Monday, August 22, 2005


I'll be leaving to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow! Yay, finally, SOMETHING to look forward to in this long dreary holidays. It may be some time b4 I'll post another entry!

Till then, have fun guys! ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Note: I won't be writing bout the synopsis of any movies or novels in the future when I post reviews on them. I find it too tedious and boring, and no matter how much I try, I can nv convey the entirety of the movie/novel anyway. I'll go straight to my personal opinions of the material! ;)

Finally, the 1st good movie I've watched this year! Wat a wait... It's past August already! Well, Batman Begins almost made it to be a good movie, but I juz find the dullness surrounding it to be too unsuitable for a superheroes movie, as grim as Batman is supposed to be. Heck, some dark humour would be good! But anyway, I'm not planning to talk bout The Caped Crusader here... I'm talking bout...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Well, the fact that it's yet another partnership between Hollywood mad genius director Tim Burton and talented actor Johnny Depp (espeacially offbeat, quirky characters) already makes this movie a must-watched! Think about the movies that are spawned in this wonderful partnership: Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and such! Wat's more, it's based on a popular children's story by Roahl Dahl!

...Alright, I'm not a big fan of the book by Roahl Dahl actually, espeacially when the target readers are kids. I find Willy Wonka a really bad model for kids. Actually, I'm totally disgusted with Mr. Willy Wonka, the genius who created all kinds of wonderful (albeit ridiculous... well, it's a children's story after all) chocolates and candies in his gigantic factory. He gives me an impression of a incredibly ignorant idiot, who has absolutely no respect to the people he dislikes, not to mention totally unsympathetic to the possible dangers than can occur to the kids. In one word, he's a horrible eccentric guy.

Johnny Depp's portrayal, however, remains faithful to the novel and yet, at the same time, is easier for us to symphathize with, thanks to the additional backstory of his past. He is even weirder and more disturbing (almost sinister, which is odd considering how childlike he is at the same time) than the character in the novel, but after knowing more bout his past, the audience can't help but symphatize with his past trauma during his childhood. OK, I won't spoil more bout Willy Wonka! >=)

Other than the incredibly wacky and impressive set designs (not unexpected, considering all the intriguing visuals shown in Tim Burton's last movie Big Fish), another impressive thing bout the movie is the cute (gasp!) Oompa-Loompas. I find them excessively annoying in the book, but the clever reimagining of the musicals (yes, musicals!) they perform is incredibly amusing and entertaining. I find the funniest parts of the movie is when they started their songs/dances after each kids are punished for their bad behaviour! But I have to comment bout the lousy sense of humour of the audience that were with me when I was watching the show: they hardly laugh, as if they didn't catch many of the jokes at all! Boring stupid ppl.. Hahaha..
K, no more spoilers bout the adorable Oompa-Loompas! >=)

And of cuz, the protagonist himself: Charlie Buckett. Freddie Highmore is one child actor that has great potential. He portrays Charlie with such altruism and so full of hope, everyone will start to root for him within the 1st 5 minutes of the show! Oh ya, the opening sequence of the movie is really good too, only lose out to the beautiful drawings in the opening sequence of Spiderman 2.

Overall, the movie is really entertaining and definitely worth a watch. Juz dun, well, expect rationality and logic while watching this. My advice is juz to leave them all behind and enjoy this kid flick turned dark but fun fairy tale! Oh u might wanna warn any kids u're bringing along too... Some of the scenes may be a bit too intense for them! Poor Veruca... Hehe...

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I juz realized how convenient the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) really is!!! I took me only 20 minutes to return from SS24 to Klang, which means only 15 minutes on the highway!!! Compared to using the LDP, then exit to Federal Highway at the Sunway Bridge, I'll have to spend like at least 30 minutes on the highway alnoe adi, and that is, provided there's no jam watsoever (I spent 1 hour to reach SS24 yesterday using that route!). Wat's more, there's a 110 km/h speed limit and absolutely no jam watsoever in NKVE, and it ends juz 1 km away from my home! Wat a discovery!!! Yay, no more hassle to go to 1 Utama or playing badminton with my friends at Taman Megah!!

Also, me and my friends went to Bangsar after we ate at Soul'd Out Cafe in Sri Hartamas yesterday. Well, this IS the 1st time I actually went to Bangsar, eventhough I pass by this area many times b4 on the way to somewhere else (the road full of all the car shops). And I must say, I'm a bit disappointed with wat I've seen... I always imagine Bangsar to be bigger and more... well, happening. Dun get me wrong, it is more happening than most places, but it juz dun quite meet the expectations I have in mind... Oh well. Maybe it's bcuz it's a weekday after all. I'll come back here some other day I guess... Hehe...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


*Gasping for breathe* Y-ye-yes!!!! I've... ma-man-managed t-to... ma-masss-master... freeee-freessss-freestyle!!!! Ye-ee-ssss!!! I'm s-so... ha-happ-py!!!!


(Man, freestyle is SO much more tiring than the good o' breaststroke!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Readable, but ultimately disappointing. It isn't half as good as I hoped it to be. The plot is incredibly sparse, with few important events happening in between. I was hoping to know more about geisha culture thru the book, but they're only red herrings to the story, which is, in my opinion, very cliche. It runs in the veins of the usual fairy tale with the "evil stepmother" character who constantly tormenting the protagonist till one day she triumphs and meet the man of her dreams etc etc. Yawn... The fact that the novel is written in a pseudo-autobiography style makes the whole novel even drier...

Read this only if u have nothing better to do. I certainly won't recommend it.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Juz started my electives yesterday - swimming lessons! Fine tuned my breastsroke, and started freestyle adi. If all goes well, I may actually finish all 4 swimming styles within 8 1-hour-lessons! The instructor, Encik Jentan, is not bad. But one bad thing I have to mention is the horrible haze that has blanketed all over Klang now... I can actually taste them when I was swimming!

Gonna go intensive with this swimming lessons for these 2 weeks. Maybe I'll go for more lessons if I need to further fine tune my swimming skills la! Finally, something productive during the dull holidays!!! >=)

Meanwhile, the situation with the hae is really worrying me now... API (Air Pollutant Index) exceeding 500 around my area already (worst in Malaysia). I can hardly see Klang Parade, which is only about 150 metres in front my house! The whole air smells of burning smoke, and some of my bro's friends in college has difficulty breathing & fainting spells already...

Also, mum won't get me the air tickets to Kota Kinabalu until the situation is improved... Let's juz hope the whole haze thing will die off soon... I've been anticipating this trip for the past few months!!!

Monday, August 08, 2005


It's amazing how 2 souls are so far apart, but the very same thought & longing appeared simultaneously that transcend physical distance! I used to be very uncertain by the definition of a soul mate, till I've found one now! The chance of us coming together is so indefinitely small, which is why I strongly believe that it's not by mere chance that we know each other; The way we constantly lift up one another, helping each other overcome our obstacles, and accompany each other thru the stormy night, all can only mean 1 thing: we are meant to be together!

May our bond lasts the test of time, and grow stronger as we faces the challenges ahead of us together!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


For the last 24 hours, I haven't have any sort of quality face-to-face talk to anyone (but I'm really glad that I did have a great time chatting with my best pal on the phone at the 1st few hours of the day). For the last 24 hours, I have been either sleeping or playing Diablo II. For the past 24 hours, I have been eating all meals by myself. For the last 24 hours, I kept having my hopes pulled high juz to watch all of it crashed and burn.

It's not anyone's fault, the circumstances were juz very inconvenient, and unexpected things juz happened. Also, I myself am partly to be blamed, since I should have taken the initiative to organize something long ago.

And so, here's to you Thom, happy 20th birthday.

(Cheer up kid, at least ppl remember your birthday. U got more than a dozen of SMSes, remember? Be glad of wat u have leh...)