Monday, November 29, 2004


Name: Lee Chong Aik
Student ID: M0402082

Nursing Week – Seremban Hospital Visits Report

We have a briefing by Matron Noraini when we arrived at Seremban Hospital on the 8th of November, around 8 am. Most of us were feel slightly awkward then, since we did not know what to expect from the visits at all. However, it did not take long before Matron Noraini makes us feel comfortable and relaxed by chatting with us. I have to say, I am really impressed by how easily she is able to build rapport with us. After a brief introduction of all the sisters and on what we were supposed to do during the visits, we were divided into groups for different wards.

I was assigned to Ward 6B, the female medicine ward. The head nurse who is in charged of the ward is Sister Darwiyah, and she guided us for a tour around the hospital along with the group of Ward 6A. Personally, I find the division of all the different wards to be quite systematic, and I really like the concepts of a “husband-friendly” (where the husband is allowed to accompany his wife during labour) and “baby-friendly” (only breast-feeding is allowed for the babies) hospital. After we finished our tour, Sister Darwiyah gave us a brief introduction on the roles and responsibilities of the nurses and the hierarchy of the hospital organization after we have introduced ourselves. She also explained on the arrangement of the beds (the patients range from sub-acute to acute as their bed position lie closer to the head nurse’s room).

Before we proceed to take down the blood pressure, pulse and temperature of the hospital patients, Sister Darwiyah asked us to practice among ourselves first. After each of us have practiced taking down each other’s blood pressure and double checked by her, we began to perform the tasks on the patients. While there were little problems that I encountered when taking the patient’s blood pressure, pulse and temperature, I did face the problem of communicating efficiently with the patients. My Bahasa Melayu is far from fluent, and although I understand some of the Chinese dialects such as Cantonese, I was unable to communicate efficiently with the patients. Also, communicating with elderly patients who were senile was really tough.

We observed the nurses and doctors performing their daily routine for the rest of the day, which included intravenous injections, withdrawal of patient’s blood, and the follow ups of the patients by the specialist, doctors and medical students. We asked the nurses whenever we wanted to find out more about the patients’ diseases, and I am impressed by the knowledge they have, since I used to think that nurses’ training are mostly clinical and not so much on theory. It is also enlightening to find out how the nurses’ roles complement the doctors’, and the exactly how important their jobs are. We observed the nurses passing report to the nurses working for the next shift around 2pm, and practiced bedmaking before we left the hospital in a hurry as the bus were leaving soon!

On the 9th of October, we proceed to Ward 6B once we reached Seremban IMU Clinical School. The nurses were conducting bed-bath for the patients in the ward. I was reluctant to observe the process because the patients were all female, and most of them have their relatives accompanying them. Therefore I wondered around the male wards to observe the bed-bathing there. It is interesting to note that the girls do not have much hesitation to observe the process in the men’s ward! Later, we helped the nurse to do bed-making back in the ward.

Nothing much happened next, and so Sister Noraini taught us on the techniques to wear surgical masks and gloves. After that, we helped the nurses to distribute lunch meals to the patients in the ward. The meals are divided into 2 categories: normal diet, and low salt diet, depending on the patient’s disease. Right after we finished with the lunch distribution, we say our goodbyes and thanks to Sister Darwiyah before we left for lunch, and finally, back to IMU.

The hospital visits have helped me on understanding and appreciating the roles of nurses in a hospital setting, and I’m really looking forward on my next clinical posting!

* * * * * * * * * *

Due to the lack of space (Sister Teoh only wants 2 pages of 1.5 spacing length of report!), I didn't mentioned about seeing a poor baby with a sad case of hydrocephalus (his head swelled enormously... in fact, about the same length as the rest of his body!), a delirious patient who utter unintelligible words all the time and have to be tied down since she kept on pulling at her IV drip (she's found unconcious in the old folk's home), and a 40+ year old men who got his leg amputated due to gangrene caused by diabetes...

Also, I neglected on mentioning how BORED I was most of the time during the visits... It wasn't really bad, juz that we're spending far too much time there. IMHO, a day should be sufficient to learn all about the nurses' responsibilities!

But I'm serious about eager to go for my next clinical posting. Next time, I won't have to stuck with doing all the nurses' job like bedmaking and lunch distributing anymore! Yay!!!

Friday, November 26, 2004


WARNING! Although I'll do my very best to be discreet, the current post may contains possible spoilers to those who have yet to watch Pixar's The Incredibles.

Remember Edna's lecture on the hazards of wearing a cape for superheroes in Pixar's The Incredibles? I believe all who have watched it must have really enjoyed the hilarious scene... Imagine my shock when I found out that there was a similar incident that occured in real life - Isadora Duncan... and her scarf. Click here to read about the tragic accident.

A pretty sad & shocking way to die right? I guess I'll nv look at the cape hazards scene the same way again...

Oh and there's this line by Mr Incredibles that I really like:

They [society] keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity.

Indeed, I find our society's demands on conformity detestable. Why do we force ourselves to conform to the norm, and perceive all eccentricities or unique individualities as alien, unacceptable or harmful? Aren't many of the brightest people in history eccentrics? So why do people admire these great people for their contribution to society, and yet "persecute" people who has the potential to become one of these "elite"? Shouldn't we be celebrating our unique individualities instead??

Thursday, November 25, 2004


I'm currently typing these with an Apple PC now... for the very 1st time!!! Whoa, feel like a computer illiterate all over again! Everythig's seems so... alien! Need to ask for ppl's help around the library on how to use this! Haha... But I really like the sleek design of the PC though. Who knows, I may end up prefering this operating system! >=)

Was very stressed for the past few days. Nope, not for my studies (eventhough the exam is coming!), but for the heavy tasks I need to do for CF - Preparng 50 questions for my station for the Bible Quiz and Designing the current CF newsletter... Both needed to be done at the same day!!! But thank God it's all over now, and although it's stressful, I throughoutly enjoyed it! Actually learned quite a lot of stuff during my preparation!

Now that all the hussle is over, I guess I can concentrate more on my studies now. Apparently there's 30% failing rate for the last Summative One for our batch... Well, I won't be surprised if I fall into that category... For now, I'd rather think that I'll failed my exam then rejoiced that I actually passed rather than hoping that I'll pass and suffer disappointments after I found out that I've failed!

And so I'll forced myself to believe that I've failed my Summative One... Sniff... ;(

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Been trying to update my blog throughout my 1-week holiday last week... but I juz can't access the Net from my home! Can't do anything about it... Man, 1 week without internet access during the holidays is SUFFERING!!!

Well, my holidays have been... dull and sleepy I guess... I spent most of my time sleeping or playing Alpha Centauri/ The Sims 2. The only highlights during the holidays were watching The Incredibles in MidValley with the SOS (one helluva entertaining movie!) and preparing questions for the CF bible quiz this coming Wednesday (50 questions!).

Need to start designing the next CF newsletter now... Argh so busy!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004


I was driving home after CG on Friday night, reflecting on how wonderful the day has been, with all the parasitology lab, sem 2 CG (thank God that the 2nd half of The Fighting Temptation is slightly more amusing than the 1st), badminton, dinner at Vista A, managed to borrow Alpha Centauri from Matt, and having a wonderful fellowship during the Serdang Hope of God CG again at nite... when I realized that it jammed rather heavily on Batu Tiga... at 11pm!!! I was really puzzled at 1st, but grew increasingly annoyed when the jam got so bad, that all the cars were immobile for 10 minutes or so! Some of the drivers even walked out of their car to see wat's the fuss' all about!

Argh of all the possible route that I can choose, why do I choose this? 30 minutes later, I finally reached the turning to Federal Highway (eventhough the distance was only about 1km from where the jam began). Heaving a sigh of relief, I drove with anticipation of a smooth ride back home from there... Imagine my horror when I saw the road was blocked by lorries and trucks, and the traffic police signalling all of us to u-turn! I tried to asked a guy at the roadside for the reason, but the only reply I got was "Turn back! Turn back!". Sheesh...

It was then that I've made the mistake of calling my mum to tell her about the road block. She got panicky and a little mad of me having to return home so late etc etc. I told her I'll drive towards IMU 1st, and I'll figure an alternate route back on the way. Then I realized that I can turn into USJ when I pass by The Summit, so I called my mum and told her about it... She react quite violently then, telling me NOT to use that cuz she was lost for 3 hours in the past after she turned into it. Also, both my parents were already on their way to lead me home! Since I've nv use that turning b4 (I only did so for a few times in the past on the other direction), I juz follow her wish la. Dun wanna get her worried... But I'm pretty sure that the turning is the right one, and it'll bring me to SS 15 and eventually Federal... But I juz follow my mum's wishes then.

Eventually I reached Kinrara Rest Station, juz b4 the last toll b4 IMU. I was starving by then, so I came down for a supper while waiting for my parents to arrived there. I was thinking then, "Man, this is SO like the Dengkil incident!" But thank God, the steel plate yee mee there was surprisingly good. Hang around the kawasan rehat for awhile b4 I'm "reunited" with my parents. My dad drove my car with me, and my mum in the one my parents came with. And off we went... taking the exact same route I have in mind earlier, exit thru USJ!!! Argh... Wasted 30 minutes for that! I should have juz trust my own decision earlier!

On the way back, I passed by the other end of the turning that I should have take if not for the road block... Gosh, that area was flooded badly! Witnessed the aftermath of a rather bad accident too. There was car with a badly crumpled front exactly in the middle of the highway! Guess the rain really was heavy earlier... The car must have skidded! Maybe it's a good thing that I've waited fro my parents... Who knows, I might got involved in that terrible accident!

By the time I reached home, it was 1am already! But man am I relieved to see Klang again... after spending almost 2 hours in a car! Lol. Maybe I'm juz not meant to drive long distant at night using highways... I always can't get back home late at night! <=)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I've finally get everything there is to catch in the movie after the 3rd viewing, no thanks to poor pirated vcd/dvd quality in the 1st two attempts. Though the emotional impact is somewhat lessen by the 3rd viewing, I'm still very impressed with all the visual effects and how cleverly they're used. Also, I've even greater admiration on how the scriptwriter managed to imbued the lead characters with so much humanity, not to mention the rather enlightening and interesting analysis on our human nature in relationships. There is one small unavoidable flaw that I realized in the 3rd viewing though: the lack of development for the supporting characters, who have so much potential... But I guess that in any romance movie (even for one as offbeat and bizarre as Eternal Sunshine), the focus have to be on the love interests, so I won't be critical on that flaw!

Post summative one attempts to study haven't been good... It's juz so tempting to relax now when the exams seemed so far away, only to get panicky and rushed when summative two is looming ahead... Sigh... When will I ever learn?