Saturday, August 30, 2003


Johnny Depp (left) as Captain Jack Sparrow and Orlando Bloom (remember Legolas?) as Will Turner in Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Juz cam back from watching Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Long title, eh? >=) - Well, the show is better than I expected. There are a few flaws, of course, espeacially some really lame jokes, bad script, over-exaggeration, and long running time (2 hours 15 minutes!!!). But watching Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is worth the ticket price already! >=) I don't have a sufficient command in vocabulary to describe his acting, but heck, he's great!!! Somehow, Jack Sparrow's image reminds me of the desert pirate character in Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon played by Zhang Zhen. And let's not forget the great digital effects and action scenes!!! I gave the movie 3.5 stars out of 5!!

Went to the airport this morning to receive my cousin who's studying at Manipal College, India. He came out after an hours wait, and my, has he thinned!!! Well, I'm not very surprised actually, for the standard of living there is very very low... But guess what? He lost 10 kg!!! Wow... I can't believe my own eyes then when I saw him walking out... Oh ya, met Samantha from my Physics class in the airport too. She was there to receive her sister/ cousin (I dunno) who was coming back from Manipal College too. The funny thing is, I've this intuitive feeling that I'll meet someone from CPU in the airport even b4 I enter the airport... Freaky, eh?

Ok now, bout yesterday... I've walk to Subang Jaya Medical Centre after my classes are over. It's farther than I expected... The hospital always appeared close to the college when I'm in the bus... My bro was there for a EEG test, and both my parents were there. We talk to the neurological consultant after the EEG is done. My first impression on the consultant is not a good one... Well, she's good in her job, but a bit... erm... blunt lo... I always pictured doctors as friendly and concern on the patients... But she's very serious and a no-joke lady. Well, seems from the EEG, she told us that my bro's brain did engage in abnormal activities, and recommend medication to my bro for 2 years, at least!!! Well, I prefer him not taking it, for it's not good to be dependant on drugs for so long... Furthermore, these drugs have side effects... But in the end my bro n parents made the decision to go for the medication. So yesterday is the 1st day my bro start his medication of at least 2 years, n if all things goes well, he'll meet the consultant again in 1 month time. The bill is... RM 550+!!! Whoa... $$$... Well, that's but the BEGINNING... I wonder how much will the total cost be... *Shivers*

Friday, August 29, 2003


"Stir not the bitterness in the cup that I mixed for myself," said Denethor. "Have I not tasted it now many nights upon my tongue, foreboding that worse lay yet in the dregs?"

So it has come to this... Bitterness... I've forgone my wisdom on struggling in this vain pursuit, but should I continued? Should I go on like this, driven by my desire, hurting myself so much along the way? Should I drink this bitterness in the cup I've mixed for myself, and take the leapt of doom? YES... I will... I've given up on this wretched world... From now onwards, I shall be not be dependant of this meaningless world. Let God lead the way, and I, I ALONE, walk this path I've chose. So long, wretched people! I'll show u what I can achieve WITHOUT your puny interference. I've acknowledge all u guys, why, oh WHY, dun I deserve some myself?

Do to others as you would have them do to you. (Luke 6:31)

I've done my part of the Golden Rule... I've done to others what I hope they would have do to me... Then what it ends this way? Is the world really so cold and cruel? Is the world really so selfish? Is there no justice in this world? I've found the anwsers long long ago. NO, NO, and NO!!! I'm sick, SICK of this ROTTEN world I leave in. How long I've yearn to find one I can trust completely, one whom I can share my problems with... I've found one b4, n he has abandoned me. The ones that are left to comfort me are the Almighty himself... and my books, whom so many despices... So be it, if that's all I have.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. (Philipians 1:21)

And therefore I will FIGHT, n I will do this alone, if all my concern and assistance to others have not earn me any friendship. I will fight the fight. I will persevere, until my time comes. I will, n u'll see...


Guess wat? I took a "nap" around 7pm, hoping that I will wake up at 8... In the end, I woke up at 10pm, juz in time for the Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin anime!!! Gosh... All the hours... lost!!! The anime is a bit disappointing too... I was expecting the movie to be primarily focusing on Kenshin's past as Battousai the Slasher... but it ain't so.... Still, I do love one quote from Himura Kenshin... "Must bloodshed be the foundation of a new society?" ...Hmmm... Worth a thought...

My bro is back home now... No big problems with him la... Juz has a fit then, I guess...

Bought The Two Towers VCD after I returned from college... I've watched the first disc already... N only now I know juz how inferior is the movie from the book... Espeacially the script and the plot continuity... While the dialogues written by Tolkien are interesting n beautiful, the ones in the movie vary from plain stooopid (all lines from Gimli, espeacially) to mediocre, except the few lines they took straight from the book. The plot continuity is also very messed up. In the book, Tolkien finish off one side of the tale first, then start with another. In the movie, the focus keeps on switching between 3 sides... Very disjointed n confusing... Sigh... After RoTK is out, I believe TTT will be my least favourite LoTR movie.

Got my worst shock ever since the SPM results was out during my Physics period earlier... 73% so far? MY FOOT!!! I've been in top form so far except for that one stooopid mistake I've made... I didn't do that one homework he checked... n I lose 25% for that?! WHERE IS JUSTICE?! I should be withing the 85-92 range!!!! Not some stoooopid lower-Level 3 range!!! It's so insulting!!! Mr. Gillick said that I shouldn't be too worry since that mark is a rough cut, n it's not even weighted yet. But I'm restless the whole day... my mind juz stuck on that... Ppl has surrounded Mr. Gillick, eager to see who's the top students... I should be among them... I'm not boasting at all! I should be like them... Ppl shoud at the very least know that I have the ability to do juz that... But no... According to THAT mark, I'm juz an average student... I'M GONNA BURST!!!

All these longings I have for all these years... it's killing me!!! The only one that comes closest to understand my deserved acknowledgement is Lance... That's all... Can u believe it? After 1 semester of study, that's all?! There r others who overestimate me, but many many more dun even noticed me!!! I dun really want everyone to know me, but I do appreciate some acknowledgement of my hardwork for the marks. I'm very tired of seeing ppl get recognised for getting straight A's in goverment school but not me, since I took one extra subject n only get a B3... I'm becoming more n more bitter now... I dunno how long can I last this way... I KNOW it's better for me not to go on with this pursuit. My mind tells me that, but my desire is too much to be quanched. I'll get wat I want now, for juz once, ONCE in my life, n I'll let go... JUZ ONCE... Once...

Thursday, August 28, 2003


Gollum plush doll... Looks more like Chucky from Child's Play to me... It's so hideous and disturbing, I find it irresistably cute!!! >=)

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I post my blog entry earlier today cos I'm not sure whether will I have the chance to do so at night... I received a call juz b4 my Physics class started juz now... From my mum... My bro fainted!!! He's in hospital!!! N he actually was X-rayed n such... Wow... I wonder how serious it is... Well, I'll visit him later once I return to Klang... We'll see then...

When I stepped into my econs class today, Mr. Kuah was not there yet. So I quickly walk out of the class to wait for him, since I wanna told him about the cheating thing (refer to previous blog entry). Well, since I know he'll be entering to our class from the left side (right side if u're outside the class... dun get it? never mind), I walk towards there... n met him on da way... All I say to him was, "Sir, next time, in our tests, can u call us to move our tables, so that we sit further apart?" He nod his head n got what I mean straight away... Hahahaha... Sometimes we're so alike... Heehee... So hopefully that ends my "dilemma"!!! >=)

I can't stand it anymore... The guy beside me in my econs class keep peeking at my paper during tests!!! I'll ignore him if it's once or twice, but he did that in every test!!! N he do it rather stupidly too... It is so obvious that he's cheating without me having to look sideways at him!!! He didn't juz peek once during each exam... It's as if he peeks once every 5-10 minutes!!! I'm so disgusted... This is juz so dishonorable!!! N I can't help but feeling dishonored too... I should have confronted him or told Mr Kuah about it... But I dowan to doom him!!! N I dowan him to be humiliated too!!! But this juz can't go on... He keeps sleeping in class, blur all the time, n not doing his homework!!! Not even when Mr Kuah ask us to do in class!!! Heck, y come to college n pay RM 12000+ then?! Sheesh... I dunno how to help him oso... Any advice, guys?

Tuesday, August 26, 2003


I'm swelled with pride the entire day... Unnatural strong urge to trash everyone with my results, n the constant comtempt on ppl around me, n the feeling like I'm surrounded by inferiors... WOW WOW WOW!!! Wat's happening to me?! This is so... so... unnatural!!! This desire to win, to be recognised, to be look up to... This... longing n yearning I have for all these years... have finally accumulated to a climax now... I have to break it!!! Crush it, destroy it!!! No... I doubt I can do that... The best I can do is juz contain it... supress it... But it's always there... My earthly desire... My lust for self-glorification... Sigh...

Is this a trial... or a temptation? It certainly comes fast... I've juz make my dedication last Friday!!! Well, wateva it is, I'm engaged in a full scale war against it now... Juz hopefully there's no other war that will distract me for the time being... Here I come, Pride!! On ur belly, snake!!

Monday, August 25, 2003


Well, that's it... The end of The Amazing Race 4... My heart was pumping like mad, my hands were cold and clammy, my legs shaky, n I'm so excited that I couldn't stay seated but keep on walking around while staring at the screen... Who will win the race? Since a few episodes ago, I'm almost 100% sure that David and Jeff will be the team that win the race, bcos they hardly bickering at one another (unlike Kelly n Jon) and they are very competent... But I'm very disappointed even durong the beginning of the finale... They jumped into a flight too fast without considering the consequences... In the end, they were so far behind the other team that I know they goners.

I was excited all over the finale... N guess who win in the end? Reichen n Chip... The gay married couple... Well, I dunno wat I should feel about that... I'm not homophobic, but it's wrong to have homosexual union... That's y I can nv support them throughout the race, eventhough they r a competent team... Kelly n Jon lose out by juz a few minutes... The poor engaged couple... Well, so it ends...

Everytime when I read a trilogy/series or watched any TV series, I will always feel a mild sadness n regret when it's over... The Lord of the Rings, The Death Gate Cycle, n now The Amazing Race are the few examples... I kinda regret I didn't start watching the race until around episode 6 or 7... Well, I never was the kind of person who follow an entire TV series, since my parents will roar at me if I did that... But I kinda hooked on the Amazing Race 4 after I get to know the teams...

And when the series ends, I feel kinda like saying goodbye to all the teams... Never to see them again... I'm like traveling with them the second half of the race, going through tough times n happy moments... N now it's The End... Sigh... At least it's not as sad as when I finisehed reading The Lord of the Rings for the 1st time... I even regretted I've read so hurriedly (I finished the whole story - almost 1000 pages - in a month!!)... It's kinda like saying goodbye to all the amazing characters that I get to know so well throughout their Quest... That's y I keep on "revisiting" Middle Earth with them now by rereading the book... As I've said b4, I'm currently in my 4th reading now... But sadly, the emotional impact on me is not that strong anymore... Sigh... <=(

Hopefully there's an Amazing Race 5 or replays of the earlier Amazing Races!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2003


I've finished the "about me" link... Juz click at the "About Me" link at the top of the blog!!! >=)

Yesterday night is a night to be remembered... Well, let me start from the beginning... I went to my aunt's condo for a swim yesterday after I returned from college. When I was about to change, I found out someone sms me... Yong Yong said that we won't be having a CG this week, for they'll be going to attend a Hawaii Nite at Grace Church, n they invited me to join them... But the problem is, I have no idea where Grace Church is!!! She said it's at Taman Chi Liung, but that means absolutely nothing to me!!! So, I decided to go to MIF instead... Wow... I have no idea what the decision will lead me too... Actually, I dun think it's a decision at all... It's God's will...

Well, the programme that nite is ABC Nite, ABC as in Air Batu Campur (or Ice Kacang if u still dun get it -_-"). Everyone who attend will be served with Ice Kacang. But more importanty, it's a Gospel Nite. That is, the gospel will be preached to all who attend. I'm very glad that I see a lot of new faces around... But sadly there were fewer familiar faces... Sigh... Guess it's bcos the PMR n SPM hysteria have begun... The deco that nite is quite interesting... It has the air of a fancy restaurant with all the tablecloth, candles, dim light etc.

After we enjoyed our ABC n watched the presentation (mime and songs), Pastor Chee Mei gave her testimony... As I hear her story, I can't help but reminded of a line from a song, Killing Me Softly... ...Singing my life with his word... Well, ok, she didn't sang, but what her past experience was so so similar to mine... Her search for love/acceptance and success to fill the emptiness of life... Well, of course the details are different, but the attempt to achieve success n find acceptance in this wretched world is very similar to mine...

All the vanities of achieving these so-call "success", whether it's fame, academics, wealth, power etc. I remember my search for the Truth and meaning of life, n how I found it in the end, in the loving embrace of Christ Jesus... I will forever remember that night when I accepted him as my lord n saviour...

But more importantly, her talk also reminded me of how much I've depended on myself rather than relying on God's strength. I'm juz so used to being the master of myself, n being achieving everything by myself... Nevertheless, I've made my decision that night of relying on God completely instead on juz myself in the future... So I guess I'll start with the Econs test next week...

I've been sleeping the whole day today... Dunno y... I'm juz very weak n sleepy... I woke up at 10.15 am, ate my breakfast, watch TV, then sleep again at 12pm, only to wake up at 4.15pm... Scary, eh? My morning n afternoon became my night... Heehee... Well, I guess I'll do my homework tonight then... One thing is for sure... I won't be sleeping early tonite! Heehee... Oooo I'm starving now... Kyros Kebab, here I come! Actually, I juz ate Kebab with fries 3 hours ago... Nvm, this time it will be Kebeb in Lebanese Bread!!! >=)

Friday, August 22, 2003


Juz came back from my appointment with Miss Grace Yap about the career test... Well, I gotta say it's cool! Well, my ambition as a doctor is quite close to the skills and interests I've already possessed, but not entirely on the mark either. I lack Realistic qualities, i.e. manual skills, and Artistic skills, i.e. flexibility n such. But the top 2 qualities I have fit into the career I'm intersted in... Doctor! Yea... Well, she recommended me to increase my exposure to practical skills and organised my time n others better... Well, I'll try... I do recommend u guys to take the test, since it's F.O.C. (Free of Charge)!!! Might be helpful too! >=)

More RoTK Teaser Posters are out! Well, there are 5 actually, but I'll juz pick 3 of my favourites here! >=)

Gollum... Don't he look sly n treacherous? Remember wat he said about "she" and "her" at the very end of The Two Towers movie? >=)

Gandalf the White wielding Glamdring... Luv his robe!!

A physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually deterioated Frodo... Poor poor hobbit... Will he succeed in the Quest??

Wat lao... no electricity for 5 hours adi!!! So HOT HOT HOT!!! Whoa... I'm still sweating eventhough I'm in my singlet!!! Unbearable!!! But the weird thing is that it is not a total blackout... There's still a little electricity available, enough to charge the battery of my laptop... Well, so it's still not so bad after all...

After doing nothing for 2 hours, I've decided to take walk around the pasar malam... in my singlet!! (-So?? No big deal!!!) Well, it's my first time going out exposing so much of my skin... Hahahahaha... Anyway, it's quite comfy!!! I found out that the area of houses that suffered from the partial blackout is the same as the Thursday 2 weeks earlier!!! After I bought a strawberry-flavour pearl tea, I went to Klang Parade... N I guess my attire is slightly inappropriate there... But heck, who cares? I act crazy from time to time, n I'll enjoy myself now!! Bought a cheap sleeveless shirt at XTra... I'm beginning to like sleeveless shirts a lot!!! If only I have the courage to wear it to college... Heehee, dowan la, nuthin to show off... <=)

Came back home at 9, and the blackout is still there!! Well, can do nothing except to wait on... Until my sis reminded me of Vandread the Movie at 10pm!!! AAAIIII!!! So we rushed to my cousin's house at 9.55 pm... Only to rushed back to our home 5 minutes later, for the electricity is back!!! But the anime was a major disappointment... Wat they did is juz weaving the key scenes in every episodes of the series into a movie! Stooopid... No translation summore... dunno wat happened... Sigh... So here am I now, blogging n chatting! Now I'm starving!!! Gotta get me sumthing to eat...

Thursday, August 21, 2003


Passed up my Microeconomics Newspaper Analysis to Mr. Kuah today for feedback, and except for a few minor mistakes, Mr Kuah said it's a good piece. As soom as I returned to my seat, ppl were swarming all around me to borrow my paper. Since I believe in free flow of infomation, I borrowed them without question. But it's kinda scary when I observed some of my classmates "dissect" my paper, scrutinize the details so intensely that I worry they will incorporate it into their essay. Well, I dun mind if they read through and get some ideas what to write about... but to scrutinize? Those are my ideas, dude! Stick to ur own! I'm willing to assist if anyone needs my help, but to steal my ideas is juz too unbearable!!! >=(

Then the guy beside me, whose identity I will kept secret here, wanted to borrow the paper from me and photostated it!!! He said that he will not make it very obvious that he's copying from me, and even ask me will I be bothered by the notion... Being a over-helpful guy, I agreed... How could I dun? Juz say no straight to his face? That's juz so not me... But am I bothered? Sure I am!!! I spent hours thinking all the points, putting them all together, then phrase n rephrase my words!!! N it takes juz a few minutes for a person to rephrase my essay into his own!!! Dang, I really dun like this idea... I hope my knowledge could help my fellow classmates to score better, but I certainly disapproved anyone plagiarizing my essay (he may call it "reference", but it's still plagiarise to me)!! But how am I going to tell him so??? Sigh... Need help!!!

I always used by others when it comes to academics... I'm not boasting myself that I'm very clever or anything, and also I'm very willing to help others. But I am aware of all these... manipulation. I'm not aware, mind u, n I'm wiser than I look (again, this is not a self-boast, but self awareness). But I still let them do the things they do while pretending I dun notice it... Am I doing the rite thing? If this is wrong, wat then should I do? Juz say straight to their face "NO!!"?? Sigh... I'm juz not that kind of person... <=( So wat I'm supposed to do? HELP!!!!

Met 2 of my friends from secondary school at the hawker stalls opposite my house... Well, they dun changed much, except one of them looked rougher n changed his specs. Guess wat? They said I look more matured!!! Hahahaha... That's a great compliment to me!!! Too many ppl have complained that I'm childish n naive. Well, I am child-like, but certainly not childish! Juz like the Elves in Middle Earth, who possessed the most extreme happiness n sorrow. So I'm child-like, yet sorrow-wise! >=) Heehee... Anyway, back to the meeting. We have a nice chat while we were drinking cendol/ ice kacang... Seems that all my frens at form 6 dislike where they are studying now... Guess I made the right choice in studying at CPU!!!

Oh... that reminds me... I heard from my frens that the IMU representatives dun mention the entry requirments to IMU for CPU students at all!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!!! Whoa.... we're like so forgotten!!!! Oooooo I really wanna show them!!! I really love CPU, n I can't stand ppl ignoring our existence!!! Some of my fren in CPU said that we're looked down upon, but I say we aren't even in their sight!!! I gotta slammed that with a sledgehammer or something... Gotta do something big... but what? Gotta do something, gotta do something... Ye shall hear more from me, IMU!!!! >=)

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Bad bad car collision...

Watched a video on Collision today in my Physics class... Wow... One of the best educational video I've ever seen! Yes, it's dated, the late 80's or early 90's, I think, with all those funny hairstyle n bad fashion, but hey, it didn't matter! There were loads of fascinating collisions, between cars, car falling down from a ramp, plane crash, train crash (the whole line explodes! Whoa... Carnage!!!) dummies flying from seat n slammed on the wall, with all their necks n limbs twisted into unnatural position... *shivers*

Even though the dummies are lifeless - the video mentioned that they used dummies due to "lack of volunteers". I find that very funny! >=) - I can't help by flinch when I see all the dummies flung outside from the car with their limbs flinging to all directions... There's one that's espeacially horrifying... 3 "kids" sitting at the back of a van, n a car hit the van from behind, causing the van to accelerate a lot all of a sudden. Due to the inertia of the "kids" which resist the acceleration, their velocity are slower than the van's, causing them to flung backwards, break the glass, fly out from the van, n hit the car behind, while some get crushed by the tyres... *flinch*... The horror...

Furthermore, since a lot of the collisions were shown in slow motion, I can't help but reminded of The Matrix... Heehee... All the destruction n carnage in slow-mo... Wow... Fascinating... Espeacially watching the whole line of a train crashing, burning, exploding, yet still keep on moving due to its high momentum... And there's one with a car dropping from a ramp, falling in projectile motion, until the front part of the car hit the ground 1st. The car still keep on moving in with the frontal part on the ground n the "driver" facing downward to the earth until friction slows it down... Wow... It's like watching all the scenes from all decent action movies play continuosly... Juz cool!!!

Attended the IMU talk at 3pm... Whoa... At least 250 students attended the talk!! I can only spot a few CPU students... Less than 10... Sigh... Feeling so alien again... N I'm also determined to push all my effort to score as high as possible in my course after seeing so many possible ppl who are interested in entering IMU... The competition will be very intense... I must be in top form to get into IMU!!! The talk was not very infomative to me, since I've already known a lot bout IMU from my cousin, who studied there a few years ago (He's currently at Univesity of Auckland, New Zealand). But still, the pics make it easier for me to imagine life in IMU. The top student for the past 5 intakes were shown... 4 from SAM, 1 from A Levels... All the SAM students started cheering, while my face turned red and my face n ears grew hot... Y? I myself dunno... Embarassed? No. Anger? No. Disappointment? No. Left behind? Maybe.

Then they show us the students who made it into the dean's list (consistent high performers), I'm glad to see that there are 3 CPU students who made it... amidst 30+ SAM students n 30+ A-Levels students... <=( Ahem, anyway, I certainly do hope that I could made it into the dean's list if I ever enter IMU... My cousin didn't make it b4... So I guess it's really a tough challenge... And judging from my performance now, I think I still have a long way to go... Perhaps if I get an average of 93 in CPU, I'll stand a better chance... Gotta pull up my socks for it!!!

Unfortunately, I can't stay back for the last part of the talk, which is the one I most wanted to hear... Blame it on the bus driver... Sigh... Well, a friend of my friend did stay back... Hopefully he'll told my friend all about the 3rd part tomorrow, n my friend to me... But for sure some of the infomation will be left out... Sigh... Well, guess I can do nothing with that... The bus came at 4.10 pm sharp, n I forgot to remind Mr Ho to wait for Jayne!! Not until when I'm near Carrefour that I remember about it. I dunno y, but I have this memory that Jayne told me she'll be staying back instead of calling the bus driver to wait for her... Guess I brood on the past for too long after the talk that my mind stayed at the past when I enter the bus... Sorry Jayne!! <=)

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


This has been a favourite song of dad n mine when I was a kid... I really love the earlier-era's songs, bcos the lyrics are much more meaningful than the songs nowadays, n a has more simple yet nicer tune... Here's the lyric... Do read it! It's a nice story by itself! N y not sing along? The background music playing now is this song! Have fun! >=)

I'm coming home I've done my time
And I have to know what is or isn't mine
If you received my letter
Telling you I'd soon be free
Then you'd know just what to do
If you still want me
If you still want me

Oh tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree
It's been three long years
Do you still want me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree
I'll stay on the bus, forget about us
Put the blame on me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree

Bus driver please look for me
'Cause I couldn't bare to see what I might see
I'm really still in prison
And my love she holds the key
A simple yellow ribbon's all I need to set me free
I wrote and told her please

Oh tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree
It's been three long years
Do you still want me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree
I'll stay on the bus, forget about us
Put the blame on me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree

Now the whole damn bus is cheering
And I can't believe I see...

A hundred yellow ribbons 'round the old, the old oak tree!

I'm coming home!


Whoa... designing and editing a new template really takes a long long time... I've spent all my free periods today in college juz editing the template... And the end result still leaves much to be desired... The colours are very hard to be arranged... And the tag-board looks horrible... Well, guess I gotta go on improving it...

Got 2 of my tests from last week back, and a Bio quiz 2 weeks b4. I got full marks for the Bio quiz, as expected... Really easy, juz 3 definations. As for the other 2 tests... Well, there is 1 student in each paper who scored full marks... n I'm not either... (duh...) Well, I can't complained much this time on my tests, since I believe I did reasonably well, though always there are the stooopid careless mistakes... Gotta be more alert next time!

IMU will be giving a talk tomorrow in a lecture theater somewhere... dun knoe where exactly... All the LTs n the MPH in Taylor's really confused me... Anyway, I hope it's infomative, n I can stayed back long enough without the bus driver leaving me there at college! I wonder if I will see anyone from CPU there... I bet it'll be dominated by SAM students, since A Levels students are having their holidays now... Well, we'll see... we'll see...

Monday, August 18, 2003


The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

Hey... Good quiz! Wat it said about me is quite true... Unlike Jayne's Protector... :p One of the best quizilla quiz I have! >=)

Wat a day!! Have breakfast with my grandparents (bah kut teh!), then the afternoon at my dad's factory. Well, it's boring, as expected, but then dad brought us to his new factory... In the past, I always resent to go to that place... bcos there's nothing there!!! Only some wooden sticks stuck on the ground, n construction workers busying building it!!! Ya, u guess it! The new factory is still under construction! My father, of course, is very enthusiastic about it, for he single-handedly (almost... a bit exxageration there... but still quite true) raise up the whole factory... He went there to take pictures of the factory-in-contruction every week, so that he will have a series of pictures showing the building of the factory...

When I reached that location, I was surprised to find out how much have already been built!!! Not only the skeletons of the structure, but the roof is almost complete, n the half of the factory was covered already! Wow... Very impressive!! We actually explore the factory which is still under construction... I felt like as if I'm exploring an ancient ruins or something! Neat... Then history repeats itself... Heehee, it was so so funny... A few months ago, we're all at the same site, taking pictures... Well, my dad wanted a family photo, so he asked one of the construction worker to take for us... The worker, who was shirtless then, went into his "house" to change, n walked towards us n stood beside us, as if he was invited to take a picture WITH us instead of FOR us!!! Dad was laughing to whole trip back... well, all of us, actually... N it happened again today! Dad was asking a guy to do the same thing, n he walk towards us, as if my dad invited him to be in the pic as well!!! Hahahahaha... Bad communication!!!

Then I spent my afternoon choosing n editing the new look for my blog... Spent bout 3 hours on it... Still haven't done yet... I'll juz continue tomorrow... N on the title... Well, long story... Here goes! Earlier, I've posted 2 blogs on my uncle who was drunk n my grandma fell ill... Well, my cousin read it, n called my grandma out of concern... Well, I dun mind that, but did he have to tell my grandma that my mum's crying that nite? Hooi, Ah Wei, grandma dunno she cried one leh! Dun go n tell her everything la! N now everyone noes I have a blog... duh! I should have been more subtle on my post then... Stoopid me... N then I need to keep on explaining to my grandparents about my blog, how it works etc... So so tedious... U noe la, old ppl, very difficult to make them understand stuff like that... N the worst happened juz now... My mum wanna take a look on wat I wrote about then! Ah Wei, I'm gonna get u for this!! >=( So of course, I only show her wat I wanted to (or should I say, wat I HAVE to...), but I can't help but felt that my privacy has been invaded... Yaya, I noe u guys have been reading my blog, but at least I now who my audience is, n my mum certainly isn't in the list! Hope she will not ask for a view again! <=(

Sunday, August 17, 2003


This is one of my favourite paintings by John Howe on Middle Earth... I espeacially like the contrast of the painting, Eowyn white garment and golden belt against the black beast and witch king... The colours are used very effectively!! The way the beast is falling is also very nicely drawn too!!! John Howe mentioned that he'll like to see a sculpture of this painting produced, but the beast falling position is a real challenge!!!

Went to the Majlis Perpisahan Lembaga Pusat Sumber this morning... Well, it's no match with the one we organize 2 years ago, n also the one last year... Sigh... All the societies are going downhill year by year... More n more incompetent... Or izzit less dedication from the members due to increasing emphasize in academics? That's probably it... Sigh... Anyway, still quite fun... I slightly enjoyed it... Although that's bcos of meeting old frens, not bcos the organizers are good... =p

I planned earlier to go to KLCC after that, but guess wat? I got a call from mum, calling me to take care of my grandma for the whole day!! So there goes my plan!! Well, actually, I could have told my mum about it, then return earlier to my grandma's house... Bad choice... Sigh... As usual... Juz like Aragorn... Really!! "You give the choice to an ill-choser," said Aragorn. "Since we past through the Argonath, my choices has gone amiss." (The Two Towers, Book III, Chapter 2: The Riders of Rohan) >=) Guess I have to wait for a few more weeks to get the book I wanted from Kinokuniya, The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien...

Spent the nite at grandma's house... Well, really boring there... But still have quite a nice chat with my grandparents la... Still, there's no place like home... I wanna go home!!! <=(

Friday, August 15, 2003


Finally! The 3 tests I'm having this week are over!! Phew... Well, I have confidence on my Bio n Econs tests... But Physics... erm... not so good la... I shouldn't took Physics earlier la... Kinda regret it... I'm juz so blur throughout the course so far... Sigh... Not sure whether can I score at least 87 for my Physics... Hopefully I can... Gotta work twice as hard comparing to Bio n Econs... <=(

I'm getting more n more irritated by a few students in my Econs class... They juz keep on talking n talking n talking the entire period... If they're not interested in listening to the teaching, fine with me. But can't they at least be more considerate to others who are trying to pay attention by chatting a bit softer?! Today, 2 juz waltz into class 5 minutes b4 the period is over... 5 minutes!!! I wonder y they even came in in the 1st place... There's even a guy who ask for the notes which we all already have for 3 days! I wonder if he learned anything for the past 3 days without the notes... Disgusting... >=(

I'll be going to the Librarian's Farewell Ceremony tomorrow... Hope it's good! I'm always a librarian at heart, eventhough I'm already retired for a long long time! >=)

Thursday, August 14, 2003


Juz as I predicted... Grandma fell ill, deeply ill, after I went back yesterday... Thanks to my uncle... Sigh... Mum came home sobbing, n for a moment I'm expecting the worst... Gave me quite a scare!! Met grandma today... She really is weak... Even her speech was incredibly soft, like whispers... I heard that she was so sick yesterday that one of my uncle, who was a doctor, have to inject her with some medicine... I really hope she wouldn't go so soon...

Heavy rain juz now, juz b4 I came back from college... Heavy is an understatement... It's a thunderstorm!!! Luckily I brought along my trusty umbrealla with me... Well, for those without one, like Jayne, Steph, Yu Jin etc... End up as "drop soup chicken"... (A Chinese figurative expression, meaning all wet) But when we arrived at Klang, the weather is quite fine... Light drizzle, that's all... So totally different from Subang... Weird how 17+ km distance can have so much difference in weather...

Well, nothing else to blog about... Gotta study for Bio test now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

"You must remember this, a kiss is still a
kiss". Your romance is Casablanca. A
classic story of love in trying times, chock
full of both cynicism and hope. You obviously
believe in true love, but you're also
constantly aware of practicality and societal
expectations. That's not always fun, but at
least it's realistic. Try not to let the Nazis
get you down too much.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
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Hahahaha, juz as I expected! "We'll always have Paris..." Oooo so romantic!!!! Love triangle at its best!!! Or at least currently... I'm going to watch or read Gone With The Wind soon... Maybe that will take over! >=)

As soon as I entered my grandma's house after I returned from college, my grandpa asked me if I'm free to take him for a ride around Klang Town. Curious at the request, I ask him more about it, since it's about to rain, and if it isn't important, I would prefer not to go. Then I found out that my uncle was missing... again. He's been away for 2 hours, n my grandparents suspect he has gone drinking. So off we go, me n my grandparents, to his usual stop for drinking, bout 6 kilometers away. Then, my grandpa goes up the stair at the shophouse to look for him... Can u picture that? 2 late 60-year-old couple seaching for their 50-year-old son who's gone drinking...

I can't help but dislike my uncle... He's already 50 years old, but he's behaving like a spoiled kid. Everytime he's free, he'll go drinking until he's seriously drunk. In fact, to make him has less free time, my grandparents (n perhaps someone else from my mum's side... I'm not sure) arranged for him to study at university at night. Still, that dun stop him to continue drinking, n sometimes my mum, who's very busy in her work, has to waste her time searching for him when he's off... Sigh... Dun he feel embarassed by all these??

Well, soon my grandpa came down with my uncle, who really looks blur. He can't even remember where he parked his car... Me n my grandma decide to turn a round to help looking for his car. After a big turn, we still couldn't spot his car, but we no longer see the both of them. So we figured that they must have found the car, n went back together. On the return trip, I was thinking on how I never ever taste alcohol in my life... NOT EVEN SHANDY!!! N looking at my uncle's condition, I'll probably stay away from alcohol for a long long time, if not for life! He's like enslaved by alcohol... Kinda like how Gollum is enslaved by the One Ring...

After I put my grandma home, I saw wat seems to be an argument between my grandpa n uncle... Not sure, for I didn't come down from the car, but my uncle seems to be mad. When I reversed out of the house, my uncle actually give me a "sorry" sign, which I flatly acknowledged. He really is a weird man... Juz dunno how to deal with him... Lock him in a room when he's free? My grandma is suffering from high blood pressure, so hopefully my uncle is not making her more sick by his insatiable appetite for alcohol... >=(

Tuesday, August 12, 2003


I came out of the library late today n was planning to have my lunch at Mee Yoke... Only to find that it's closed... So off to Tijuana! When I was close to Kiosk, there's this tall American who approached me, shook my hand, n started to introduce himself. I began to suspect that he's a Christian preaching the gospel, until he show me a card... The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints... Then the word "MORMON!!!" sprung out of my mind... N instantly, I felt a variety of emotion: uneasy, alert, surprised, curious...

Well, surprisingly, he ain't pushy! We're juz like having a conversation... But my mind is in a very alert state. Who wouldn't if u r aware that u r talking to a cult member? He talked about the Book of Mormon, how it is God-inspired, n it goes hand-in-hand with the Bible etc. There's also some mentioned about early American histories n such. Well, all the time I was worried that he will ask for my contact number, but luckily he only ask about where I live (as in which town). They asked me when will I be free, bcos they wanna share with me about the Book of Mormon. Well, I told him I'm busy lately, which is very true, since I'm having 3 tests this week! So, he only gave me a brochure in the end, n told me to call them if I'm interested in anything. Phew...

Still, it's quite an unnerving experience... For those of u who wanna know wat's Mormonism n wat's wrong with their beliefs, click here. Earlier, I encountered another cult. 2 Jehovah Witnesses visited my house!! (Click here for info about them.) It's kinda scary encountering them, n to know that they have not been idle, but spreading the false gospel actively... <=S I dunno wat I should do with them, but I sincerely I hope that I will not meet any more cult members in the future!

Monday, August 11, 2003


Still feel bad about wat Mr. Gillick said that day... That's the 1st time in my CPU year that someone talk to me this way! Wel, ok, I've heard of those like, hundreds of times during my primary n secondary skool years, but all year long in CPU, it's perfect! At least, until now... Ouch... It really bruised my "ego", that is, if I have one... I'm still not sure wat ego is... But it definitely reduced my sense of worth.

Hey, coffee really works! Previously, I was always sleepy in my Physics class... Not that the class is really boring, but I always felt that I lack mental energy during the afternoon to evening period... So I tried out drinking coffee during my lunch... N I'm alert throughout the whole period! Wow... Really effective... Gotta do this more often in the future! Juz hope that I won't end up as a caffein addict!! >=S

I opened a new bank account at Maybank yesterday... Yaya, u must be wondering since I'm at the bank yesterday, y not wrote about it in yesterday's blog? Well, guess I'm either too disgusted or ... erm... preoccupied with the image below... Ahem! Anyway, I really hate being in a bank! SO AWFUL BORING!!!! U juz stand there, filled in the forms, n wait wait wait n wait, while doing nothing!!! Yawn... I hope I dun need to visit the bank too frequently in the future!!!

Juz have a chat with Kenny, n I was delighted to find that he played a few games that I once thought only me n my cousin enjoyed it!!! Well, it all started like this... When I was a kid, my cousin is the one who introduced me to the computer games I played n the books I read. As I was very interested in Science, he was the one who explained all the questions I've have. He also introduced me to Alanis Morrisette, n she became kinda like my childhood idol. Therefore, my preference in novels n computer games were all influenced by him in the past... N the sad thing is, I juz can't find any of my peers who enjoy the same game as me!!! Sigh... Lost childhood... Even now, it's hard to find a Tolkien fan... Sigh... How long till I find one that shares my interests? I wonder... I wonder... <=(

Sunday, August 10, 2003


My my, juz take a look at Beyonce's newest album cover... Yes, I know she has a beautiful figure, and it's ok if she wanna show off with it, but didn't she juz crossed the line? I mean, juz look at her! Wearing nothing above her waist except... strands of jewels?! Alright, u may say that I'm in no position to judge where the "line" should be... But tell me, y such a seductive (ahem) portrait of urself in ur album cover? I's about the music, not the... erm... visually stimulating images, rite? That's so awful!!! N stop drooling at the picture, guys!!! >=)

I like Destiny's Child music once... U remember all their early catchy tunes? Bills, Bills, Bills, Say My Name, n Jumpin' Jumpin'? Then comes the splitting... N then Beyonce started to cover less n less of her skin. I dun mind artiste showing off their figure (as long as they dun go as far as J.Lo in video "I'm Glad"... Eeee... Gives me the chills juz to think of it... >=@ ), but if they're so keen on showing off their figures instead of their songwritings/ vocals/ musical talents, y not go for modelling in the 1st place?! Music is to be appreciated with our ears, not our eyes!!! I do sorely miss the nice sweet Beyonce of the past... Sigh... <=(

Oh well, gotta study for my Econs test now... 3 tests next week!! I hope I can handle it!!

Saturday, August 09, 2003


Tonite is the 1st time I dirve myself to CG... I got lost halfway, n almost met 2 accidents... in one trip!!! Luckily I realized I'm on the wrong road quick enough, or else I'll get lost permanently!!! N then there's 2 time that I almost ended up in accidents!!! Thank God for protecting me from harm!!! Heehee, I've prayed for a safe journey there b4 I started my trip... I know there's bound to be... erm... problems... <=) Anyway, I reached the destination safely, n the return journey was smooth... Thank God!!!

Lost marks today for not completing my homeworks for Physics... Boohoohoo... :'-( Well, ok, i's my fault, but I juz can't stand the loss... Could be 1% loss... Can u believe it?! 1%!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! I'm dying adi!!! It's like this: Mr Gillick gave us the homework questions on the board yesterday in the lab, but I was too busy with the experiment to copy it down... When I remembered it, I thought it was no big deal, since I can visit his site, for he always posted the questions there... Guess wat? None are posted!!! Yet I noe I should try to get the questions by morning today, but I thought that I could done it later in the weekend... Guess wat? He check the homework!!! N there goes my mark!!! Wasted!!! Sob...

That's not the worst part... The worst part is to stand the critisizing... Call it ego or pride or wateva u want, but I can't stand public humiliation... Brings back too much painful memories I prefer to keep it buried in the past... I know I deserved it, but he could used more of a advice tone then a slightly sarcastic tone... I'm not the kind of lazy students he's hinting at!!! I've felt insulted... Nvm, I'LL SHOW HIM THROUGH MY RESULTS FOR THE TEST!!! N ON THE FUTURE TASKS TOO!!! I cannot bear to go through all these again... I'll show my stuff!!! >=)

Friday, August 08, 2003


The guys at Weta Workshop are really creative!!! Juz look at all these different kinds of ents!!!

Willow Ent -The face kinda looks like a Balrog, eh? >=)

Rowan Ent - My, are they skinny!!!

Birch Ent - My my, wat an orc-ish face!!!

Ash Ent - The BIG one... Woooouuu...

There's still 3 other types of Ents, but I can't show them here cos the image is juz TOO BIG!!! Well, hope u guys enjoy those!!! >=)


I was watching Metropolis for the 1st 30 minutes when suddenly, the tv screen goes blank n we're all sunk into total darkness... Blackout!!! Sheesh... Of all days!!! Metropolis is only shown twice in the whole month!!! Disappointed, I searched for my handphone to light up my surroundings... No torchlight in my house currently... So gotta use my handphone to illuminate the house... Kinda reminds me of Moria in The Fellowship of the Ring... "Let me risk a little more light..." n my surroundings glows in blue!!! I'm also reminded of a trip I have to Gua Tempurung... When we were deep inside the cave with our torchlight, the tour guide asked us to switch off our torchlight temporally... The result is very freaky... TOTAL DARKNESS!!! It's like staring into an abyss!!! Nothingness!!! The shock of it stayed in my mind all this time... U guys have to see it (or should I say... see nothing... duh) >=) to believe it!!!

After 30 minutes, I can't stand the heat anymore, so I took a walk outside. To my right, lights n night life... To my left... I behold Necropolis, the City of the Dead... Wat a major blackout!!! So I stroll around, observing how ppl kill their time while waiting... Some juz bicycle around or take a stroll like me, some parked their car facing their house with the car lights on while reading newspaper, while others light up candles... And some juz shut themselves in... I wonder how they stand the heat?

The blackout ends an hour later, n I hurriedly resume watching Metropolis... only to feel lost bcos I can't connect the story anymore... But it seems to be a cross between The 2nd Renaissance of the Animatrix n Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine... U noe, humans made robot, robot took over labour, human mistreat robot, robot mad, one super robot created by human to rule the world, but instead rationalize that humans are no longer needed, thus starting to destroy mankind... Cliche... Yawn... Out of ideas, I guess... I'm kinda sick of sci-fi that are related to AI already... Overused...

Oh b4 I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SIS!!! Yup, today's her birthday! 8th of August, juz 5 days after mine! N guess wat? My family are going to celebrate both me n my sis' birthday on Sunday! Or at least, that's wat mum said... Subjects to change... 80% probability, in fact... We'll see...

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Your: Mysterious eyes. All in the title. Your independant secretive and myseterious. You appear cold and distant, but hey, at least no one messes with you.
Your: Mysterious eyes. All in the title. Your
independant secretive and myseterious. You
appear cold and distant, but hey, at leats no
one messes with you.

What type of eyes do you have?
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What Is Your Animal Personality?

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Let's see... Mysterious, lonely, ununderstandable... Cool image!! I wonder how accurate is that... Personally I prefer happy eyes and horse!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003


I'm walking down the stairs after my econs class when something suddenly pop out in my head... I've made another discovery on myself!!! I'm more confident when I'm alone than when I'm in a group of ppl!!! When I'm with a group of ppl, I tend to be more wary of how talk, behave etc... Hmmm... A "symptom" of my "lack-of-self-confidence-disease"? Perhaps... Perhaps... I wonder y...

Got my first-time-ever paycheck last night... RM 690 after teaching at SRJK (C) Kong Hoe for a month, or 23 days to be more exact... N I'm not thrilled/excited/happy at all... How come? This is the 1st time that I earned money by myself!!! Y am I so... so unenthusiatic about it? I noe I'm a very enthusiastic guy... but y not on my 1st paycheck? I suspects that the pay is not worth the "sufferings" I have then... Teaching is a scary profession, I warn u guys... Very tough if u cannot handle innocent/ noisy/ ignoramus/ undisciplined/ disrespectful/ ever-curious primary school students... Brrr... I dun wanna think about it anymore... Juz bank in the pay to my account n end of story!!!

I've "found" (through, actually) an insightful essay on the nostalgic yet progressive appeal of wizards, hobbits, and Jedi knights, as the author puts it. It's a great literature, cultural, historical n political analysis on three sci-fi/fantasy books/movies, namely The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. It's a LONG LONG essay, and it took me around 15 minutes to finish reading it. Also, it contains some spoilers for those who have yet to read the 3rd part of The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King. A final word. Some of u might be... erm... offended (?) by wat it said about Star Wars n Harry Potter, but the analysis on LoTR is among the finest and most insightful I've ever read... I've never realized how much real happenings in the world have influence Tolkien's writing! Ok, enuf said. Brace urself!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003


Can u believe it? I never realized that there is actually a X Drive whenever I logged in the computers at Taylor's... For the past... er... 7 months(?!), I've always sent the files I'll wanna opened later to my mailbox at Hotmail, then log in my Hotmail account to retrieve the file I want... when I can juz save it into my X Drive!!! Can u believe how stoooopid I am?! I myself can't believe it when I found out about X Drive yesterday after I'm "informed" by Jayne... After studying for 6 months... no idea about the existence of a X Drive?! Wat a complete idiot I am!!! >=(

I've downloaded the ICQ Lite installer to my X Drive this morning... in less than 1 minute!!! For u guys who r using streamyx (I dunno how to spell), this probably dun surprised u... But to me (who's stuck with 56k modems in my entire life), this is an awesome feat!!! Now, everytime I log in, I juz need to disable the manual server proxy (Thx to Abbas who come out with a method to do so n Jayne who taught me!!! ;D ), then install ICQ Lite n voila, I can chat!!! Oh, I tried cafe mocha in the cafeteria too... Quite nice... Kinda like a blend of coffee and chocolate... But juz too expensive (RM 1.50 for a small cup!!) to make it worth ur money... Probably the first n last time I'm buying mocha at the cafeteria... >=)

Watched Hulk in VCD yesterday at night... Well, I haven't finished watching it, since my parents took over the TV after they came back... I must say, I'm VERY VERY disappointed at Ang Lee for making such a bad movie... It a long long YAWN... For those of u who haven't watched it, DUN!!! It's a total waste of time!!! Go watch Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon instead!!! (That is, if u haven't watch it yet, which I doubt...) I'm still thinking whether should I continue to watch the show till the end... Probably another waste of 30 precious minutes of my life...

Monday, August 04, 2003


I was very nervous this morning, bcos today the result for the econs test will be announced (5%!!!)... Mr Kuah even decided not to give us the marked papers till the last 25 minutes of the period... He juz told us that the highest score is 46 out of 50. By the time the papers were handed out, I was suffocating... When my name was called, I went forward to collect my result... n Mr Kuah commended my results, which relieved me a little... N when I look at the paper... 46 over 50!!! Yea!!! Finally, I got the highest!!! Ohoo!!! Then Mr. Kuah announced that there's a gril who got an even better results in period 3... I was like... huh?! There's one more that's better?! Aaawww... What a major disappointment!!!

All my frens were like, "Hooi, u get 46 out of 50 oledi still not satisfied arr???" Well, u got to know the whole story 1st to understand y I wanted to be the 1st juz once in my life... Juz once... Since secondary school, I noticed that my results have been improving very rapidly... Until I almost get the highest mark in the whole school for a few of my subjects... The key word here is almost... Take English, for example... My marks were always behind one or two girls... There's one girl that is almost impossible to beat in English marks, bcos she gre up at Tasmania!!! So I'm always stuck at the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place, but never the 1st... Science during the PMR years also like that... Sigh...

But there's hope now that I could get the highest mark for Economics!!! There're tough competition, like the one who get the highest in this test n Li Peng in our class, who got 45 out of 50... But that will only make it more fun n challenging!!! BRING IT ON!!! >=)

I'm watching Taken episode 5 halfway through b4 my dad took over watching the badminton finals instead... Quite an exciting match too!!! But I'm neutral... I'm not supporting either side... But b4 the match ended, I've already known that Wong, Malaysia's player, is a goner... He has lost that edge, n his morale is suffering from a serious blow... N the China supporters are really noisy, which were quite suprising, since I used to think that Malaysian supporters are the noisiest ever, beside Indonesia. I suspects that the loud support of the opponents n the lack of supports from the Malaysian fan caused a heavy blow onhis morale until he's lost... Poor chap... In my opinion, the fairest match only need the two opponents n a referee n some first aiders, without any noisy supporters!!! Then the winner will depend on their skills, not the noisy and crude supporters!!!

I've also got a call from Yong Yong, who compliment on my blog he has juz visited... I'm so happy!!! >=) Well, he also gave some suggestions too, which I will try my best to accomplish it!!! Thx, Yong Yong! ;)

Well, there's no birthday celebration... as expected... Sigh... N i thought that my 18th birthday should be a great event... Na... It's juz like other normal days... Well, I've expected that actually... Mum n dad have always being bz it the factory... Ever since my dad started with his car mat manufacturing business, bith my parents have been so bz working that sometimes they only come back home during midnight... Sigh... So Happy 18th Birthday to myself then...

Sunday, August 03, 2003


Today's my birthday!!! Watched Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life with my ex-secondary skool frens, Thian Meng n Wei Cher. Long movie title, eh? The 1st movie trailer we watched in the theatre has an even longer title!!! Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl... 44 words!!! 10 words more than Tomb Raider 2!!! But seems that long title doesn't make a movie good...

Tomb Raider felt... flat... I mean, the actions aren't very riveting or exciting or anything... The plot sux, but that's expected... The characters (other than Lara) are boring (yawn)... The special effects aren't convincing... Heck, even the shark in Finding Nemo looks more real than the one in the movie!!! It's a major disappointment... Lara Croft could have been a very interesting character, if only the ppl behind the movie know how to handle it!!!

Mum mentioned that our family will br celebrating my birthday tonight... I wonder how well will it goes??? Gotta wait n find out later!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2003


So Fellowship Day has come and gone... Sigh... I'm feeling so sad now... Not the type of depressing sadness, but kinda of a reflective, beautiful sadness... The last 6 hours have been so memorable... juz like all the Fellowship Day b4!!! But partings are so painful... espeacially when u know that's it's very unlikely to meet all the new frens again... Yaya, I know, we can chat through ICQ etc... But from my past experiences, this I know... Friendship cannot be maintained through ICQ alone, espeacially frienship that has juz started... Sigh... I've get to know so many new frens, but it's juz so sad to think that we may never meet again... <=(

Anyway, let's start from the beginning. Left home early this morning, around 7.35am, together with my bro, my cousin n his fren. Then, went to Berkeley Garden to fetch Ian's good fren Daniel. When we reached KCMC, we registered and chat with the ppl there. After an opening ceremony with water balloons throwing down at us (I manage to escape from being hit all the way!!), I know that this will be the wettest n dirtiest Fellowship Day yet in the history of KCMC!!! After singing praises, we r divided into groups... N as always, my group is very unique... Like the past two years too...

Well, since many new frens came bcos youth members of our church brought them along, they specifically arranged the new frens in the same group with our church members who brought them along... And my group is consisted of 2 church members n their own gang!!! One gang has 3 members, n the other 1 has 7!!! I would prefer if we never knew each other b4 when we r arranged into oue group, so that we can interact as a group instead of sticking to their own cliques... But basically, it's still fine... No black sheep... But I guess we're juz not enthusiastic enough... So as usual, behave like a mad child, in hope that I can boost up their morale... Oh btw, I saw Nadia at the b4 Fellowship Day began... Nadia from CPU... But I dun see her anywhere when the game started... Must have left early...

There are 5 games that we played. Here's basically wat we played... In Balloon in the Bucket, we r supposed to carry ballons filled with water (n coated with a yellow, smelly thingie... dunno wat...) using old newspaper ran zig zag forth n back, then break the ballon with the newpaper. On the way, our opponents will throw plastic bags filled with water at us.

The next game is called Trade Centre. A list of items and "price" is shown, which include T-shirts, wallet, shoes, hairband, handphone, cards etc. We r supposed to give as much as we can, i.e. One T-Shirt is RM 50, so with 5 guys taking off their T-shirts n put it on the table, we have 50 points. The group with the highest points wins. This game is not so fair for our group, since the opponents consist of 10 guys while ours only 5!!! Needless to say, all the guys took off their T-shirts!!! Still, we can harly win, since that girls can't juz took off their T-shirts, rite? Of course, girls have jewelery that can get a lot of marks too, but later on, there are bonus round in which there are all kinds of challenges. The group that wins the challenges get to take an item from the opponent group... N sad to say, we lost a gold footband that cost 1000 points!!

The 3rd game is Rat Race. First, a member of a group will run to the opposite side, dip their face into a bowl filled with flour, get a sweet in the flour using mouth only, spat the sweet into a container, get a string n run back. Then, the person's leg is tied to the next member's leg, the dip-face-get-sweet-spat-get-string-run-back-tied-another-member process continues. In the end, the whole group members will be tied on their legs n repeat the whole process. The one with the most sweets in the container n the fastest wins.

The 4th game is Tag n Run, which to me, is the least fun of all. The guys will have 2 bananas stuck between their fingers, n the girls will have pegs (The one u used to hang ur clothes to make it dry) on the tip of their shirt at the back. The guys are to try to "steal" the opponent's males' banana from their hands, n the for the girls, the pegs. Furthermore, there's two bucket of water+flour+twigs+something incredibly smelly thingie at each opponents' side. A member can first dip his head into the foul smelling water in one of the bucket, then pick up a spoon in the other bucket filled with the same smelly water n try to scoop up the marbles in it, then take it to his own side of the bucket. The group with the most banana/pegs/marbles wins!! But in the end, most of our bananas are squished!!!

The last game for our group is the most physical demanding n dirtiest of all, called Obstacle Race. We have to crawl through mud puddle without getting entangled in the strings less than a feet above the puddle, then going through "tunnel of circles", jump through see-saw, slide from... er... slides, Elephant turn for 2 rounds, climb into a dark "house" to find the ribbon of the right number, then climb out again... Whoa... I was really messed up then!!! But I enjoyed that the most!!! And at 12pm, our game ends...

We clean up ourselves, n when the results were announced, I'm not surprised to find out that we r in the 2nd last place... Sigh... Groups under me have never won b4 in 3 consecutive years of Fellowship Day... I wonder izzit juz me lousy or the whole group... We have our lunch then, n I chat with my group members... They think that I'm childish, eventhough most of them are juz 3 years younger than me!!! (It's kinda expected actually, since that's how I behave usually when I'm happy!!!) But I believe that I have to behave this way to pull up their spirits... They're juz so... unenthusiastic... Then comes the sad partings... Sigh... I get to know so many new frens, but many of them I know will nv meet again... Until next year, that is!!! But next year is juz too too long... Sigh... Well, I'll still hope on that we may meet again soon!!! >=)

I've juz have 2 big big crisis juz now... 1st, I've yet to ask permission from my mum about attending Fellowship Day tomorrow... And 2nd, I've lost the RM 100 note my grandma gave me to pass to my maid for buying vege n stuff tomolo!!! Let's deal with the 1st crisis 1st...

Well, it's late... very late... Pass midnight, actually... And I haven't summon enough courage to ask permission from my mum!!! I know this may sound stooopid to many of u, but I was afraid to ask her... Since I was a kid, mum has this tendency to get real mad when she dun like sumthing or when she's in a bad temper... So me, my bro n my sis were scolded by her very frequently... N not juz the normal nagging... But really dang fierce!!! Enough to freak you out!!! Furthermore, mum has always discourage us to join church-related activities... Which is y I'm having this dilemma now... I get to get into her room n ask her fast, b4 she sleeps!!! But I juz dun have the guts to do so...

After midnight, I almost gave up... Mum probably has slept now... Then my dad's handphone rang!!! After I answered the call, I brought the handphone into my parents' room... To find out that they haven't sleep yet!!! Still worried, I prayed outside their room for a few minutes, then enter the room n ask THE question... Mum juz nod... HOORAY!!! But I'm more ashamed then happy actually... I should have more faith on God than dealing with this problem all by myself... Sigh... But that's not all!!!

The 2nd crisis... Panic, I kept on searching everywhere for the RM 100 note, n at one point I even considered the possibility of offering the wrong note during the MIF meeting juz now!!! RM 100 instead of wat I planned to offer!!! After much searching, I gave up on that too, n decided to trust on God, n replaced it with my savings 1st... Since every night I have the habit of reading God's Word 1st b4 I sleep, I searched for my Bible... N remembered that I left it in my car earlier... So into the car I went, and an idea struck me... Wat if I dropped the money in the car while driving? So I search n search... and I've found it!!! Praise God!!!

Some ppl say that God works in mysterious ways... I can't help but agree on that!!! Not juz mysterious, but awesome n wonderful!!! These 2 incidents will make me remember one thing in the future... No matter how serious or messed up my problems are, I must not put trust in my own ability to attempt to fix it, but to put all my trust in God!!!


I've been feeling nervous, uneasy and worried this whole week... for unknown reasons!!! I juz felt very uncomfortable these few days... These feeling climaxed this afternoon, until I actually felt depressed!!! It was as if a "doom" was about to reveal to me... n the truth came out tonight at MIF... I'm one of the group leaders, again!!! 3rd year in row!!! Argh... Worst... I'm the oldest guy who joined Fellowship Day!!! Well, that is, if u dun include a special guest from Gospel Hall at Eng Ann, who is 23 years old!!!

At first, I tried to push away the responsibility as a leader... Heck, they've chosen me as leader without my consent!!! I was hoping for a fun time without burdens tomolo, after 2 straight years as group leader. But after many failed attempts, n also seeing that they really lack good candidates, I gave in n except that post... Then I felt calm n peaceful... finally!!! Now that I decided to "take up the burden", all worries, uneasiness left me... Come wat may!!! Perhaps this is a good way to train me up as a leader... And also an oppurtunity to serve!!! Gotta pray tonite that everything will go smoothly... Erm... also need to tell my mum about joining Fellowship Day... She haven't knew yet!!! ;p

Friday, August 01, 2003


Bus came late (again) this morning... and guess what? There's no more vacant seat for me... except for the u-shape seats at the very end of the bus... and six girls n no guys are sitting there!!! Having no choice but to sit there or stand for the whole "trip", I chose to put my bag on the top compartment, n brought my book along to study there. I felt very arkward there, as I only know Steph among the 6 girls... And while I was reading, a girl beside juz lean on my side to look at wat I was reading!!! N A TOTAL STRANGER!!! I froze then, until she "left my side". Eeewww... Horrible chilling sensation... Then later on, she juz lie on the girl beside her n tilted her head to her shoulder!!! The image of two girls so close together caused my head to shout out "LESBIAN!!!!" reflexively... Ewww... No more sitting close to a whole bunch of girls alone in the future for me!!! Girls are such a weird species... and scary too!!! =S

Juz came back from pasar malam... And the pirated VCDs vendors are back!!! Of course, they did not open up their stall as they did b4, but show us the titles available in a CD folder, n when u want one, they'll get it out for u from their waist pouch!!! My my... One VCD for RM 6!!!! That's about 2 times the original price!!! Guess wat we learn in econs does applies here... As demand for pirated VCDs remains constant and supply for VCDs is low (Many illegal VCDs manufacturing factories have been closed down), the price will increase... Sigh... RM 6 is juz too pricey!! However, that dun stop me n my sis from buying 2 VCDs... I heard that the pirated VCDs crackdown operation will ends at August... Hopefully then the price of the VCDs will drop!!! <=)

In the morning, when the bus I'm in was approaching Taylor's, I saw a fren of mine whom I get to know during the scholarship award a few months ago stepped out of a car... and ANOTHER ONE THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM STEPPED OUT OF THE CAR TOO!!! It was only then that I realized... he has a twin brother!!! Whoa... I only knew this months after I'm acquinted with him!!! Then as I reflect on the past, I suddenly understood one thing which has puzzled me b4!!!

After the scholarship award, I did met him quite a few times in the library... The thing that puzzled me is that sometimes, we'll greet each other when we met... but sometimes, he juz walk pass me!!! At first, I thought that he juz pretending not to see me, n perhaps juz wanna ignore me... Yet that dun make sense to me... Now I know... Sometimes it his brother that I saw, not him!!! This morning is the 1st time I've seen both of them together!!! Weird... Anyway, I got confirmation from his brother today... whom I thought at first was actually he himself!!! They're so alike that... they're identical!!!

This situation kinda reminds me of a story I've read b4 as a kid... It's one of the "Famous Five" series... Famous Five on a Secret Trail I think... Where the five frens met this unusual kid who claims then he knew them in certain times, n exclaimed that he never knew them at all at other times!!! At first they thought he was juz playing a prank on them... But later on they discovered that he has a twin brother actually!!! Kinda parallel with this situation of mine, eh?

By the way, I've finally got my student card... Hopefully that's the end of a hullaballu week... The new ID looks better than the old one too!! ;) Oh and Ayashi No Ceres has finally ended... And the ending sux!!! I hate "And they live happily ever after..." endings!!! Wat a major disappointment!!! Heck, even I could think of a better ending!!! ...Erm, well, I'm boasting there, but u get wat I mean... The ending is so unoriginal n unsatisfying!!! Totally unlike LoTR's ending at all!!! Oops... no no, no spoilers!! I'll juz let u guys wait for the December 18 to find out the ending of LoTR... But here's a minor spoiler: There is definitely no "happily ever after" ending!!! >=)