Sunday, November 30, 2003


I've absolutely no mood to revise all the subjects today, eventhough I'll be having Bio Finals tomolo and I've yet to finish revising it... Doom... Heck, I'll juz catch up tomite... Hopefully the study mood will return then...

My cousin came back from Australia yesterday, so I figured a old fren of mine, Lionel, whom I share a trip with to Gold Coast and Sydney at Australia, should be back to M'sia too... But I'm wrong... He has returned quite some time already cuz his grandma passed away, and is returning today! Sigh... I miss the oppurtunity to visit him again (he stays at Malacca, btw) Nevertheless, got to call him yesterday... I'm so delighted then to be able to contact him again! He have some refreshings from me b4 he remembers anything bout me... heheh... We have a nice short chat, and he promised to stay in touch through e-mail after he reached Australia. Yea!

Also, his brother Jarrett will be going to Sunway Bowling Alley for a tournament on the 6th... The same day as the CPU prom! ARGH... I really wanna meet him again... The last time we see each other was...3 years ago! But he will only reached Sunway by the afternoon, and I gotta be home around 4 cuz I'm "tumpang"ing me fren's car! Sigh... But I'll go to Pyramid anyway... Juz hope I can make it back in time...

Saturday, November 29, 2003


Man... I can't stand it anymore! Weeks have past without me chatting online! This is unethical! This is torture! Man I can't even update me blog daily now! Argh... Gonna bug me parents really hard this time!

Now, let's see... Quite a few things have happen... 1st, I'm confirmed that I will be going to the prom. Got the ticket at RM70, but from who, that will be a great surprise to all. I'll keep my mouth shut for the time being... The truth will surface soon enough. (Kakakakakaka... evil laughter) Now I have to decide on what to wear... Juz hope I can blend with the crowd!

Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead

Then there's the Radiohead interview at Channel [V]... Disappointing... Az, it's not Radiohead interview, it's Thom Yorke interview! There's only VJ Amanda interviewing and lead singer Thom Yorke that was present to answer the questions... Where were the other band members? I wanna see them as a group! And the questions are so... uninteresting... But man, Thom sure is weird... but far more friendly and cheerful than I expect! And his eyes make me... uneasy... Oh he really is in a dire need of a good hairstylist too! (heheh) >=)

As for the preparation for the Finals... I'm full up with Bio stuff... I can cram anymore stuff into my head! There's juz so much to study for Bio!!! Man, I'm dying already! And I haven't start revising Physics and Econs yet! Sigh... Guess I'll juz put Bio aside for the time being and read the other 2 subjects 1st... Oh ya, found out that I got 97.7% for Bio... only... Kinda hope for at least 98%... =p

The CPU account in Friendster has outgrown my account in a short time frame of two weeks or so... Very impressive! Kinda make me jealous in a way... BURAROM! Heheh...

Oh ya, I've forgotten to mention about Special Extended Version of
The Two Towers!!! It rocks!!! The Extended edition of FoTR is cool, as it adds lots of flesh to the story and characters, but the EE of TTT actually fix a badly flawed and disfigured movie into a healthy one! I mean, all the added and extended scenes really transform the whole movie!!! Faramir and Eowyn espeacially has more space to develop... Awesome!

Much of the story and character development has been sacrificed for the sake of action scenes in the Theatrical Version! I'll take back all my insults hurled on director Peter Jackson (well, ALMOST all)... He has done really well on the adaptation of the book... Too bad he have to do all the unneccesary (and sometimes downright stupid) changes... Nevertheless, TTT has truly changed from problematic to a well-crafted movie in the EE version! >=)

Thursday, November 27, 2003


I'm fuming now.... AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I juz read Azzedin's blog... it's Monday's entry... Saying that there will be an interview with Radiohead at Channel [V]... on Tuesday! First there was the shock, then come the rage... Killing rage, mind u. I've juz missed a great interview (I supposed) bcos the pc that my parents promised me a year ago have not materialized yet! ARGH, I felt cheated and everything!

[A few minutes later]

Phew... I've cooled down much now... Juz found out the replay time of that programme... I better make sure I'll definitely catch it... Else heads will roll...

Spent the night yesterday at my grandma's house and this morning too... Revised a bit of my stuff... But still a long way to go... Sigh... Hopefully I've enough time to cover everything...

After confirmed that I've transport to the CPU prom, I contact Nigel and told him I'll buy the ticket yesterday... To find out I'm 2 days late... The ticket was sold to someone... Well, I dunno wat should I feel now... cuz I ain't sure yet whether the prom is worth my money and time... We'll see...

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


I've juz found out I miss one important thing in my previous blog... The shirt I was wearing to college (and still wearing now, at 9.50pm!). Well, I kinda figured that since this is the last day of college, I might as well wear something different to college... Something many ppl have nv seen me wore b4, something that seemed kinda "out of my character"... and viola, I chose the brown cotton sleeveless shirt I bought in Thailand a few years ago!

Well, the comments and remarks from ppl are mostly positive (I'm trying to be humble here... :p). There is only one who has negative things to say about my shirt, but I guess it's due to wat I've said about his specs a few days earlier... Akakakaka... Playing revenge, eh Az? Well Az, the important thing is I dun FEEL gay in that shirt! :p

Ah... To think that I almost wear another set of clothes to college until �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������


I've juz found out I miss one important thing in my previous blog... The shirt I was wearing to college (and still wearing now, at 9.50pm!). Well, I kinda figured that since this is the last day of college, I might as well wear something different to college... Something many ppl have nv seen me wore b4, something that seemed kinda "out of my character"... and viola, I chose the brown cotton sleeveless shirt I bought in Thailand a few years ago!

Well, the comments and remarks from ppl are mostly positive (I'm trying to be humble here... :p). There is only one who has negative things to say about my shirt, but I guess it's due to wat I've said about his specs a few days earlier... Akakakaka... Playing revenge, eh Az? Well Az, the important thing is I dun FEEL gay in that shirt! :p

Ah... To think that I almost wear another set of clothes to college until I have a last minute change of mind! Well, although I enjoy the... er, positive feedbacks, I must say, wearing that shirt makes me very... self-concious... Which is NOT a good thing... I still prefer those good 'ol T-shirt which are far more comfy and suitable for the weather here... Phew! Nevertheless I guess I'll still wear that shirt once in a while! It's kinda like my fav shirt! >=)

Monday, November 24, 2003


So it ends... Everything that has a beginning has an end, as the Oracle said (sounds cheesy, btw). Well, the last day seems to be less exciting and sentimental than I thought... Juz loads of photo shootings... Since yesterday a feeling of sadness keeps on lingering in me... Sigh... But I'm used to it... That's life... full of meetings and partings... and hopefully, of reunion!

Well, have lunch with Einstein's gang and Fiona and Ben Hong's sis (Always forget her name... Sigh...) at some restaurant called Cross Street or sumthing... The food is juz OK, but I dun think it's worth it actually... But heck, this may be the last meal we have together as a gang! So I juz enjoy the eating and ignore about the price (in case u haven't know yet, I'm a calculative person...) Well, we did enjoy ourselves there!

As for classes, only Mr. Kuah was busying giving all the tips and guidelines for the Finals... and very detailed too, I must say... In fact, our class was "overdue" for 10 minutes! Then we still rushed to take pictures summore! Hehe... As for Bio and Physics classes... Well, we did nothing but chat and taking pictures...

Well, so here I am now, in the library, wondering why I'm still here surfing while I should be studying back home... or more probably watching the extended version of The Two Towers!!! Well, I'll juz finish up this blog entry, surf for half an hour, and check if there's any errors for my Physics mark... Then I'll go home...

Oh that reminds me... I drove to college today! All by myself! For the 1st time! But how ironic it is to do this at the very last day of the semester... Hmmmm... Parked my car at Subang Square... RM 4 for the parking fee! Wow... Guess that's also a reason I'm staying back for awhile eventhough I could have return home earlier... I want my money's worth! >=)

Well, that's it... I'll leave for home in 30 minutes time... I'm gonna miss my friends... Really... :'-(


My uncle is the fifth person that said I've grown fatter... So I guess it's true then! Hooray!!! Finally! I've been trying to grow fatter since 2 years ago!!! Hahaha... Weird that it is due to my constant gastric problems that cause me to eat more... I first realized about it when the uncle at the college cafeteria mentioned that my picture on the Student Card dun look like me... bcos it's too thin! Pleasently surprised, I returned home to scan through my earlier photos... And I do seem fatter...

Then soon my cousin, mum and a friend comment on it too. Great! Now gotta start exercise more to prevent myself from becoming Jabba the Hutt... On second thought, I'll leave those after the finals... I'll juz stick to swimming twice a week for now... Then I'll get back my 6 pecs... Hehehe...

Oh ya, I've juz bought the Extended Edition of The Two Towers! Can't wait to watch it tomorrow! Yeah!

Sunday, November 23, 2003


Argh... I've juz returned from a 6 hour seminar from my church... Discovering and Dealing with Damaged Emotion, and the speaker is a pastor from US... Well, I'm too tired to talk about it, so I guess I'll juz save it for another day...

Went to swimming this morning at 11am... Surprised to find that it's actually shadier and cooler than swiming at 4.30pm! Cuz the swimming pool is suurounded by all the big building n such, so b4 12pm the pool is shaded from the sunlight... I was hoping that there will be no one at the pool by that time but was kinda disappointed that there were a few kids there... I was hoping I could "take over" the whole pool, heheh...

Imgine my surprise when I heard a girl calling me Lee lao shi (Equivalent to Cikgu Lee) when I was approaching the swimming pool... It was one of my standard six student back then when I was teaching! My, wat a remarkable coincidence! Well, get to chat with her while I was resting in between swimming... It felt kinda weird and funny u know... Imagine u're swimming at the same pool with ur teacher... Anyway, interesting to find out she'll be entering SMJK Kwang Hua too... That means same primary and secondary school with me!

And guess wat? 23 friends in the Friendster CPU account already! Wohoo! To all u guys who contribute by spreading the word, lotta thx! My, with this speed, it will outgrow my own account soon! Heheh... Well, hope that continues.

Ooooo I really miss chatting... Haven't chat for... the past 3 weeks? Man it's killing me... I wonder how long will it take b4 my promised PC arrives... Probably next year by the looks of it... Man... >=(

Friday, November 21, 2003


Wat the heck is Arwen doing in the poster when Eowyn, Faramir, Denethor, and more importantly, Merry and Pippin, aren't there? Sheesh... Arwen appeared less than 0.1% of the book (in fact, juz about 8 pages out of the 1000+ pages of LoTR), and here she is, on the poster, while the stars of the story, the 4 hobbits, aren't all there! Wat is Peter Jackson thinking? Argh... Nice poster though... I espeacially like Aragorn's pose and expression... Return of the King indeed! ;)

Anyway, the poster was out long ago... November 5th... Juz forgotten to post it...


I was feeling pretty bored yesterday night so I was "scanning" through all the channels on ASTRO, hoping to watch something good... It was then Roswell on Star World that caught my attention. This is the 1st Roswell episode I've watched, and I must say, although the acting and the script are somewhat cheesy at the edge, it still has a decent plot... good enough to hook me watching it until the end... A nice twist at the ending too... I may very well starting to watch Roswell... But er, can any Roswell fan out there "educate" me about the series? I know absolutely zero about the characters and their background and who's aliens, who's human, who's alien/human hybrid...

After I've returned from the pasar malam with 2 of my secondary school friends (they haven't change... at all!), which was cut short by the sudden rain, I tune in to Star World again... and it was showing the last episode of Joe Millionare.... Gosh... The whole thing is so... artificial and fake! Ewwww... And Joe himself dun seem... bright... I wonder wat's about him that makes all the girls swooning all over him... Stupid girls... Overall, a lousy reality show... Kinda remind of The Truman Show nonetheless... The horror of reality TV.

13 friends on the CPU account now already... Yea! >=)

Thursday, November 20, 2003


Well, the CPU account at Friendsters have grown somewhat... 7 users now... Hope it will go on...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Yippee! 2 have signed up so far for the CPU friendster account, Choo Yee (Steven) and Shahriman... I can see more coming... Hahahahahahaha!!!


Man... All the PCs in the college library juz shut down juz now, powercut I guess... I almost finish typing my blog entry b4 the whole screen went blank... Sheesh... Better post this fast b4 that happen again...

I've juz created an account at Friendster for Taylor's College CPU students and graduates... I wonder how many ppl will link up with it... Time will tell... Hope it helps CPU students and ex- to connect with each other... Must record this possible historical date: November 19th, 2003. Heehee...

Well, tomorrow I'll be having my last internal assessment of the semester, Physics quiz... Then all the 70% for all subjects will be completed... I wonder how well did I fare in all 3 subjects... Whether did I improve or not... Kinda hard to improve actually (except for Physics), since I've already got 95 for Econs and 97 for Bio in mid term... Well, hopefully all goes well...

3 or 4 more study days, then the finals are here... And I haven't even started revising... Bad bad... But still not in the mood... Hope it'll come soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Does time really flies so fast that I'm now in the 2nd last week of the semester adi? Wow... Seems like last week when Mrs Joanne mentioned that we have 10 more weeks b4 the end of the semester... Can't help but thinking that I should be feeling more... relaxed and sentimental now... But y I'm struggling to finish off all my task instead? Weird... so unlike the last few weeks of my frm 5 year, where everyone get weepy and emotional (read: messy)... I'm like still in a train going full speed ahead eventhough the track is about to end... Weird... Guess that's life in CPU... Rush and rush until u graduate, with little time to reflect the "old days"... Hmmmm... Is that good or bad?

Monday, November 17, 2003


Finally got to watch Matrix Revolutions... after plenty of glitches... First, I can't get anyone to watch with me... Boohoohoo... So I decide to watch myself... but I dun have my car with me! Mum drove it sumwhere! Argh... She returned at 2.15pm, so I decide to go for the 3.30 pm show... Left me home at 3.10... And I was shocked when I reach Bukit Raja... It's fully parked! Not juz the areas where u have those yellow lines, but every possible place to park (illegal) are all taken up! Yikes! So many ppl came to Bukit Raja nowadays... Hmmmm...

So I end up searching for a place to park for about 15 minutes... By the time I found one and parked me car, it's already 3.30! I ran as fast as I can, all the way to the ticket counter... And guessed wat? It's completely sold out! I can't even get a seat! Argh... So I bought the 9pm show's ticket in the end... Blegh...

Went for a swim and dinner with family, then mum drop me at Bukit Raja again... Then shit happens again... I bought all me snacks at 8.55pm, hoping to enter soon... and wonder why theater 1 is not opened yet... I brought up the ticket and... guess wat I see? 2 circles... One, 9.15pm... Dang that ticket guy! He gave me the wrong time! The other circles at 18SG... And I could have swear that I almost burst. This could only means one thing... that guy has doubts that I'm 18! %#@%@#$ I'm gonna eat that guy alive!

And so there I am, standing there staring at the TVs with all those trailers, ALONE... Man, watching movie alone is no fun... Espeacially when everyone around u has companions... Sucky... Well, when the time comes, I gave the ticket receiver both MY TICKET AND MY IC without him asking. Dowan to waste my breath convincing them.

A major disappointment b4 the movie even starts... No The Return of the King trailer! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! I feel cheated... Blegh... Anyway, the movie soon started... And I'm actually surprised that the first half of the show can be SO DEAD BORING... No more cool fights... No more cool characters... Juz a bunch of actors and actresses and extras... Oh how I miss all the cool fight scenes in Matrix and Matrix Reloaded... In Revolutions, u juz hope earnestly that they will get over with it... Even the Merovingian ain't so funny anymore...

The second half of the show is far better... Quite exciting and intense actually... but really very un-Matrix-ish... I felt as if I'm watching another movie rather than the conclusion of the Matrix Trilogy... There's some elements, ideas, visuals and plot of movies borrowed here and there... Aliens, Dark City, Dragon Ball (U got that right!), Terminator, even The Return of the King. Still, they're quite enjoyable, and better than wat I expected after reading all the reviews by appaled critics...

But here's a few major gripes I have...

1. The evolution of Agent Smith
In The Matrix, Agent Smith seems to be the leader of the agents who's hunting down Neo... Scary bad guy, that's all. In Matrix Reloaded, he started to replicate himself into hundreds... yet juz a side character, an obstacle to The One who can't fail by harassing Neo... And all of a sudden, in Matrix Revolutions, he became so powerful that even the machines can't control him... But... can't they juz delete the part of the Matrix where all the Smiths are at? Weird... And if Smith really is Neo's arch nemesis, then y his importance wasn't shown in the earlier movies? And y so litttle focus on his "growth" or "evolution"?

2. No more cool slick fight scenes
The main reason I'm attracted to the Matrix and Reloaded is the cool slick kung fu fight scene. The fight scenes in Matrix is awesome, and those in Matrix Reloaded are impressive (Love the Burly Brawl between Neo and the hundred Smiths!)... but all the coolness and stylishness are gone in Revolutions... Even the slow-mo felt... overused... No new groundbreaking effects at all, and not even one match that is as interesting as any the fight scenes either of the early shows. The Superbrawl between Neo and Smith is too Dragon Ball-ish... And unlike the Burly Brawl which slowly increase its momentum as more Smiths gradually appear and Neo getting busier, the Superbrawl is juz interchanging scenes between meaningless flying and spiritless fighting...

3. Detached from the characters
Throughout the whole movie, I dun care that Zion is threahten by the machines, and the lives of all the main characters are at stake. Even after a few main characters die, and feel no sympathy at all... cuz I seriously DUN CARE for them. What if Neo die? Then he die la... I won't shed a tear for him. What if Neo and Trinity are separated? Good for them, yawn. This certainly will not do. One reason why ppl like the original Star Wars trilogy is because they care for Luke Skywalker and his quest to redeem his father... While Neo? Sheesh... Morpheus too lost his authoritative edge... So un-cool...

Oh ya, I also realized that The Matrix trilogy is essentially a modernized and sci-fied version of the Hindu mythology... That's why there seems to be no ending, for it's a cycle... Neo has done his part, and there will be peace... for the time being... And then the whole cycle will start again, and The One is to be sought out again... How do I know? Because I read The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. I suspect the Oracle to be a Shiva-ish character, the one who brought destruction so a new world could be created according to Hindu belief... Therefore the Architect must be the one who sustains the Matrix... Brahma? Dunno... I have no idea... I'm not very knowledgable in Hindu myth...

Well, that's about it... Wait, one last thing... The late Gloria Foster as the Oracle is far superior than Mary Alice's portrayal... It's a great loss indeed that the actress died b4 she has the chance to act in Revolutions... Mary Alice juz dun speak her lines clearly, and lack the mother/ grandmother figure... Oh, and The Architect really looks like Colonel Sanders from KFC!!!

Overall, it's not a bad movie, quite good in fact. But seriously flawed, I guess... A decent (if somewhat disappointing) conclusion to the Matrix saga, one that could have almost being the Star Wars of our time... Pity how the Wachowski brothers destroyed their own mythology... Pity...

Consensus from the US movie critics: A disappointing conclusion to the Matrix trilogy as characters and ideas take a back seat to the special effects.

Sunday, November 16, 2003


No wonder Ley Ching has been acting so strangely... she always "burst" once in a while over issues that are generally agreed upon by all of us CG members... She's still a free thinker! Funny that no one mentions it, and none who knew... We have always thought she has already accepted Christ... Bro. Voon Horn was talking with her when I heard it straight from her mouth... When I asked her if she knew about the gospel/ Good News and she told me no, I was seriously surprised. She siad she attended church sermons and functions b4, but those certainly ain't of any use if she dunno anything about salvation!

So there it came... The oppurtunity for evangelism. I hesitated, since I'm not well-prepared for it, and I figured that bro. Voon Horn is a more matured Christian... But he told me that this is an oppurtunity for me to do the Great Commission, and if I dun grasp it now, I will lose this oppurtunity... And I remembered my failure of sharing the gospel in the past... and also my previous lesson on missing oppurtunities (ASHA!!)... So I go headlong and discuss on Christ and the significnce of his death, resurrection and salvation to her... I'm very glad indeed that I am fulfilling my obligation.

Seems that she still see Christianity as juz a religion among other religions (which is why I hate the word religion). She also mentioned that she sees no need of salvation through Christ. Well, I've did my part. The decision is up to her, for I honour a person's choices juz like God. But I will follow up with her in the coming CGs... I'm also planning to send a prayer request for her to all my CG members... I also remind all of us to pay more attention to all CG members and not juz among cliques when having fellowship...

Bought Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection on Wednesday, and have watched it twice. Once in English subtitle, then in Chinese subtitle... Funny that the English subtitle is always inferior... Really bad... Here's an example: "I dreamt about my first meeting with him until we are together." We are together? Wat does she mean? Together as in staying together? Traveling together? It all became clear when I watch it in the Chinese subtitle. "I dreamt about our first meeting until we are married." Ah... That makes much more sense! There are others still, but I dun wanna spoil anything...

I dun like the artwork... The 1st OVA, Remembrance, has gorgeous water-based artwork, but the 2nd one that I'm watching is more comic-ish... Rough lines, slightly blocky movement... The music is nice, but not as stirring as the 1st OVA. Nonetheless, it's a great finale to a great series... Very sad, very beautiful, heartbreaking... Sigh... In fact, I'm so touched and saddened by it, I can't wait till AXN broadcast the series again! My sis has the series in VCDs, but they're all in Cantonese dubbing, which really suck and is a pure killjoy. Not as bad as the Malay dubbing for Slamdunk though... That one is hopeless... But I'm so used to Kenshin's slightly girlish voice that I can't accept the Cantonese dub.

Please AXN, replay Rurouni Kenshin!!!

Friday, November 14, 2003


I really really like Radiohead's lyrics... They're so... strange, weird, yet distinctly familiar, as if u can relate to them... The way the lyrics are wrote are also weird too, some even thoughtful...

Here's a few example...

Subterranean Homesick Alien - from OK Computer

The breath of the morning
I keep forgetting.
The smell of the warm summer air.

I live in a town
where you can't smell a thing,
you watch your feet
for cracks in the pavement.

Up above
aliens hover
making home movies
for the folks back home,

of all these weird creatures
who lock up their spirits,
drill holes in themselves
and live for their secrets.

They're all uptight, uptight,
uptight, uptight,
uptight, uptight.

I wish that they'd sweep down in a country lane,
late at night when I'm driving.
Take me on board their beautiful ship,
show me the world as I'd love to see it.

I'd tell all my friends but they'd never believe me,
They'd think that I'd finally lost it completely.
I'd show them the stars and the meaning of life.
They'd shut me away.
But I'd be alright, alright,
I'd be alright,
I'm alright.

I'm just uptight, uptight,
uptight, uptight,
uptight, uptight,
uptight, uptight,

Optimistic - from Kid A

Flies are buzzing around my head
Vultures circling the dead
Picking up every last crumb
The big fish eat the little ones
The big fish eat the little ones
Not my problem give me some

You can try the best you can
If you try the best you can
The best you can is good enough

This one's optimistic
This one went to market
This one just came out of the swamp
This one dropped a payload
Fodder for the animals
Living on an animal farm

If you try the best you can
If you try the best you can
The best you can is good enough

I'd really like to help you man
I'd really like to help you man.....
Nervous messed up marionette
Floating around on a prison ship

If you try the best you can
If you try the best you can
The best you can is good enough
If you try the best you can
If you try the best you can
Dinosaurs roaming the earth [x3]

Scatterbrain - from Hail to the Thief

I'm walking out in a force ten gale.
birds thrown around, bullets for hail.
the roof is pulling off by its fingernails.
your voice is rapping on my window sill

yesterday's headlines blown by the wind.
yesterday's people end up scatterbrain.
then any fool can easy pick a hole. (I only wish I could fall in)
a moving target in a firing range.

somewhere I'm not
somewhere I'm not
lightning fuse

Well, there are more, like the chorus of A Wolf at the Door:

i keep the wolf from the door
but he calls me up
calls me on the phone
tells me all the ways that he's gonna mess me up
steal all my children
if i don't pay the ransom
but i'll never see him again
if i squeal to the cops

Wadda u guys think? I think they're very talented, and one of the most brilliant band around, albeit leaning towards alternative and less mass-appealing... But really, their performance are really consistent througout the 4 albums I've bought, which span 7 years... Great band, really... I wonder how many more brilliant artiste out there that I haven't discovered...


Phew... Finished my Bio ISU presentation... Yesterday goes Physics ISU and Econs last test... But man, I'm kinda disappointed with my Bio presentation... Guess everyone is too tired when they listen to my presentation, since we're the 2nd group in the period... The most disappointing is the last slide... I put a cute Kenshin pic there... But no one since to notice... Everyone is too tired I guessed... And since I'm afraid of embarassment, I click it off juz 1 second after it was shown... Sigh... Wat a waste...

Oh well, miss says the presentation is good, juz that everyone is too tired to focus then... Summore the group b4 us that present has 2 same GM products with us out of 4... Well, the past is the past... Juz kinda disappointed I dun amuse many... I like to amuse... Kinda sad that 1 of the most challenging part in Bio has come and past... The climax of the semester is over... Juz 1 more Econs presentation, 1 Bio test, and 1 Physics quiz, and all will be over... Then come the Finals... Na, I'm more afraid of the Bio ISU presentation than that! >=)

Yesterday was really tiring... Imagined working the presentation in my dad's office from 7.30 pm to 10.30pm , reached home to find that I can't on9, went to my cousin's house at 12 am to finish the presentation up, and sleep at 2.30 am, then wake up at 6.30am... Man I'm exhausted... But it's a very memorable experience I guess... But why oh why no one laughed in the end? <=(

Com'on! Tell me this is funny! Pls!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2003

#^!&#@ BUS DRIVER!!!

Argh... I dun pay RM 180 per month to a moronic bus driver and hear complain like a shitty bull when I'm late by a couple of minutes after he's late for 15 minutes about 7 days a month! Worse, it's he who turn out early, not me late! It has always been 7.20 am, and so my biological clock has adjusted to wake up at 6.35 am and have juz enuf time to make it there by 7.15 am. If he wanna move it to 7.15 am after 10 months of riding in his stinky dirty pathetic bus, he'll juz wait. Useless arsehole! Good thing I controlled my temper in the bus juz now. Hope he'll crash in his bus someday (when only he's in the bus and after I graduate, of course). If there's any of my frens who even consider taking his bus, I'm bloody gonna dissuade them. Expensive service, but super-low quality. %@#$#@^%$^*^ >=(

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Watch the MTV of Me Against the Music yesterday, by Britney Spears featuring Madonna... And I must say, it's the 1st Britney Spears MTV that I actually like to watch... And the irony is, I like it not because of her! Hahahaha... Eventhough the title sez "Featuring Madonna", I think that Britney is more of a keh-leh-fei (supporting actress/ extras) and Madonna the real star... All the glamour, style and girl power! juz ooze out from Madonna, while Britney seems to struggling vainly to... well, be there! But the ending part sucky la... I can't stand the idea of Madonna and Britney kissing... Ewww gross... Wat's with the 2 of them, lesbians? Argh...

Bought my fourth Radiohead album, which is their fifth album released, Amnesiac 3 days ago... And again, the initial shock and disdain, which happens all the time at first when I switch to a another album of theirs b4 falling in luv with the new album... Man, these guys are unable to produce a bad album! They have never disappointed me after I bought 3 of their albums... So I'm quite confident that I'll like Amnesiac soon, juz like all the other albums!

Argh, the number of bloggers I know have been significantly reduced... Jayne, Beng and my cousin Teck Wei have either stop blogging or deleted it... Bummer... Gotta "recruit" more bloggers... Ahahahahaha...

Monday, November 10, 2003


I got a bad feeling that I'm gonna miss chatting and surfing tonight... Awwwww... Pls new PC, come soon!


Watched Identity in DVD last night... Great movie! It starts off as a whodunit murder suspense, but halfway through, there is a twist in the plot that change the entire direction of the plot. It became a psychological thriller thingie... Oops, hope I dun juz spoiled it! The fun thing is I predicted the twist about 5 minutes before it is revealed! Hahahaha... Na, it wasn't that hard actually, anyone with a decent intelligence level will pick it up easily...

But it's kinda sad that the movie's intelligence and ingenuity kinda drops after the plot is twisted... Unlike The Sixth Sense and The Others whereby the plot twist makes the whole story become much more interesting, the one in Identity is kinda disappointing becuz... well, it's kinda unbelievable... And I hate the ending... I nv like stories where evil triumphs in the end. >=( Nonetheless, it's more clever then the pretentious Matrix sequels, Reloaded and Revolution (but The Matrix is good!) Worth a watch!

Two clues for the plot twist: Multiple Personailty Syndrome, and the title of the movie.

Sunday, November 09, 2003


I'm unable to log on to the Net yesterday, as the inefficient Telekom was taking their sweet time fixing the telephone cable that has been strucked by lightning or something. This morning, I planned to go to my dad's factory to finish up my Econs News Analysis. But first I have to attach my half-completed essay and sent to my mailbox, since the floppy disk drive of my laptop was kaputt, and there's no printer in my house. Guess what? I wasted 45 minutes of my life trying to log in to my e-mail account, sign in, attach that Word file, and send it to my mail box! Unbelievable, eh? This will only take about 5 minutes for others, but there I was, feeling so frustrated, trying to sent the file to my mailbox so I can open it at my dad's office...

After attempting for 3 times and killed 45 minutes of my precious life to no avail while my dad keep on reminding me to hurried up, I burst... In my undescribable rage, I began to scream and hit the laptop with my fist... When I finally cool myself down (by a little), it was too late... The on/off button were gone, and the wire that attach the laptop to the power source was half-detached. There goes my half-completed essay, and probably the end of the laptop too. No more chats at night, and blog update at home. The only word that can describe my anger, frustration and hatred towards the pathetic junk is the f word...

So here I am now, in my dad's factory, RETYPING my essay, try not to think of the wrath of my brother when he finds out wat happen to the laptop... And try to complete the stupid essay... And all this time I keep on thinking, angrily, that all these will never happen if my parents kept their promise of getting me a new decent laptop since my SPM results were out 9 months ago... I'm still waiting... Still bugging them... Still waiting... While my frustration juz keep on increasing... increasing... increasing...

A bit on the side track here. Yesterday night, I saw a sight that at first I can't believe is true. A black dog ran past my house... with a huge plastic container stucked on his head!!! I can't believe my own eyes! o_O That dog looks like as if it's in a spacesuit! I burst into an uncontrolable fit of laughter, as it was one of the funniest sight I've ever seen. But later, when I began to think more deeply of it, I pity that dog... It wll soon die of starvation or lack of oxygen... I wanna help it, but I doubt if I will see it again, or it will stay put for me to help it pulling the container out... I wonder how the dog got its head stuck in the container at the 1st place... -_-" Hope some good samaritans will stop to help that poor creature!

Friday, November 07, 2003


Juz tried a special dish for lunch... Clay Pot Bah Kut Teh Yee Mee!! It's yee mee in bah kut teh soup! I found that so intriguing that I can't resist to try it out... Taste quite good actually... Hmmm, wat creativity!

But I'm now trying to cool down my burned tongue... Ouch it hurts!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2003


Woke up at 8.30 am in the morning... Rushed like hell then... Hahaha... Mum keep on calling me to HURRY HURRY go to my grandma's house to fetch her... By the time we left our house, it's already 9:15 am, and the interview starts at 10! On the way, my mum keep on shouting and screaming [exxagerated], n keep on pounding me that I should have left earlier, like my cousin who reached there an hour earlier b4... etc etc.

Halfway through, around 9.45 am, I actually received a call from IMU, saying that she hope that I'll be able to make it by 10, for the interviewers are there already! When I reached the university, I'm surprised to find that there were actually around 10 that were to be interviewed today... and the last name on the list was Chew Siau Hui, one of my senior in my secondary school! Surprise surprise! Imagine sharing the same batch with her... [Shivers]

As I enter the waiting room and register myself, a girl in a nice dress stepped out from a door. A few seconds later, a middle age guy's head pop out from the door and annouce, "Lee Chong Aik!" Whoa! I barely juz made it in time! It's like... 30 seconds after I enter the waiting room and it's my turn already! The girl who juz left the room was probably the interviewee b4 me! Thank God I'm not late! <=)

Then I was lead into a small room, where a malay lady was seated. And so the 2 lecturers (i supposed they are) began the interview. Well, I'm much calmer than I've imagined I could... The questions ranged from the usual expected one to the tougher ones to the jawdropping "Huh?" one... Well, it starts off with "Tell us about urself, ur background, and ur family..." Sounds easy, rite? I nv prepared for that! Also, when they asked that, how much about me did they really wanna know??? So I juz told them wat I think is relevant... My academics, pre-U programmes, parents' job, and siblings. They even "remind" me I'm from Klang... Duh...

Then came the usual ones... Why u choose IMU, why u choose doctor as a profession, why qualities u think u possess that will make u a successful doctor. There is also a question on the voluntary service I've did at the House of Joy. That came the tough one... The middle age guy wanted me to tell him wat I know about ethical issues... Uh oh... The only one I know that is related to the medical field is the stem-cell technology... And ethics? Hmmm... I think I answer fairly ok in that one... until he asked me about human cloning, in which I seriously have no deep thoughts about... Blegh...

Then the final question, the most jaw-dropping one of them all... "Imagine u have a whole stack of paper clips (the triangle ones). Tell us 10 creative ways u could use those clips..." I was like, WAT?! Uh, ok, they could be joined at both ends to form a electric conductor, as in a wire... They could be used to do some artwork... n I'm stuck... WAT ELSE?! ARGH... Then they started to gimme some clues... "U watch any detective movies?" I try hard and think, but I really can't get the hint... "Lockpicking!" The lady told me... DAMN! Oh why didn't I thought of that?! Then the next clue: "Imagine a child is next to u and u have this big pile of clips"... Er... clip all over him? Hahahahaha, I really said that! Guess wat did she wants? "Teach them to count using the clips!" ARGH... stupid me! >=(

And so ends the interview... I report in at 9.50 am, and I "check out" at 10.10 am... Talk about fast! >=) The interview is juz about 20 minutes long! Well, now that I've think back on the interview, I do find that there are many answers that I could have further improve... But overall, I think I did fairly well... Since they accept 200 students, I figured I stand a fair chance to enter the uni la... Hope my assumption is rite!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Do not ASSUME, or u will make an ASS of U and ME!!"
-- Mr Allan, my chemistry tuition teacher

Get it? ASS + U + ME = ASSUME? Hahahahaha... Hope I haven't juz make an ass of myself! >=)

Wednesday, November 05, 2003


I felt like vomiting for the whole day... except that nothing came out... Mow I felt as if there's a huge stone in my stomach surrounded by plenty of air... It's really damn uncomfortable... Can't imagine myself facing an important interview tomorrow... MAN! Argh... The pain... The Pain...


Juz finished reading a great essay on LoTR entitle "How Tolkien Means" by Orson Scott Card from the book Meditations on Middle Earth... Really gives me a new perspective on the story... Why not Sam as protagonist instead of Frodo?
Sam appears in the story almost as much as Frodo, and even has an entire chapter dedicated to him - The Choices of Master Samwise. It really matter who u feel the protagonist is, for in the end, the ending from a character's perspective is sad, while the other perspective is more happier... Wow... Talk about great essays!


Ahhhhh... I'm officially fell in love with mamak stall food!!! It's so so good! Can't believe that I haven't tried any of them until the beginning of last semester! Man, I've missed out loads of things!! Gotta catch up! Haven't try Rojak yet... Soon I guess...

Enjoy a simple midnight snack with my brother at a mamak stall juz now... Really enjoy it... Great open air atmosphere, tasty n cheap food... Ahhhhh... Felt funny that now I'm the one introducing all da roti planta, roti bom, roti tisu etc to my bro now... It's Lance and gang who did that job juz last sem to me! Lol... I myself haven't try all da riti canais yet...

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A major - you love to live life to the full. You
have a vibrant social life and are not afraid
to take life as it comes. You are content,
bright and often spontaneous.

what key signature are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

That's me! ...That is, except the "content" part... Heheh... >=)


So it has begun... The last month of the semester... Where all ISUs and assignments and tests for all [almost] crash together at the same time... Next week itself, I'll have to pass up an Econs News Analysis, present Bio ISU's genetically modified products, built a mousetrap cart than can run for Physics ISU, and having both Physics and Econs tests... Doom is here! The nightmare begins...

The end of the semester...

Ya... I haven't decide whether I wanna go to the prom... I wanna try out new stuff, but I'm not sure if it's worth my money and time... Furthermore I'm not sure I wanna go with whose company... Not necessarily date, but which "gang" of friends... N it's seriously not the good time for me to decide on this anyway... ISUs, assignments, tests, IMU INTERVIEW... Sigh... So I'll wait n see 1st la... Sorry Sebastian! <=)

Oh ya, today is also the first time I enter a computer lab... Lab 4 to be exact... Cool place! Gotta use the pc here bcos i forgotten to bring my ID... Luckily I met Eddy! Using his ID no. now to log in... And my, this guy beside smells fishy... Like baby milk powder or sumthing... Ewwwww, makes me nauseous... Get off get off!!!


AAAAHHHHH!!! ME STOMACH HURTS!!! The twirling snakes are back! And summore nausea and a "windy" stomach... Accompany by gastric... ARGH! Hope this won't affect me interview at Thursday! Really gotta pray hard...

Monday, November 03, 2003


I'll be staying at my grandma's house for the few days starting yesterday... Till Wednesday I guess... Can't online as often as I wish now... Hopefully it ain't that bad!

Sunday, November 02, 2003


Went to the school fund-raising sale of my primary school... The weather wasn't good, had been raining for a couple of hours already, but that did not stop ppl from attending it! Minutes after me and my brother arrived, the place is packed with ppl! Really crowded there... Lots of food were sold there, u name it, they got it! Also some game stalls, but I skipped all those... Dowan to waste me money... Heheh...

The stall my mum and some of her frens were in charged was quite successful... They're selling plenty of kuih there, but they were selling pretty fast... And as usual, there were loads of "affection" from my ex-pupils when they saw me... Hehe... Even my brother was jealous... When my pupils saw me, they would either whispering, "Kan! Lee Lao Shi!" (Look! Teacher Lee!) or said hi to me, or begged me to buy the stuff from their stall... Hahahaha... Maybe I'll teach again next year... Juz maybe...

Well, bought myself some food and snacks, and also 2 beautiful Chinese painting... Luv them! Hopefully they could collect enough money to further expand the school! They were quite successful so far!