Saturday, May 29, 2004


The Form 5A reunion party held yesterday was unexpectedly excellent. Well, at least it is to me. Last year's was more fun to most of us, since we have a karaoke session after the BBQ dinner. We have steamboat this time. At 1st I thought it wasn't a really good idea, since BBQ party has always been the popular choice. But I think I ended being the one who ate the most! Hahaha... Many have came, but still, I can't help but noticed some of my ex-classmates who dun turned out that night, and I must say I'm kinda disappointed at that... But still I'm glad for those that came.

Wat's different from last year this time around was that we dun have any karaoke session this time. And to be frank, I'm thankful for that. I'm always left out during all karaoke sessions, bcuz I juz lack the courage to actually sing on a mike. Furthermore, they always sing Cantonese or Mandarin songs, which I rarely listen to. We have much more talking this time, and it's really nice to know how are my friends faring in their studies now. Oh, even our class teacher came, along with her children! But I nv talked much to her though... Kinda worried if she'll mentioned whether I was as lazy as I was b4 now (I used to skip all her homework)... Now that'll be very embarassing! Hahaha...

One change that I've noticed about myself during the party was that my socializing skills have improved much since last year. I was seriously left out last year, and ended up feeling a bit lonely and depressed when I shud have been enjoying myself. I used to be the outcast of the class in my form 4 and 5 years, probably due to my unconventional (and probably annoying) nature... But I successfully mingled with different ppl this time, except among the guys of cuz... I still can't force myself to "sink to their level". I dun mean to be offensive, but most of them are seriously a bunch of immature buffoon who can't stop crapping and talking all sorts of brainless nonsense. Worse still, few of them actually even acknowledge my presence there. I mean, as unlovely as they are, I'm still mildly happy and excited to see my fellow ex-classmates, but that clearly wasn't wat they felt about me. Sigh...

Nevertheless, I wanna thank my dear friend Lance again for improving my socializing skills. Can't imagine where I am today without his help during my college days! Man I miss college life...

Oh ya, I'm also glad I didn't choose the path of taking STPM earlier, as economic as it is. Most of the teachers at Klang High School (Where all of the Form 6 ppl there are studying now) are practically useless, and they leave a life of supression and limited freedom. Imagine this: 14 students from 1 of my friends' class kena gantung sekolah for leaving the school after they finished their exams. Problem is, it's the school rule to be at school until the bell rang, whether there's test or not. Worse, few of them were called "prostitutes" by the headmasters juz bcuz of their hair (which wasn't really that bad after all). They suspected (understatement here) that the headmaster did this out of pure racism. I seriously pity those poor fellas... And incredibly glad that I've chosen a better path!

I left the place around 11, when it started to rain. Came home to watch Record of Lodoss War which I bought from AnimeTech at Pyramid after Shrek 2 with Jody and the SOS (Social Outcast Society for the uninitiated). The 1st 2 episodes are promising, and I'm looking forward to watch the rest of the show. As for Shrek 2, it was my 2nd watching of the show, and I still think (a very unpopular opinion) that the sequel pales in comparison to the original Shrek. I know, there's more gags in the 2nd movie, but it seemed forceful to me. Furthermore, it felt like less of an adventure and more of a gags-ridden show whereby the story is merely a bridge between all the silly jokes. Also, there's juz too many references/parody of other movies/real life events that the movie felt saturated with them. Sad sad... It has so much potential to be a memorable show...

Seems that the only sequels that are actually equal or better than the original to me are juz Toy Story 2 and Terminator 2: Judgement Day... Then again, I haven't watch the Godfather Trilogy! Hope I can get my hands on that soon!

Friday, May 28, 2004


Guess wat the feedback was all about today? 1 month after our 1st summative, they've finally decided to give us the answers! Idiots... I can't even remember the questions and the answers that I've written during the test! It all seems so long ago... But thank God all those that I've studied started to float back after 15 minutes or so... I'm amazed that they're still actually in my head, juz deeply buried and covered with dust... Hehe...

Well, there were some disagreements with the answers, but I guess not many of us really cared much anymnore, since our results are all out... But I'm mostly satisfied with the answers, and finally I have a better idea of how I score now. The grade system juz dun work for me... I mean, come on, 80% to 100% is a rather broad range!!! They should have another A+ grade for those who score above 90%! At least that give us a better picture of wat we get from the test!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Argh... My teeth hurts!!! Another wisdom tooth is coming out now, on the lower right side of my jaw! Man... I thought all of my wisdom teeth have already all grown out!!! Can't believe that I gotta go thru all the pain again!!! >=(

I've finally joined a sports club in IMU today! Hey wait, is Tai Chi considered a sport? Hmmmm... Anyway, we'll have our 1st swimming session this Thursday at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. And guess wat? IMU will pay for the entrance fees! Woohoo!!! It's juz kinda sad that the current president, Yvinne, and rest of the committees, were expecting expert swimmers to join while most of us sem 1s nv took part in any swimming competition b4... I myself am more interested in LEARNING that actually taking part in any competition la... I juz know the very basics of swimming only! And only breaststroke!

Haha, Yvinne was clearly quite disappointed of the lack of expertise. But I guess she could be a little less sarcastic when she commented on our "resume"... I used to think that she's the prettiest girl in IMU... Well, of cuz she's still pretty la, heehee... But my impression on her kinda tarnish a bit now la... Hahaha...

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I juz saw a very interesting news article in the library, and also found an identical one in the Net. In many ways, I see the benefits of these monitoring and surveillance, and yet, I can't help but feel that it's kinda unfair to the kids/teenagers. I mean, all of us want our privacy and expect others to respect it. Furthermore, the monitoring responsibility should be solely on the parents, and not on hiring others! Won't all these hiring estrangled the parents-teenagers relationship? Not to mention the lack of trust on the parents' part!

And yet... Parents can also have a better idea if their children are undergoing any troubles or stress. They can also prevent tragic events from happening if their children refused to share their problems with them, or tell them the truth. This new phenomenon certainly is a very interesting 1. Who knows, it might become a trend and slowly becoming a very profitable (even beneficial to society) business.

Btw, more and more ppl in IMU have started their own blogs. I also recently discovered that many of my friends actually have their own blogs. Here are some of the blogs that I will soon link up from my blog: Matthew, Jody, Shi Ching, Elena, and Melissa. Guys, now that I have mentioned u all, do link me up from ur blogs too ya! >=)

Monday, May 24, 2004


Dr. Hera Lukman gave us a personality test (called the NEO Five-Factor Inventory Test) today during her lecture on Personality. I have always enjoyed doing tests about myself not so much for the results, but in trying to figure out HOW the designers of the test get their data. Well, this test is one of the better ones that I've taken, and it's kinda accurate too in many ways.

Here's the results!

Neuroticism - Average
Generally calm and able to deal with stress, but you sometimes experience feelings of guilt, anger, or sadness.

True, I'm usually in a jovial mood, but I do have my ups and downs, I guess.

Extraversion - Very High
Extraverted, outgoing, active, and high-spirited. You prefer to be around people most of the time.

Hahaha... for this particular category, I already know the results even b4 I finished the test! Everybody knows that I'm hyperactive, loud and annoying! Akakakaka...

For the next following 3 categories, I neither score very high/very low or average, but more of the in-betweens, i.e. high/low. So I'll post the 2 statements that I'm stuck in between la! >=)

Openness - High
1. Open to new experiences. You have broad interests and very imaginative.
2. Practical but willing to consider new ways of doing things. You seek a balance between the old and the new.

I am open to new experiences, but I'm particularly very imaginative. My interests are broad, but I do like some of the new modern ideas while at the same time honour certain traditions.

Agreeableness - High
1. Compassionate, good-natured, and eager to cooperate and avoid conflict.
2. Generally warm, trusting, and agreeable, but you can sometimes be stubborn and competitive.

Yup, well, I am good-natured (and compassionate to a certain extent la... haha), and I do try to cooperate usually, but I'll make my stand if I disagree with the crowd. Oh and I LOVE competition! I need it to motivate me!!! Guess that's y I'm labelled as a kiasu bugger... haha

Conscientiousness - Low
1. Dependable and moderately well-organized. You generally have clear goals but you are able to set your work aside.
2. Easygoing, not very well-organized, and sometimes careless. You prefer not to make plans.

Well, I am not organized, that's for sure, but I do set some goals in my life. Careless, yes; No plans? Not exactly la... I do plan stuff... in a vague kinda way!

So there u have it, a simple personality dissection of Thomas! Haha... Man I can't believe I actually mistaken the international time 1500 as 4:00 pm... It wasn't until I woke up at 3.30pm that I realized that my Interview Video Review Session was supposed to start at 3, not 4!!! Man wat an embarassment... Imagine, a future doctor, late for his appointment! Sigh... Must be more alert in the future!

Friday, May 21, 2004


1st, the data:

114 'A' = 54.81%
38 'A-' = 18.36%
18 'B+' = 8.65%
15 'B' = 7.21%
15 'B-' = 7.21%
3 'C+' = 1.44%
3 'C' = 1.44%
0 'C-' = 0%
1 'D+' = 0.48%
0 'D' = 0%
1 'F' = 0.48%

Total = 208

Alrite... Now, the analysis. In my opinion, the summative one test is too easy. I know I sound proud, but that is an honest fact. The standard is too low. In fact, my finals at CPU is even harder than this, even after tips were given to us then. I was very disappointed at the difficulty level, bcuz I know that I've spend a lot of time on revising the whole thing, yet the questions that camme out are so basic, it felt almost as if I was in a too-good-to-be-true dream, nothiing more.

And yet... the passing rate is 88.94%. Many ppl, espeacially seniors, commented that the result was abnormally good. But to be honest, I dun really think so. Earlier, I kinda expected that none of us will fail... well, alrite, there are always a few 'surprises', but 23 ppl (11.06%) failing is juz too... disappointing. Anyone who actually make an effort to complete his/her revision on all the lecture notes at least once will easily get a 'B', at the very minimum. So my conclusion is that too many of us still has the "last minute study" syndrome, and I guess many of us realized (too late) that there's not enough time to cover all the topics.

The over-easiness of the test could only mean 2 things: future tests will be juz as easy (highly doubtful), or the difficulty level will be gradually increased (most probable). And therefore, I predict taht there will be a shift on the graph to the right, i.e. less ppl will pass and more will fail. The number of 'A's and 'A-'s will certainly drop, as compared to the overly high 73.08% now (54.81% A, 18.36% A-). Why I say so? Bcuz many of us will be disillusion by how easy the tests will be, due to the influence of the 1st summative. Therefore the 1st summative is not a good benchmark at all, and ones need to work harder than the 1st summative in order to maintain that 'A'...

Well... Can I still get an 'A' for my next summative. Man I seriously hope I could... But I seriously need to work harder and repeat my revisions more often. I repeat twice in the 1st half of the semester, and I found that it was still not enough for me to remember. I'll attempt to repeat thrice for my revision for the 2nd summative and see if this is more effective. Then there's still the End of Semester test to think about... But I guess that's a worry for another time! >=)


My 1st impresion of the book was how different it is from the 1st book, the classic sci-fi masterpiece Dune. Dune Messiah is far shorter in length in comparison to the epic Dune, and its bulk is almost purely philosophical. The plot itself is actually very short, and the action minimum. Wat u have is lots and lots and LOTS of monologue, intellectual musings and philosophical debate which, I must frankly admit, I dun understand much at all.

Nevertheless, it is still readble enough to me, and I read on in quite a fast pace bcuz I wanna find out wat happen next. There's also this slow-building sense of inevitable doom, which makes the reader very anxious to know wat is the ultimate price Paul has to pay to avoid the Jihad he had started from bringing chaos all over the universe. And the ending is quite unexpected. Eventhough someone have spoiled the ending to me, i.e. I know wat happened in the end, I'm still very surprised at HOW it happened. And believe me, it's seriously depressing. The path that Paul has chosen for the universe, and in doing so sacrificing all the power and happiness that he has...

Well, I won't spoil more of the story now. Sufficient to say that it is a good read, albeit may be pretty hard for those expecting another Dune phenomenon. Still, I think Frank Herbert takes too much time to explain so little. But the creation of the ghola Hayt, or (SPOILERS!!! SKIP THE ITALICS IF U DUN WANNA BE SPOILED!!!) should I say the "resurrection" of Duncan Idaho, is the highlight of the novel to me. He is by far the most interesting character in the book, now that all the "main" characters seem... distant. It's worth a read, and I guess I'll continue with The Children of Dune next! >=)

Thursday, May 20, 2004


Well, the summative results are out today!!! Whoa, am I nervouse throughout the lectures. I would have gotten my results b4 the lectures started if only Dr. Hirotaka Onishi, my tutor, was in his room... Turns out that he is in a PBL session and was unable to meet with us until our lectures end!!! Aiiiieeee... So there I was, in the lecture hall, boiling with anxiety. Somehow almost all my friends mistaken my nervous expression as smiling-like-crazy-for-the-great-results. Man, do I look so jovial when I got my results?!

After the lectures ended, I rushed all the way downstairs... And thru the glass wall, I finally saw Dr. Onishi in his room! Now another sort of anxiety attacked me... I dun dare to go in and take the results from him! Man, 1st I can't wait to get my results, and now that I have the chance, I'm too cowardly to take it! Sheesh... Then a guy from my batch (sad that I dun know him) went into the room, and pulling all my willpower together, I went in after him.

The doc mentioned something about getting good results for summative 1 is normal, but we have to work harder for the coming exams to maintain the results. I guess any logical guy can get the hint from his words, but since i'm still in my irrational-fear-thrashing, I juz take my results (which is sealed in a letter), and say a "Thank U", and out I went... Guess wat? This time, I dun have the courage to open that stupid letter!

I dun open the letter till I finally reached Food Avenue, ordered my food, sit down, and cool myself down... I got an 'A'!!!! Praise God! Hahahaha... Man that's a relief... For a second there I feared I might get worse results! Guess revising early on do help after all! Nevertheless, I must admit: without relying on God's strength thru all the preparation, I'm probably camatose now! Hahaha... Thank u God! *kiss kiss* >=)

Now for the statistics: 141 'A', 38 'A-', 18 'B+', 15 'B', 15 'B-', 3 'C+', 3 'C', 1 'D', and 1 'F'. Considering that about 55% of us got an 'A' for the summative, I guess there's nothing much to celebrate for. It is kinda saddening that some of my friends dun do so well in their test... I really wanna comfort them and encourage them to do better, but I can't help but notice the slight hint of bitterness in their tone... "U did great, not so for me."... Sigh... Guess all I can do now is juz to pray for them, and hope that they'll do better next time!

As for me, judging from my current laziness, I doubt I can get an 'A' again for the next summative... Unless I start revising NOW!!! I must revive that feverish study mania in me again from the time b4 my 1st summative... Haha... Alrite, gear up, let's go!!!

Oh ya, I do apologize if my 'Steaming' post offended anyone... Haha, I was really fuming then... Feeling better and more controlled now! ;)


Whoa... I juz realized that my bro has blogged a seriously crazily long entry on the "historical" Arsenal-beat-the-record-thingie on his blog... Man, it's so long, I'm seriously impressed... Though I dun bother reading it at all la... Hahahaha... Wat to do, no football fan ma... It's the May 16 2004 entry, and u can access his blog thru the link Ian's blog under the Fellow Bloggers! links... Aiya, juz click here la... Lazy bum! >=)


Thank God that I can access blogger now. I'm so mad that I can't focus on my studies at all. In fact, my still quite shaken and boiling with anger now.

Since ages ago, I've always been an object of ridicule and tease. I dun mind ppl doing that to me if it makes them happy. I've tried to be more serious and stuff like that, but it juz dun work on me... Heck, it's juz not me! But there exists a limit on how far one can stands before one can't tolerate any more. U know, "ENOUGH, S***HEADS!!!" But sadly, some ppl juz can't see my transition from "let's have fun" to "that's enuf dude, f off".

Impressively, I've done quite well in containing my anger juz now... Except that I can't stand the temptation to put some salt at EV's head juz now... Then again, my 1st intention was far worse than that. The only reasons that I keep my anger to myself was:

1. Having my revenge on others certainly dun glorify God, though sad to say I dun fully constraint myself then and there... The salts were all over the table... Funny that I still dun feel any regret now... In fact, I'm kinda disappointed that I dun cause more trouble... Sheesh, hope this anger will dissipate soon.

2. It's quite preceivable for all the people in Food Avenue to see that we were a bunch of a Christians there, enjoying our dinner and fellowship together after a CF meeting. I dun mind if my actions ruin my image or reputation or anything, but I musntn't bring any of those to my fellow brothers and sisters... Espeacially when the world can be so critical when it comes to Christians...

3. As much as I dun care for my personal image, I'm aware (barely) that all the foolish plans I have in my head then will only bring more harm than good to me. There's certainly little chance for me to recover my dignity and self-respect if I do all the crazy stuff I was tempted to do then, espeacially now that I'm a medical student. But thank God that I am wise enough to see that and stop it from becoming a reality.

Phew... Now that I've let out some of my steam, I do feel better. Hope that I'll be able to control myself better during my next "murderous rage attacks". Then again, it's better if I won't get stuck in this type of emotional turmoil in the future. I'm seriously not confident that I can bottle up my anger so well all the time... Sheesh why are people so blind towards anger sometimes... >=(

Now let's hope I can calm myself enough to study my GI notes... I'm juz too far behind...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Finally, the SRC election (at least for our batch) has ended. I almost ended up not voting after all the shit Shin Han has caused. He is an embarassessment to himself and to us M1/04 ppl. If u wanna make someone look bad by telling us all about the horrible stuff he did so the one u support have a higher chance of winning, at least do it in a more subtle and diplomatic way. In the end, wat he achieved is juz showing everyone wat a fool he is and how unprofessional and unruly his conduct is. Idiota indeed. Hmmph!

The entire election episode only makes me feel more disgusted on the way politics work. The way ppl show their ugly side and yet thinking that will give them a greater chance to win the post. I'm not very confident about the effienciency of the new SRC committees formed from all this chaos. Nevertheless, there are a few candidate that I believe can do all the students of IMU some good b4 they retire... Let's juz hope all the good will overcome the bad in the end... Sigh...

Heard from EV about the someone threatening Siddharth... I certainly hope that if there really is such a thing, that idiot who made the threat better juz mean it as a sick joke. Man, if he seriously made such a threat, he shud have been expelled from IMU. Such ppl are morally unfit for a profession as a doctor. Argh, I feel sick merely juz blogging about him.

The result for my 1st summative will be out in 2 days time... The funny thing is, I dun really feel nervous about it... Must have been the LONG delay of 1 month after the test... Seriously, I can't really remember much of the test any longer... Nevertheless, I hope I dun do badly on it... I wonder how will Dr. Hirotake breaks the news to me... <=)

Saturday, May 15, 2004


I've juz finished my 2nd reading of Dune yesterday. After my 1st reading a few years back, I dun seem to enjoy it, due to its overtone of bleakness, harsh brutality and lack of romance (not lovey-dovey romance, but heroism, nobility, honour... u know wat I mean). But now that I've read it again in a more matured level, I must say that I'm very very impressed by the book.

A critic said that the only comparable literature with Dune is The Lord of the Rings, but personally I think Frank Herbert constructed an even more detailed world than J.R.R. Tolkien's. Everything, from the characters (The Atreides, Gurney Halleck, Liet Kynes), the organizations (Bene Gesserit, The Guild), the politics (The Great Houses, the Imperium), the culture (Fremen), the philosophy, and even the planet itself, Arrakis aka Dune. It's an amazing feet of sub-creation (A term invented by J.R.R. Tolkien), and really, I can think of no words to describe how good it is.

Nevertheless, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, both by J.R.R. Tolkien, still remain my favourite books of all time. This is simply bcuz as much as I like the painstaking detail of the world of Dune, and the deepness of its philosophy and politics, it is juz simply not as stirring and heroic as The Lord of the Rings. In fact, I still remember how caught up I was when I was reading The Ride of the Rohirrim that I seriously felt like riding into war with all of them!

Therefore I guess Dune will now be 2nd (or should I say 3rd) on my favourite books list after J.R.R. Tolkien's works, and Isaac Asimov's immediately after it. So the problem now is... should I continue reading the Dune saga? All the reviews I've read seem to pointed that none of the books following Dune is as good as it is (with the possible exception of Book 4, God Emperor of Dune). So for now, I guess I'll juz stop reading fiction for the time being and start focusing on Marieb's Human Anatomy and Physiology! Heehee...

Friday, May 14, 2004


Well, I've made few changes to my blog now... After spending about 1.5 hour on it... Yet, I betcha can't really spot the difference, dun u? Sigh... Why am I so keen on my blog anyway? I shouldn't be spending so much time in my blog as compared to my studies la... Yet my perfectionist nature juz drives me on...

Anyway, after all that is said and done, I hope u guys do notice the few changes I've made... Espeacially all fellow bloggers out there!!! (Hint hint) :p


I've attended the inter-religious forum on Cohabitation and Premarital Sex: Is Religion Outdated? yesterday juz to check out how's the forum like... I went in expecting some understand-each-other's-religion kinda thingie but wat was discussed in the short 2 hours was the most intellectually-stimulating experience I've ever had in my entire life!!!

I thought that the speakers are probably fundamentalist and would only discussed the issue on a religious perspective, but it turns out that I'm DEAD wrong. The 3 speakers (A Muslim, a Catholic, and a Buddhist) are truly intellectuals!!! Almost every imaginable perspectives are touched, including philosophy, ethics, psychology, medicine, history, culture etc!!! And although their theology and belief are different from mine, there's still plenty of truth in their words, and I know I've learned quite some stuff from that short 2 hours... Which is simply amazing!

However, in my opinion, the speakers did not stress enough on marriage itself. When one talks about cohabitation and premarital sex, marriage must be discussed in greater detail, since it's the opposite of those. To me, marriage is simple the most beautiful institution existed in our world. It is a sacred binding, whereby a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. (Genesis 2:24). And sex is a gift from God to wedded couples, which binds not the couple not juz physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spirtually as well.

Yet, sadly, humanity has perverted this beautiful gift and expression into an unimaginable state of degrading and disgusting acts. Instead of the binding of two person into one (figuratively), we have multiple random partners and even within the same sexes. Worse, there's incest and bestiality, not to mention adultery. Instead of strengthening the bond between a husband and a wife, we have misuse sex as a mean of acquiring plaesure, without any commitment nor any thoughts on the consequences.

Some statistics about this tragic trend were mentioned during the forum, and it was truly shocking. Do u know that there are around 55000 abortion every day in the world? Imagine how many lives are lost each day due to our selfish nature. Is a few hours of worldly pleasure worth a human life? Heck NO!!! Also, interestingly, the mortality rate of ppl engaging in premarital sex is unusually high compared to married couples. For female, it's 50% higher, and for guys... 250% higher!!! One of the possible reason behind this given by the speakers is that no matter how sexually-oriented ppl engaged in premarital sex, there's bound to be certain emotional elements invested into it. When a man (or a woman) has random sex with many partners, one day he (or she) will certainly filled with so much regret that will slowly kills them.

Well, there's still plenty for me to talk about in this issue, but I think it's WAY past my study time now... So I'll juz end here. The IRF has been unexpectedly good, and I hope more of such forum will be organized in the future, and more efforts will be done to promote it to the staffs and students!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2004


I dun planned to blog anything for now actually, but seeing a friend of mine who updates his blog daily, I'm compelled to write something NOW!!! I used to blog almost at a daily basis too (excluding long dull boring holidays), but ever since I've entered IMU, I hardly have the time to blog much... Nothing much to blog about anyway... Everything is juz so... smooth and normal here (except when the exams are close).

Not juz my blogging... I dun even have the time to redesign my blog and change all the stupid but beautiful pictures!! Not to mention updating my profile and change the useless links at the top of my blog!!! And also adding links to my friends' blog!!! And also adding the comment boxes!!! Argh...

Well, instead of complaining now on wat changes I shud have done, I guess I'll spend some time doing wat I juz said I shud have done now... Here goes...

Sunday, May 09, 2004


Guess where my family went to in the KL outing today? MidValley again!!! Man... I was there juz 24 hours ago! But then again, this was like a second chance! After all, I went home empty handed yesterday, didn't I? Off I go to buy the stuff that I've missed, The Darkness' Permission to Land! And guess wat?! I've finally found it!!! After 1 month of search!!! I guess they must have some problem with the censorship board or sumthing... Well, I'll know after I try it out! As for Memento, I guess I probably can nv find it here in M'sia... So I guess the only thing I can do is to dl it... Hopefully it works...

Also bought an encyclopedia of dog breeds at MPH... Though I'm not really sure why... I juz suddenly got a huge interests in dog breeds... Hmmm... I used to lean more on cats for my preference... I wonder what caused the change... Must have been those adorable Scottish Silky Terrier in display then at Pet's Wonderland... I must get one when I have the time to take good care of them!!!

I shud have been spending my weekend revising the lecture notes from last week and do some research for PBL... Amazingly, I have done neither. Argh, the holiday has really makes me slacks in my studies!!! Must readjust myself again... Oh holidays can be so devastating at times... Let juz hope all goes well in the next PBL session... Nv imagined Dr. Hla Yee Yee can be so... demanding...

Saturday, May 08, 2004


Juz came back from MidValley after watching Hellboy (or "Super Sapiens" in M'sia... stupid title) with the SOS... Well, I must say that I'm very disapointed at it. We initially planned to watch Van Helsing, but due to some problems, we have to switch to Hellboy. I dunno about the others, but it was one of the worst movie I've watched in a cinema. The only other bad movie I've watch in cinema (at least from wat I can remember now) is Spiderman. Coincidentally, both are about comic superheroes... Well, I guess these superheroes are meant to exist only in comic books or animated series (like the excellent X-Men series I'm so fond of). For those of u who plan to go watch that awful show... my advice: Forget it, or u'll regret later.

The show was bad enough, but more dissapointment is to come. It is my habit to always return home from a shopping centre with at least an item bought, i.e. nv to return empty handed... So there I was, searching frantically for the VCD I've been so desperate for: Memento!!! But I guess I juz dun have any luck on that title... Search far and wide for it, but still can't get it. Also due to time constraint (EV has to return to teach Taekwondo and I have to be home for a dinner with my grandma), I can't really search all the video stores in MidValley... Sigh... Well, if any of u know where I can get my hands on that VCD/ pirated DVD, pls tell me!!! This is how the cover looks like:

In case any of u are interested to know wat the movie is about (or at least some hints of it), click here.

Went to Lake Garden for a picnic with my CG members from our batch and sem 3... Heck it was a long long traffic jam b4 we arrived there... And due to the unfortunate occurence, we only have precious little time for intro, fellowship, games, and worship there... But there's a surprise at the end of the picnic, as unintentional as it was... I was playing around with EV's basketball (she calls it her boyfriend... sad sad) when the ball got shot off and roll to... the lake!!! I tried to stop it, but was... well, unsuccessful...

Thus began a grand cooperative effort to retrieve the floating ball on the middle of the pond (the ducks there are cute) by all means possible. We've tried creating waves with a wood plank, throw stones and soil near the ball to start a ripple in hope that the ball will float closer to the shore, and using the plank to bring the ball coser to shore... After much sweat and splashes of muddy water on our attire, we managed to retrieve the ball. I was very relieved then, but also so embarassed of myself that I feel like hiding my head in the soil!!! I guess that wherever I go, troubles are sure to follow... Sigh... Better luck next time, Thom!

Thursday, May 06, 2004


I have suspected that someone has been using by MSN messenger b4, so I've changed my password... No more complains from my friends for not replying their msg after that... But guess wat I juz found out? I'm having some problem accessing my mailbox bcuz someone has attempt to access it a lot of time till he's barred! That's scary... for all I know, there should only 2 ppl beside me that know of my old password... My bro, and a good old friend of mine. But I doubt that either of them is the culprit behind this...

So who izzit that has sign in MSN messenger using my e-mail address? Hmmm... I wonder...

Tuesday, May 04, 2004


I've juz finished the game Fallout 2!!! Whoa, for a minute there, I thought I won't made it in time. I planned to finish that nice old game (from 1998) b4 classes start, cuz I dowan to dream about frying a few super mutants' eyes with my beloved pulse rifle during lectures!!! Well, overall, I really enjoyed the game. It lacks the freshness of Fallout, but made up its lost with its complexity, non-linear gaming, and abundant sub-quests. Eventhough it's 6 years since the game was out, I think it's still a better game compared to other RPGs in the market now.

Went for a swim yesterday, and ended up having muscle ache at my limbs. Man I really need to exercise more regularly in IMU!!! Getting lazy now ever since I entered college... Since that it's impossible for me to study in the afternoon, I might as well spend the time doing something instead of napping... Let's see... I can workout at the gym around 3pm, then go for a swim around 4pm, then perhaps jogging around Bukit Jalil around 5pm... Yea rite, as if I will follow the routine all the time. Maybe for this week, but I doubt if I will still continue doing those stuff after that... Malas la... Oh heck, nvm... Everybody gotta start somewhere rite? As the saying goes, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step." Here goes...

Now that the holiday has ended and class will commence tomorrow, I'm not sure whether should I be happy or sad... Well, one thing's for sure, I'll miss waking up late in the afternoon... That again, I won't feel so druggy anymore... at least for the next 3 month b4 a long 1-month holiday slams down on me... Well, gotta get myself ready for the urinary system! Oh ya, I forgot... I'll be the leader for the PBL session tomorrow... and worse still, we'll have a new facitilator!! Well, let's juz hope I won't make a fool of myself... and that Dr. Hla Yee Yee won't be too critical on me!!!

Oh well, gotta go pack my stuff and leave for Vista Komanwel now... Argh, I have yet t buy the Prego spaghetti sauce!!! >=(