me much troubles indeed!

While waiting for my dad, I was there studying/ sms-ing (telling the whole world wat happened to me)/ looking around. I was kinda worried that I'll get robbed or something, a lone teen in the middle of nowhere... Strangely, the place was quite crowded still. Time seems to pass by really fast then, for soon, my dad had arrived! That was a really BIG relief for me. So off I went, following behind my dad's car, struggling to stay awake for the entire journey. I'm exhausted already!!! Well, thank God I managed to reach my home safely! But in the end I've missed the CG!!! All this rush back... for nothing!!! Sigh...

Well, at least it was a memorable experience... And my knowledge on geography now has further increased. I now know Dengkil is situated at Sepang, and it's pretty close to KLIA! My how do I end up there with juz a single wrong turn, I have no idea... One thing's for sure... I will nv drive home from IMU after 8pm again!!! <=)