Monday, June 30, 2003


So... When was the time I became a movie fan? I'm not so sure anymore... But I do know that is the main factor that caused me to became one!! When I first discovered that site, I often visited it to check whether an upcoming movie or one that is presently showing in theaters is worth a watch... As I read more n more of movie reviews by various US film critics, I get to know more n more about older movies.. Curious, I check out the reviews on those movies n even bought VCDs of those.. It was only then that I've found out how many great movies I've missed..

I've just watched The Truman Show on VCD after I read very positive reviews on it... And I must say, it's one of the best movie I've ever seen... Ok, I haven't watched a lot of movies till now, but compared to friends around my age, I've watched more movies then they did... or at least, good movies!! Anyway, The Truman Show is one of the best movie I've seen!! Did I juz repeated myself? Nvm... here's the synopsis:

Truman Burbank is the star of the most popular show in the history of television. For 10,909 days, it has been on the air, using 5000 cameras to show every moment in every day of the life of one man. The public loves it -- there are Truman addicts who go to sleep with the TV on and who have sets installed in the bathroom so they don't miss anything when they're taking a bath. Every individual in "The Truman Show" is an actor with one important exception: the lead character himself. For, while everyone around Truman is playing a part, he is cheerfully ignorant about the truth. He thinks this is all real, and his obliviousness to the situation gives the program its core appeal -- that there's nothing counterfeit about Truman. One day, however, when a former member of the cast sneaks back onto the set with a warning for the star, Truman begins to suspect that appearances can be deceiving...

The movie is strangely, funny, disturbing, thought-provoking, and touching at the same time... I always hated Jim Carrey's acting bcos of his zany character and that horribly fakish rubber face he wear in all the wacky comedies he stars in... But he is surprisingly good in this movie!! But my favourite character would be Christof, played by Ed Harris... He's kinda like a god over his creation- that is, the 20 miles studio set where Truman "stays" at... I'm impressed every time he's on screen... He's juz so... charismatic, artistic, ingenious... Oh I give up!! I juz can't describe how good this movie is!!! If any of u haven't watched this movie yet, go buy, borrow or rent it as soon as possible!! Believe me, it's that good!! =) For those of u who need more convincing, click here to see for urselves the movie reviews from most of US film critics!


Guess what? My mum can't bring us to MidValley after all... She dropped us at the taxi stand near Klang Bus Stop, and we payed a whopping RM 30 to MidValley Megamall... Of course I protested to her earlier that it is better to go by bus (I don't trust taxi drivers... Bunch of cheaters... >=O), but she wanted my sis to be perfectly safe... Yes, my sis went along, so did my bro n my maid...

Once I reached there, I can't find the two main things I've gone to buy... Interview With The Vampire VCD, n The Vampire Armand novel... After more than an hour of fruitless search, I settled with The Truman Show VCD n The Vampire Lestat novel... Yet, these were still not the main reason I'm there... I actually planned to buy the CPU Physics textbook from TJ, and he said he will make it, since he live near the mall... I've tried to contact him once I reached MidValley, to no avail... By the time we're almost leaving, I gave one more try... Juz to found out from his mum that he's sleeping!!! After his mum woke him up, he apologized bcos he, for some reasons unknown to me, can't go to MidValley!! Duh... Wat a waste of my time!!

Not for my younger sis though... She bought 3 sets of VCDs of Samurai X... She have a complete Samurai X anime collection now... 94 episodes!!! Guess how much she pent on all those? Almost RM 300!! Hua!!! She's juz 11 years old u know!!! And some of u guys think I'm an anime freak?! But I really dun like the Cantonese dubbing for the VCDs... I missed Kenshin's "oro" la... They dun do that in the Cantonese version!! And Kenshin's "Cantonese" voice sux!!! >=O

The taxi fee for the return trip was even more shocking... RM 40!!! But I'm too tired and annoyed to argue with the taxi driver... So we came back all the way to my house in the taxi... Sigh... I'm no longer interested in going to MidValley in the near future... Guess there's only 1 more place- KLCC... But wait!! There's a new one coming!! Berjaya Times Square KL!!! I'm anticipating for its opening for quite some time already... Hope it will be a great mall to hang out in!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2003


Really, I'm really bad in making decisions... First, there's a fair at SMJK (Persendirian) Kwang Hua, n I have coupons of RM 100. But as my mum mentioned yesterday that we'll be going to MidValley today, so I juz give all the coupons to my aunt. After I fetched my sis for piano lessons, and stop by at the condo for a swim... I thought that after I brought her back home with me, we can go straight to MidValley...

When I'm back home, mum's not back yet... n my grandma called me to take her to a eye-specialist clinic at Klang Town... Since we're not going anywhere yet, I took her up... only to found myself stuck on a minor traffic jam as I did earlier when I'm passing SMJK (Persendirian) Kwang Hua... After we reached the clinic, we found out there's lots of patients there waiting... so grandma tell me to go back myself first... When I reached home, my mum grumbled at me for letting an old woman alone, and brought my sis with her to the clinic to accompany her... So I'm still stuck here in the house, while I could have enjoyed myself at the fair... but I gave away all the coupons!!! Argh... Guess I'll juz surf on the net for the time being... >=(

Saturday, June 28, 2003


Whoa... It's juz as I expected... The teachers meeting is DEAD BORING... When we arrive at the school library, all the teachers tried to sit as far from the headmaster n the assistant principals as possible... The tables are arranged in a "U" shape, and the teachers were all seated in the two ends while the "VIPs" were seated in the middle. All the teachers that came earlier sit at the very ends of tables... So we'll kinda like iron attracted to the two ends of a "U" shape magnet... >=) Anyway, I gotta chat with colleagues around my my age... So guess that's not too bad la... I always like to make friends!!

And now, the stuff that make me REALLY mad... my bro's results... OH HORROR HORROR!!! 3 A2, 1 B4, 2 C3, 4 G9!!! 4 subjects FAILED!!! BM, Add Maths, Sejarah, and Moral!!! And guess what?! Now I have a curfew for online!!! I must stop at 10.30 pm!!! All bcos my bro slept in class after he online/ playing computer games deep into the night!!! AAARRRGGHHHH.... Mum want me to be good example, but no way I'm going to offline at such an early hour!!! Many of my freinds haven't even online yet at 10.30pm!!! Duh... what can my bro learn all the good stuff from me?? Com'on, I've play games till late at nite, but I've always maintained my results!!! He juz plain LAZY, that's all!! What am I supposed to do, whip him to study all day long?? Judging from his "earlier performance" in his studies n homeworks, I've already expected him to flunk his test... It's so so bad, and he still act like nothing serious has happpened... ARGH!!! And a C6 for Maths!!! C6!!! AAIIIIEEE!! I'm gonna make sure he'll improve on his test by the end of the year!!! That lazy pump!!

Juz came back from Joanne's farewell party... Really enjoy the fellowship there... Dunno y, but everyone there at the party reminds me of The Sims... U know, the simulation game by Maxis?? It's so much like the game... Ppl came, the host welcomes, then some eat while sitting, some stand bcos not enough seats, some watching TV, some playing with the cat (me me!!! Oooo I love cats!! =D), and some flipping through photo album... Joanne'll be leaving to Perth, Australia in one week's time to further her studies... Now I have no transport to my CGs, guess I gotta drive myself... Dunno whether should I feel good or bad about it... <=/

Well, nothing much to talk about now... My bro is waiting for his turn to use also... Tomorrow still got Teacher's Meeting at school... Oooo I hate meetings!!! Why do we temporal teacher need to attend meetings anyway?? Duh... Guess I have no choice but to attend... A teacher adviced me to come earlier and grab a seat at the back, so that the headmaster can't see what am I doing there... Heehee... Teachers can be unexpectedly tricky too!! ^_^ Okie, I'll end here for the day!!
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Hmmm... I wonder why I can't get a general audience rating... I dun wrote any sexual, violent or horror contents in my blog oso la...weird... <=)

Friday, June 27, 2003


The teaser poster for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is out!!! Here, take a look!!

Kinda resemble a poster of The Fellowship of the Ring long ago... The one with Frodo with his icy blue stare and the One Ring on his palm... Aragorn really looked kingly in that Gondorian armor and holding Anduril, "Flame of the West", the reforged Shards of Narsil... Viggo Montensen really make a good Aragorn with that grey eyes, hard cheekbones, and rough moustache... The poster is cool!! If any of u guys wanna download the desktop wallpaper,visit

Y do I like to visit other ppl's blog?? Well, it all started when I enter college... I met so many different kinds of ppl, so much different from ppl I have known for so many years b4... It all these ppl... fascinate me... I get to see things differently from other ppl's perspective, and understanding others needs and desire... I'm like... experienced so so much different... sensation... and it really thrill me!! All of my life, I've never seen n heard so many different thoughts, so many different views, so many different thinking, so many different opinions!!!

And then, I've found out about this amazing thing called blog... I've discovered it when I was looking at the ICQ user details of a few of my frens... And on Jayne's, I've found this address to her blog... I visited it, and it was then that I've found out that through blogs, u can.. like... step into the shoes of another person, and looking at things in his or her perspective temporary... I dunno for others, but it's very effective to me!! I'm kinda like... getting a taste of other ppl's life... A life I never have... And sometimes... another life I LONGED to have...

Well, I guess here comes the negative side... When I'm very depressed or intimidated, I've this tendency of wishing I'm not me... Wishing that I'm someone else... Wishing that I dun have to go through what I'm going through... Longing to be more... normal... Yes... normal... part of the group... not an outcast... I suffered from severe loneliness in my form 4 and form 5 life... I'm just... so so different from my peers... I tried to be like them, I tried so so hard to fit in, I wanna be... accepted... and I failed... It's so so depressing... <=( Even now, I suffered from that too... from time to time... By reading all these entries, I get to see things from others perspective... To see what keeping them up... and down... And to know that... we're not very un-alike after all... We all have our ups and downs... And after I felt better, I'll go on with my life...

I often feel bad when this cycle repeats again and again... Why am I so... weak?? Why can't I depend on God totally?? Y must I be a slave to my emotion?? But I guess no one can give me the answer... Unless God chose to unveil it to me... So I'll keep on searching... keep on searching... as I did b4... keep on searching for the answers... for the solutions...

My dad juz brought back 4 photo albums from the photo-processing shop... There are pics from my secondary school graduation, class trip, end of CPU 1st semester pics, Cameron Highland trip... And even my birthday pics last year!! That's... August 2002!!! Imagine, pictures taken 11 months ago, until now only processed!!! This is so so weird...

The CPU pics are quite nice... except... THE ONE I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO!! The one with me n Miss Swanson!!! Argh... Miss Swanson looks nice... At first, I thought it wouldn't look too good, since she did not tied her hair as usual... but unexpectedly, it looks gorgeous!! >=) But... as for me... it's... my eyes... I BLINKED!!! AAAAOOOOO.... I still can tahan if my eyelids were completely shut... But NO!!! My eyelids were like... half-open!!! It make me look like... (a) A lovesick puppy, (b) A hamsap lou!!! Duh... I'm so disappointed... <=( But I guess my look dun matter la... As long as Miss Swanson looks nice!! >=)

Guess what?! My handphone is as good as it was when I woke up this morning!!! Well... not really... there's still something wrong with the display at first... But it was already that way b4 the incident yesterday!!! I've called up my cousin, a handphone expert, and asked if he could fix it up for me... He called me to let it dry first, and if it still dun work, then I could call him anytime... And it really did work!!! I'm so surprised!!! Guess I don't need to worry too much about "tomorrows" again!!!

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34

After I watched the second last episode of Vandread: The Second Stage today, I've finally found out that I really enjoy the anime series... Kinda late, isn't it? I mean, tomorrow is the last episode!! Or maybe there's 2 more... not really sure... It's quite amusing, and full of interesting characters... But I juz dun understand y Misty, the girl from Pluto was introduced at all... She's totally useless!!! But she did make one fine comic relief character... Other than that... I'm more and more of an anime fan now!!! Hope that AXN will show more new anime series instead of keep repeating the old ones!!! =)

Thursday, June 26, 2003


First, I forgot to bring back home the exercise books to mark... Then, after my full-of-twisted-nightmare nap, I wake up to find the sky shady... just like yesterday... Ignoring it, I pack my stuff hurriedly, and when I went out of my house, it began to rain lightly... Not wanting to risk repeating the same mistake as yesterday, I drove to the condo anyway... I figured that the rain will stop soon...

The rain started to fall heavily by 7.15, one hour after I start swimming... Still not so bad... Only that in the rush of going back b4, I accidentally put my handphone into the same plastic bag I kept my wet swimming trunk... By the time I found out, the keypad can't function... Bummer!! >=0

That's not all... Since I've not brought back the exercise books to mark, I went to Klang Parade to buy some old computer games... My notebook is too outdated to be able to run any new cool games... <=( Bought Civilization 3 and its expansion (The Best PC Game Ever!!! Really!!!), n also scrabble... Halfway through the installation, my dad wanna type an urgent mail to his client... I figured this wouldn't take long, so I let him do it... Problem is, he can't send the mail!!! Duh... Ends up I wasted 1 hour just waiting for him, while I play Solitaire to kill time... (Not the PC version... I use real cards!!!)

Well, gotta end here now... I wanna play da game liao!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003


Bout 3 months ago, I got my mid-term results... Other than Chemistry, I'm very disappointed at it... I only got an average of 86, and the entry requirement to IMU for CPU is 85!!! And though my name is in the top scorers sheet, my position was on no. 40... Very bad... So I make a few objectives that I hope I could achieve by the end of 1st semester...

1. To get an average of at least 90.
2. To be in the Top 20 list.

Well, for the 1st objective, I'm still not sure whether have I achieved it... <=( I only got 269 as my total of the 3 credit subjects I've taken this semester... So it's juz 89.67%, not a perfect 90%... But usually, the figure is rounded up... So on the top scorers list (according to Jayne- Hope it's a reliable source!! ;D ) my mark is shown as 90%... So is that objective achieved?? Not sure... >=)

As for the 2nd objective... Well, I barely made it!!! I'm at no. 20!!! lol... And guess wat? Of all those that get 90% n above, I'm the last!!! In other words, 20 ppl got 90% and above, and I am the twentieth, the lowest!!! So that makes me the worst among the ...err... best!!! >=)

Hahaha... Anyway, I'm happy that I achieved my goals (or at least I think I did ^_^ ), and I thank God for it and for always by my side, eventhough I often "abandoned" Him in my pursuit for better results... <=( Well, I pray and hope that I'll have a more consistent spiritual life in the future!!!

After spending so much time searching for a good books reviews website, I've finally decided on one...!! Yea yea, I know they aren't really a books reviews website, but who cares? The books reviews part are really good, though there are some lame reviews oscassionally... But those are nothing compared to some of the best reviews I've read!!! It's kinda ironic... This "quest" have begun long ago, but I've already visited for a few times even b4 this "quest" has begun!!! Okie... I'll add a link to the website now!!! Hope this site may assist all u book lovers out there!! =D

What a boring day... Guess I'll go to XTra after I finish this blog entry... I kinda suspects there's still a shop there that sells pirated vcds... >=) Actually, I planned to go swimming today... But when I wake up from my afternoon nap, the sky was dark and it looked like it gonna rain soon... So I changed my mind... Who knows, there ain't no rain until now!! Stooopid... Well, guess I'll go tomorrow then...

I'm kinda sick on teaching... The fools just dunno how important their studies are... Eeeee... Many of them refused to even think, and all they want are the answers... They just copy down without even understanding it... So many did not finished their homework, and some dun even have a book!! Even when they did not did their homework, they could at least pay attention to me when I discuss the answers with them. But did they? DID THEY?! NO!!! They just keep on talking and talking and talking, as if I dun exist... I got so mad after so much shouting and caning that I stormed out of the class... I'll really go mad if this goes on!!! Getta make them fear me... badly... but how?! <=(

Monday, June 23, 2003


Well, today don't begin well... I'm late to work, late to assembly, found myself to be responsible for typing out the standard 5 science test paper {Chinese Star summore... so time-consuming... >=( } ... So is today doomed to be a bad day? It all boils down to my 1st semester results now...

I have te mail on my results now on my lap... Juz as I dreamed when I was taking a nap juz now... A mix-match of Harry Potter, students' homework, swarming of mosquitoes after rain, and my results... My dreams, or , more correctly, nightmares, are becoming more and more twisted and disturbing now... All recent events kinda given me too much pressure!!! Oh enough of all that... Here goes... [tear, tear, anticipation, excitement]


Ok... I've torn the side... Now the top part... Here goes...


Organizational Studies - 91% (YES!!!)
English 3U - 82% (Huh?! I actually got a Level 4?! Praise God!!)
Mathematics of Data Management - 87% (WHAT?! 87?! What went wrong in my final test?!)
Chemistry - 91% (Wow!! I thought I'm a goner after the finals then!! Thank God!!)

So my overall marks (excluding English 3U) would be 269... Aiya... Juz 1 mark short from my target!! =S I was hoping that I can get a beautiful 90%... Ends up 89.67% pula... -_- But after the number is rounded up, I got 90%... So did I achieved my aim?? Dunno aso... =P Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with my results!! Praise God for everything!!

After spending a day on designing a new template, here's the product!!! Still unfinished, but near completion adi!!! What do u guys think? Bright, colourful, simple!!! I absolutely love it!!! But I haven't mark the exercise books of my students la... uh oh... =S

Saturday, June 21, 2003


Well, I've finally finished reading Interview with the Vampire... I dun like the ending... The despair and meaningless of Louis's immortal life is just too too unbearable... Sigh... I love stories that ends in hope (i.e. Terminator 2, Fire Sea) or triumph (i.e. The Lord of the Rings etc.) or tragic sadness (i.e. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)... But despair?? Y end in despair?? But overall, the novel is quite good... I dun like Anne Rice's writing style... She just go on and on... Too descriptive... And the novel could have been divided into chapters instead of 1 continuous writing in 5 parts... BUt it's the characters that really intrigues me to read on, and also vampire life!! Anne Rice has successfully made vampires into a very interesting "race", kinda like how Tolkien created his elves... A good read... I'm looking forward to the sequels!!

In my CG discussion today, I've make an interesting discovery... Of course, this is MY discovery... Some of u may have known about thus a long long time ago, but not me!! =P Well, girls can easily share their problems with their friends, regardless of gender... One of our female CG member even say that guys give more expert advice!!! Heehee... As for guys, we tend to keep our problems to ourselves... But when a guy wanna share his troubles or problems, he will probably shares it with a gal instead of a guy... Indeed, guys normally juz talk about common interest, not their problems n stuff... I wonder why... =S

I'm juz informed by Jayne that the top scorers list and the highest score for each subjects for CPU is out!!! Oooo I can't wait to find out!! But I dowan others to tell me of my results... I prefer to find it out myself... U know those feeling we all have when we are waiting for our PMR or SPM results? The excitement, the anxiety, the anticipation... then joy or bitterness... I really like to experienced that whole process again!!! Y not UPSR, u may ask?? Bcos I wasn't at skool during the day the results are announced... I was at a Buddhist camp... (Surprise Surprise!!! Actually, I was forced to go by my aunt... <=( ) So I guess I juz go on waiting for my results!! For those of u who oledi kno me results, pls dun tell me!!! Dun spoil my beautiful moment!!! ;)

Friday, June 20, 2003


Well, I also tried to put up pics from RoTK... too bad they either dun work or the images are too big... Enjoy!!

Frodo at Rivendell

Galadriel wishes Frodo farewell at Lothlorien... (Notice the conflicted expression of Frodo... poor hobbit)

Saruman the White in Orthanc

Orcs pursuing the Fellowship in Moria

The Pillars of Argonath


Guess what I'm holding on my hand now??? A mail from Taylor's College... My first semester results!!! AAARRRGGGHHH.... I wanna open it at once!!! Yet... what if... I dun like wat I see?? Oh nvm... here goes...


(bombed, fall down ala japanese anime style) It's not my results!!! Stoopid Taylor's!!! It's an invoice!!! Money money money... cheh... wat a letdown... Let's c... RM 3537 after RM 2000 Shcolarship Award... wa... still so pricey la... Too bad I can't get full scholarship... Aw, nvm, I'm not like Beng... <=)
The Simple Joy of Swimming

Oooo I juz luv to swim... The feeling of weightlessness, the cooling waters, makes me feel so good!!! Gotta swim at least 3 times a week from now onwards!!! But I need to find a companion or two though... Swimming alone can be so... well... lonely...

My dad sprained his backbone... sigh... at the age of 47... Can't imagine how he will be like at the age of 60... He really need to have a healthier diet n exercise regularly... He kinda addicted to Ribena, and he luv it thick n sweet... Eww I can't stand it... Too too sweet for me!! I've warned him of diabetes, but he juz ignore it... Guess there's nothing I can do...

Thursday, June 19, 2003


Ooo... stupid blogger!!! Juz finished typing my blog entry, and puff! they dissappeared!!! Bbbrrrr... >=O... Gotta finish this fast, cos I need a bath fast... I stink!!!

Today, I passed up both my job appication letter and resignation letter at the same time... Weird, eh? This is bcos I give to give them 1 month notice b4 I quit my job... And I can only teach for 1 month b4 I have to go back to college (Can't wait!!!) So, I requested for my job and requested to quit at the same time... Can't help but thinking that's funny... =D

Oooo... and today I get really mad at the students... By the time I enter to the last class, I straight away scolded the noisy and nasty ones 1st, bcos I know they will caus mischief soon... True enough... But I was unusually fierce today... So there is less problem with the discipline of class 4P (The worst class I'm teaching) today,and I get to catch up pretty fast... This class have lagged behind compared to other classes... They are quite slow in learning, but more importantly, few of them have major attitude problem... Haha... I scolded them pretty badly today... Hoped they don't hate me for that! <=/

Well, gotta stop here... I really need a bath!!! Ewww... I stink!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


Well, the 13 episodes of Strange Dawn have finally ended... Sigh... I always have this sad feeling whenever a good story ends... I have felt the same way when I finished reading The Lord of the Rings, The Death Gate Cycle, The Rose of the Prophet and It... A lot of ppl complained about the ending as very confusing and abrupt... Personally, I felt that the last episode is too rushed... It could have fit into 3 episodes nicely... Nevertheless, the whole series is very good!! I'm looking forward to watch it again in case it is replay in the future!!

Well, I've just found out that I may have to wait for 5 to 7 months for my salary... Wow... Oh well, nvm... I'm not very eager for the money anyway. I'm starting to adapt to my job now... Still can't really control the students, but at least they learned something... Yet I do hope that they can be more disciplined in the future... Dowan to shout all the time...

Today is also the 1st time I recite the chinese poems... Well, it was ok... but I did stumble a few times though... My sister's teacher was actually not sure whether my voice through the PA was a boy or a girl!! That is absurd!!! I know my voice sound funny, but it can't be THAT bad... Well, hopefully I'll do better tomorrow... <=)

Monday, June 16, 2003


There goes yet another boring weekend... Well, I guess teaching at a primary skool ain't that bad after all... I would have bored to death if I have to spend my whole holiday doing nothing... So should I be grateful then I got this job?? I dunno oso... This is so weird... Hmm...

As for the novel I've been reading, a new character has come into the story... Claudia, the child who became the vampire without a choice... She juz so haunting... I keep seeing the image of the young Kirsten Dunst wateva I read about her... Such a beautiful doll... but unnnaturally matured and cold... Very interestin character indeed...

Oooh, my lids are getting heavier and heavier now... So i'll juz stop here!!

Sunday, June 15, 2003


Nothing much happened today... But I did ask Wei Cher, my best friend during my secondary school years, to go for a swim at The Regency Condominium (The 1 with the 3 green spheres on the top, near the Berkeley Garden's roundabout). Although we are not as close as b4, we did chat a lot during that time... Guess it's not so bad after all... I get to drive all the way to Meru Batu 6... quite far from here, but mostly a straight route.

I've just spent around 2 hours reading Interview With The Vampire... I've finished one-sixth of the book already, and so far the pace of the plot is very slow... Yet the characters did sustain my interest to read on... Both leading characters/vampires, Louis and Lestat, are quite intriguing... But I really have to sleep now... Very very tired... So I guess I'll end here!

Saturday, June 14, 2003


I still remember how Ms Amy, a CPU teacher from Canada, "dancing" in joy and exclaiming, "She's gone early... It's Friday!!" after I asked for Miss Tee... It was such a comical scene... She was around 50 years old, yet she was dancing and kinda singing "It's Friday!!" again and again in the staff room... Yet now I felt exactly the same as she was then... <=-
After 3 days of depression, I finally get a short break!! I've brought a cane to my classes, but it didn't work at all!! They are as noisy as ever!! I give up!! Now I'll juz teach n give notes, n ignore their discipline completely... Oooo... These kids can be so so torturing...

Oh forget about them!!! It's Friday!! This is the first time that I really feel happy and glad to come back home... It's like throwing off a heavy burden for the time being!!! What a relieve... I have nothing much to talk about my CG this time around... I can't really focus... kinda tired... Sigh... what a waste... Yet I really get to chat with my CG members this time!! And guess what, Kian Yee also started teaching the very same day I started teaching, and ends the very same day I end!! Wow... And today is the 1st time he ate at the school canteen, same like me!! Talk about coincidence!!

There are 2 newcomers with us this time... Twin brothers, actually... The elder is Chung Ee, and the younger is Chung Meng... I was almost named Chong Ee before, and my Chinese name did sound almost exactly the same as Chong Ee... We played an ice-breaker called "Very Good", and I'm confused when they shout out Chung Ee, my supposed Chinese name! Ends up I got a smirk of white powder on my nose as a "punishment"... Duh... ;)

Ooh I really love my CG more and more as weeks passed... Luckily I dun have to leave them for another 3 years at least!! But I do hope we will have more new mwmbers though... Joanne and Chin Seng will be leaving soon... Followed by Ping Yin... Guess I dun have to worry about that... God will provide!! So I'll juz keep on anticipating!! =)

Friday, June 13, 2003


I woke up from my nap... staring at the wall in the dark... mosquitoes swarming all over me... Nightmares... I remember I have nightmares, nightmares about the kids... After staring blankly for around 10 minutes, I stood up, and switched on the lights... Walk lifelessly to the dining table to have my dinner... I stuffed all the food into my mouth, yet I tasted nothing... Upstairs, my bro was singing loudly, praising God... While I continue to stuff all the food in my mouth, losing my grip on sanity...

Y? Y did I agree on spending my holidays to teach at a primary school? Y won't the children listen to me? Y can't they just shut their mouth when I am teaching? Y must I be fierce when I know I'm only pretending to be? I hate to be pretentious, and yet I must... Yet I can't do it... And I'm falling apart... torn apart...

... ... ... Never in my whole life have I felt so frustrated, depressed and helpless before... Never... I felt like quitting already... Even when today was my second day of teaching... ... ... I WANNA QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Chaos, anarchy, madness... Those are the 3 words I can think of about the classes I thought today... Now I understand what Piggy must have felt in Lord of the Flies... These kids are uncontrolable!!! Most of them have no interest in learning at all!! Everytime I tried to teach, my voice was drowned out by the voices of the students!! ARGH!!! >=@ Oooo I'm so tempted to ignore them all and just continue on my teaching!!!

Yet... yet there are always this small group of ppl who are sincerely interested in learning... I'm really in a conflict now... Should I just do my stuff and finish the sylables (really need to rush, the last teacher didn't finish the sylables for last semester), ignorant of the chaos of the classes, or should I spend more time on making them understand, helping every single individuals?? While I was teaching, a few male kids keep playing with the human anatomy model... It was a upper part of a female body chopped in half... plastic of course... The guys keep playing with the supposed female u-know-wat!!! Eeeww.., it's sickening!!! Then there's another girl crying at the corner bcos the class monitor blacklisted her... And there was a guy who was constantly bullied by a group of losers... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I also am in charge of the reading session of the ENTIRE MORNING CLASSES!!! I actually need to recite a Chinese poem everyday, then read out the explanation of the poem n the biography of its author!! Me, reciting a Chinese poem?! Every morning from Tuesday to Friday?! And I also need to come for work at Saturday bcos of co-curriculum... AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!!!! NUTS NUTS NUTS!!!

And how am I going to teach without having all the books the students are using?? The whole thing is so disorganized!! I'm like thrusted into another world without any guidance except for a few oral instructions!!! Out of 9 periods, I need to teach 7 periods everyday!!! I'm teaching Math, Science, Kajian Tempatan n Kemahiran Hidup, in 5 different classes!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm going mad!!!!

Gone to Sunway Lagoon with Beng and Jayne today... Me n Jayne had to wait for 75 minutes b4 the bus finally leaves Klang... Whoa, Jayne was real mad then!! ^~^ Certainly not the best trip to Sunway I have, but then again, not bad either... (kena bomb by Beng for dunno how many times... uncountable) Then again, the only time I really enjoy Sunway Lagoon was the 1st time I went with my family when it was newly opened... Ironic... The Sunway Lagoon that time has far less rides than it has now, but I really enjoy then... There's one more that I went with my friends which was not bad... too bad it was marred by a certain... humiliation... (I won't say wat humiliation it was here... =P) I think what makes a good outing is not on where u r going, but WHO u r going with... No offence, Beng and Jayne!! =P Anyway, RM 27 for both Wet Park n Dry Park was a good deal... but then... we dun go for any dry park rides oso... Stupid, rite?

Then we go to Sunway Pyramid... First we try out archery... I kinda have more experience then both of Beng and Jayne combined together, since I have shot around 250 arrows in 2 days b4, when I was at First World Plaza... But I dun do well this time... Maybe it's bcos there ain't no supportive audience around me this time... <=( Oooo I miss the "old days"... Then we go to the arcade... and that's when boredom creeps in... I juz don't find anything in an arcade to be fun or exciting... Come on, think about the jing jing u need to spend for those ever-hungry-for-coins-machines... It's juz too wasteful for me... While the two luvbirds (just kidding! ^_^ ) enjoy themselves, I lepak around Pyramid... Sigh... Pyramid juz dun thrill me anymore ever since MidValley Megamall n Suria KLCC came into existence... Actually, I should say MPH MidValley n Kinokuniya KLCC... =P

Me n Jayne then went back by taxi, then KTM... against my wishes, of course!! But I dun have the energy to argue wif Jayne anymore... U know how stubborn girls can be!! >=) N at the train station, we met Nadia (again) n Jayne's supposed long lost fren (I'm not sure actually... she look crazily happy)... Guess wat? The fren of hers was actually my classmates in my kindergarten!! Oh ya, I oso met the guys that work in the food store opposite my house... Try to say hi to them, but I was totally ignored... same for Nadia (Then again, I'm not sure whether she saw me earlier... ) Anyway, I returned to Eng Ann following Jayne's car (Still can't believe her mum thinks that I'm small... <=O ), then back home by my mum's car...

After watching some anime and rewatch a few episodes of The Animatrix (Oooo I really like it!!), I spent 75 minutes buying so-called formal shirts and pants at Xtra... Jayne must be enjoying herslf at KTV juz a few floors above me... I really felt nervous of my first job ever starting tomorrow la... Well, guess I can only pray and hope for the best!! I wonder how it will be like if I would to teach in classes that have students who are my relatives or my sis's frens... Nono, I dowan to think about it... =l

One more thing... The last puppy died today... I will never let the dog into my house compound anymore... Never!!! >=O

Monday, June 09, 2003


I dunno y... I'm feeling very uneasy now... Izzit bcos of tomorrow's trip to Sunway Lagoon? No, it can't be... Then probably it is the fact that I'll start teaching in a primary school at this Wednesday...

The headmaster actually asked me to teach 2 sessions... That means that I'll be at school from 7.30am to 6.50 pm!!! But the pay was good... RM 60 per day... But I really felt nervous... Well, this is my very first job, and I have never taught before... Just hope that nothing goes wrong... And I dowan to teach BM, Chinese, Kemahiran Hidup or Kajian Tempatan!!!

Oh btw, another puppy had died... Kinda expected, though... The dog dunno how to breastfeed her own puppies... Stooopid... I beat her up just now... It deserved it... Juz hope that the other puppy survives...

Well, I've managed to finish watching The Animatrix yesterday... Can't log in to blogger to post my entry though... Hopefully Blogger will fix this problem and will not happen again...

The overall feel of the anime is kinda... quirky and weird... some weird but intriguing... others juz a downright "Huh?"! Here's the brief reviews of each episodes:

Final Flight of the Osiris
Beautiful CGI animation... think "Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within". It's kinda like a prequel to The Matrix Reloaded, how the crew of Osiris discovered the machines trying to dig all the way to Zion. They raced against the machines to warn Zion. Look out for the "strip-fight" at the beginning!! (4 out of 5)

The Second Renaissance Part 1 & 2
Kinda like a documentary of how man became the energy source of the robots. The drawings are kinda plain and simple, but the narrative is interesting enough. But I can't help but have this deja-vu feeling... it reminds me of the prologue of The Terminator and Terminator 2. And the story is weak and flimsy, too. (3 out of 5)

Kid's Story
Remember that annoying kid who keep thanking Neo bcos he had saved him at the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded, after they just entered Zion? This episode deals with him. The pencil animation is supposed to be cool, but I find it horrible. Not at all like the one used in Incubus' MTV, Drive. The ending is very contradictory to the movies too. (2.5 out of 5)

Cool Samurai-like episode... I like it... Reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin, although the girl is cuter! =P Not bad! (3.5 out of 5)

World Record
Not everyone is shown the door to the Matrix; some have the ability to find out about it for themselves. Cool drawings, and have a high potential to be a good episode... But the ending is very disappointing... Just leave me there "huh?" (3 out of 5)

This episode really stands out from the rest. It have a fantasy kinda feel in it... Imagine a location in the Matrix is flawed, where the laws of physics don't applied... My second favourite episode!! (4.5 out of 5)

A Detective Story
"A case to end all cases." A film noir, the story of a detective looking for the elusive Trinity. My personal favourite! The director of this episode is also the director of Cowboy Bebop! If that ain't cool, wat is? Very stylish episode. (4.5 out of 5)

Since the machines created a program, The Matrix, for the humans, what if a program is created for the robots? Cool visual and drawings... Great idea, but no good conclusion for the idea... (3.5 out of 5)
words and music by Pete Seeger
performed by Pete Seeger and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the young girls gone?
Taken husbands every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the young men gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young men gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the young men gone?
Gone for soldiers every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the soldiers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Gone to graveyards every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the graveyards gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the graveyards gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the graveyards gone?
Covered with flowers every one
When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?

©1961 (Renewed) Fall River Music Inc
All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, June 08, 2003


Well, I went to Petrosains today... Sad to say, I dun really enjoy it at all... It felt so different compared to the first time I've been there, around 3 or 4 years ago... Guess I learned too much now <=( ... All the info there were either known to me or oversimplified... Sigh... I kinda missed that feeling of awe during my first visit... Guess I'm not a kid anymore...

Now the good news!! I've bought The Animatrix!!! Hooray!!! The Animatrix is a fusion of CG animation and Japanese anime, set in the world of The Matrix Trilogy. There are 9 episodes of short anime/CGI film (around 10 minutes per episode), and so far I've watched 5 episodes! Real cool stuff!! I'll probably post a review of it tomorrow...

For now, I have to send out the prayer items to my CG members, then drive to church for Pastor Maggie's farewell dinner... which will begin in 45 minutes time... So much to do, so little time!!!

Guess what I saw when I stepped out of my house? Two puppies and dried blood everywhere under my mum's car!! And a horrible stench!! Eww... Guess my dog (not really mine) has finally gave birth... That explains the funny squishing sound I've heard yesterday... Weird... none of the puppies looked like their mum... They are white with a black head and dark brown spots... It wasn't until the afternoon that we found out there was a THIRD one... all black... but dead... My sis and maid felt pity for the dead puppy, but not me... Come on, it's normal that one of them died... Even human babies died at the very first day of their life in the past... Until modern medicine changed it, that is...

Well, I kill a lot of my time today by sleeping and editing this blog... Sigh... Kinda regret that I don't join Lance and gang to Sunway Lagoon... They actually played archery for free!!! Aww.... I have longed to play archery for a long, long time... Oh nvm... What done is done!!

I'll be going to KLCC again tomorrow... But this time the destination is PetroSains!! Kinda enjoyed it last time... though rushed at the last part bcos the gang are rushing... Hopefully I can spend more time exploring this time around... Gotta read my book now!!

Saturday, June 07, 2003

eating people

what's YOUR deepest secret?
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You Are Romans
You are Romans.

Which book of the Bible are you?
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Today we have a newcomer to our Cell Group, Ley Ching!! And Ping Yin's bro Chee Wei has returned from Edinburgh, Scotland! He never met him b4 this CG, but I have seen his picture b4. He had sent his pic to me through icq i think about 3 to 4 months ago, but he dun look like the guy in that pic at all!! (Slight exxageration here... =) ) He's much more leaner and good looking!! =P Anyway, he's a very friendly guy. I get to talk to him without much trouble.

During the Praise and Worship session, the song Many Hearts Are Hungry Tonight really touched me...

Many hearts are hungry tonight
Many trapped in darkness
Yearn for the light
So many who are from home
And many who are lost
O Lord, Your wounded children need
The power of your cross

As bread that is broken
Use our lives
As wine that is poured out
A willing sacrifice
Empower us, Father
To share the love of Christ
As bread that is broken, Lord
Use our lives

Sigh... Am I a good vessel for the Lord?... I really dunno... Everyone has a gift, but I'm not sure what's mine yet... Many of my CG members are serving in church, but I only did so rarely... The main reason is because my parents dowan me to spend too much time at church, but if I really have the freedom to serve, will I? Will I? Sigh... I seriously dunno... How has God use my life? Have I not been glorifying myself all this time? I claimed that I get good results bcos I'm clever. Although I did give thanks to God, I seriously dunno how to glorify God through my results... how??? how??? I really need to consult Pastor Chook soon, since Pastor Maggie is leaving soon for a mission in Cambodia...

Our CG that day covered the whole Chapter 17 of 1 Samuel, about David and Goliath. The theme of our discussion is faith overules all human qualification. David, a young shepherd armed only with a slingshot and a few stones successfully defeated Goliath who was 9-feet-tall, fully equipped with armor, weapons and experience, just by faith. "David said to the Philistine (Goliath), 'You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied... All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves; for the battle is the LORD's, and he will give all of you into our hands.' (1 Samuel 17:45,47)

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. " (1 Corinthians 1:21) God has indeed use young David to put the strong and powerful Philistine to shame. But how many of us really do trust God in all things? I , for one, tend to attempt to depend on myself fully when I solve my problems... I did pray for God's guidance, but if I don't feel like I like the way God is leading me, I will soon end up taking the problems into my own hands, with horrific results... Oh I must learn to trust God more in the future... "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you." (Luke 17:6)

By the time I've reached home after my CG, it was already midnight!! I have to try to come back home earlier in the future, or else mum will forbid me to join any CGs in the future!! (scary thoughts...) Looking forward to the farewell dinner of Pastor Maggie this Sunday!!
Wow.... I've spent around two hours typing an entry... now it is all lost... Sigh... Guess I have to retype again tomorrow... What a waste of time... There goes 2 hours of my life... <=(

Friday, June 06, 2003


I've finally finished the first stage of my template design after more than 4 hours of hardwork! Phew... I even missed 2 episodes of Samurai X just to finish it... I'm still not completely satisfied with the looks of my blog though... I'll probably modify it again tomorrow... For now, I really need a nap b4 I go to my Cell Group tonight...

Watched Finding Nemo just now at 1 pm... I have to say, it wasn't as good as I've expected... Pixar have made such excellent animation in the past few years (Toy Story 2 is among my all-time favourite motion picture list!!), and Finding Nemo certainly isn't one of their best product... Nevertheless, it was mildly amusing... and better than many recent animation!!

Oooo... I'm so tired now... Gotta go for a nap now!! I'll probably post about my CG tonight!

MY VERY FIRST POST ON MY VERY FIRST BLOG!! Well, not quite... I've abandoned 1... oh nvm that, it's a new beginning!!!

The Final Exams for my 1st semester is finally over!! Yea!! But... I'll probably miss my friends at college... boohoohoo... Aw, nvm... We can hang out somewhere during the holidays! At least... I hope so... Time will tell...

Oh gotta stop thinking negatively... Today is a great day!! Really! Eventhough I have an exam, there really is ZERO stress!! I even make a fool of myself in the discussion room... The test is also surprisingly easy!! Although not many of my friends agree with me... But I guess I have to thank Miss Tee... She always gave us such super tough short tests... (Well, not always... most of the time...) The Final Test really was so much more easier!! I felt like I'm flowing through it smoothly!!

Too bad not everyone did the test well... A friend of mine looks like a dried, dead twig after she left the exam hall... Sigh... Well, don't be so downcast la... (you know who you are... =P) I don't think the mark will seriously affect your future career!! Dun be so scary leh... Angry women are like... angry Alanis Morrisette... bbbbrrrr....

As soon as I reach my grandma's house, I get to follow my aunt to KLCC!!! Yea!! Talk about a good start for a very long holiday!!! (more than 1 month!!) Ooooo... I juz love Kinokuniya!! It's book reader's paradise!! Spent more than hour than by juz scanning through!!! Finally bought Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire... Hope I'll like it... (Watched that show too... cool!!)

By the time I've reached back home, it's already 9.30 pm... What a day... and now I've juz created my very own blog! Yea!! Looking forward for tomorrow!! Gonna watch Pixar's Finding Nemo!!! Can't wait!! Well, gotta end here... My bro wanna use now... Can't wait for tomorrow!!