Saturday, January 31, 2004


I was reading George's blog when I was directed to this site. I totally agree with him. It is funny! >=) Check it out!

Thursday, January 29, 2004


I went to Regency Condo for a swim around 5pm. Usually, I leave my wallet in my car, but I forgotten to do so this time. After I changed, I juz stuff everything into my bag and left in on the bench in the toilet. Everything was well after I return there for sauna.

It was then when something queer happened. I kept hearing the sound of door unlock, then the sound of flushing, followed by another sound of locking again. These sounds kept repeating, and I kept walking out of the toilet to check. The toilet booth that was locked kept changing. One minute it was the 5th booth, next it was the 4th. I even heard a muffled sound after the toilet bowl was flushed.

When I finished using the sauna, I entered the shower room, but I paid a lot of attention on the lock/unlock/flush sounds. Once I heard the unlock sound, I hurriedly wrap the towel on my waist and scout around. There was nothing… After several attempts, I finally saw the culprit… It was a fat suspicious-looking Indian kid. I juz gave him a glance while I started to tidy up my clothes, and he vanished into the toilet booth again.

After I changed my clothes, I left the toilet and walked for a distance b4 I felt that sumthing's wrong… sumthing's… missing! I can't feel my wallet in my pocket! I check my bag hurriedly, but I juz can't find my wallet… Remembering all the suspicious sounds, I rushed back to the toilet again. This time, the 3rd toilet booth was locked, and in the toilet bowl of the 4th booth, I saw a familiar business card and a piece of news article beside a 'submarine' shit… They belonged to me (except the shit)! They were always in the wallet!

I knew then my wallet was stolen, but I was surprisingly calm and rational even then. I walked towards the guardhouse to make a report, while telling my mum about it thru my handphone on da way. Man she scolded me badly… And all the time I was thinking how much cash did I carry in my wallet… RM 100? Or 200? I have no idea... A guy at the guard house help me search for the 'suspect', to no avail. Also, I notice another suspicious guy who kept staring uneasily at me... maybe he is also an accomplice? Well, in the end, I decided that the toilet was still the best place to trace the dissapearence of my wallet... 'Crime scene', eheh...

I search for it everywhere, but I still can't get it... Then an idea struck me... Since the 3rd booth was still locked, perhaps the thief hadn't leave the 'crime scene' with my wallet yet! If that was true, he must be incredibly stupid, or a coward... Nevertheless, I remained hopeful, and enter the 4th booth where I saw my card floating in the toilet bowl... I glanced around the booth, and then I knew at once where the wallet was... I opened the 'toilet box' (the part where we flush), and viola, there it is! My wallet! I hurriedly grabbed it out, and checked if my money was still in there... They were! Rearranged (probably cuz the thief was counting), but still there! Thank God!!! And there were more than RM 400 inside! Whoa... Even I myself am dumbfounded by the amount. What have I been doing with so much money with me?!

Well, that settles it. But there's still the card in the bowl, which I wanted it back badly... Only problem was, there was the 'submarine' beside it... I looked around outside the toilet, and found a curtain peg on the floor (dun ask me how it got there). So I picked the card up using that peg, washed it at the sink, and 'escape' from that place... The guard weren't really concern about the theft at all it seems... After knowing that I've gotten back my wallet, they started chatting among themselves. Hey man, there's a thief out there, in the toilet! Do something will ya?! Brrrrr.....

I really thank God that I found back my wallet... Not juz bcuz of the huge amount of money in the wallet, but also all the important 'cards', i.e. IC, Driver's licence. This could have ended up as a pricey lesson. I will not leave my wallet in the toilet ever again!

Saturday, January 24, 2004


Wow... I went into the cinema expecting a good movie, but this... this is EPIC in every sense!!! The cinematography are great, the scenery breathtaking, and the costumes are juz... perfect! I was expecting an action movie in its purest sense, but I'm surprised to find out how the subtle the movie actually is. There are fighting scenes of cuz, which are incredibly brutal, violent, and unrelenting, yet they are few and far in between. Most of the time we see Cruise's character trying to learn the way of the Samurai, and I find it very interesting. Also, as a person who have some background knowledge of the Meiji Revolution, the movie proves to be quite an educational one too!

However, I do have some dislike on the movie. I can't help but feel that the movie is somewhat biased... I dun like the way they paint the Meiji Government as villains while the Samurais as heroes-in-exile. They somehow oversimplify history, and painted a rather unconving picture of the Meiji Goverment as deserter of the old ways instead of champions of the modern way. I would prefer a more neutral approach to both sides, like the Rurouni Kenshin OVA, Trust and Betrayal.

Nevertheless, with all its shortcomings, The Last Samurai is still one of the best movie I've ever watched. Tom Cruise's performance is great, and so do all the cast. One show not to be missed!

***UPDATE: February 11th, 2004***

Now that I've reread my review I wrote last month, I noticed that I forgotten about another thing I dislike about the movie. It's horribly-Hollywood-cliche ending. Without it, it could have been easily in my favourite movies list. In my opinion, the best ending will be that the Tom Cruise character died in the battle, full of bravery and honour, dying for the way of life he have grown to love. Seeing him survived the battle and actually convinced the emperor Meiji actually make me feel that I'm cheated in a way... Too bad...

Somehow, the beautiful Sakura scene still haunted me... Even until now...

Friday, January 23, 2004

Monday, January 19, 2004


This is definitely one of the best sci-fi I've ever watched, and a very unsettling one too. Imagine this: In the not-too-distant future, all the gentic code of the human genome are decoded. Babies are conceived in lab b4 inserted into the mother's womb, with their genes carefully selected and enhanced, such as disease-resistant, high IQ, physically fit, and even gender, eye colour, height etc can be pre-determined. Of cuz, there are still a minority who prefer to let random chance and nature takes its course, and the protagonist Vincent is such a man. Unfortunately for Vincent, who live in a world where almost everyone has superior genes, he is an "in-valid", and a victim of genetic discrimination.

Since he was a child, Vincent always dream to become an astronaut. Tough, cuz in a society with an advanced gene pool, only people who have the perfect genetic makeup can successfully join the elite. It's kinda disturbing to see that in the world of Gattaca, one's status isn't determined by his wealth, position, or ability, but his genetic makeup which are determined even b4 birth. Many of those who are born in the natural way ended up as pariahs, and only able to be janitors or toilet cleaners for their entire life. Vincent, of course, can't succeed with his inferior genes, but he is determined not to give up. Thus he starts a fight against the system, never giving up.

Sunday, January 18, 2004


Lately, I've been preoccupied with the CRPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic... I'm really sucked into it! So I guess I'll blog less frequently till I finish the game! Which won't happen for a long time! Hahaha...

Friday, January 16, 2004


I've been searching for the VCD of Gattaca for the longest time... And I finally got it at Tower Records, MidValley Megamall! Heck, I nv knew there IS a Tower Records at MidValley... Must have miss it since it's located at the very end of one corner... Grabbed 12 Monkeys there too! This trip to MidValley was one of my longer shopping trip... Buy myself some clothes for CNY. Went there with Eugene, my friend from SAM, by bus. It's a long time since I rode in a bus, and I've forgotten how bad the return trip can be... Stuck in a traffic jam, with no place to sit, and crammed like sardines. Blegh... Also get my hands on The Naked Sun, sequel to the sci-fi novel The Caves of Steel. A very worthwhile trip, I must say! Times Square will be my next target! Hahaha...

Thursday, January 15, 2004


Well, finallt finished both game and anime series. Chaos Legion was OK, I guess. Definitely not a memeorable game, but entertaining nonetheless. Now that I have the ultimate legion, beating all the bad guys were easy job. As for The Vision of Escaflowne... Well, it's good, but definitely not excellent. The characters are sufficiently good, but the plot is... muddled... It's started off well, then got lost in the middle part, b4 a hasty conclusion in the end. Also, the overwhelming theme of mysticism is not my taste... I mean, I juz can't accept the notion that a man can control luck, fate, fortune etc thru science... Not even in a fantasy setting for that. But overall, it's ok. Juz not as good as I hoped.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I have always hated cockroaches, but wat happened juz now make them my worst enemies officially!!! I was cooking myself an instant mee goreng when I noticed there were about 3 or 4 cockroaches juz beside me, close to the wall (The kitchen was outside my house). I thought of spraying the annoying insects with Ridsect at once, but figured I better not, since I'm still cooking and I dowan to poison myself... I kept having a disturbing notion that one of them will juz drop into the boiling water and I'll have an extra ingredient for my mee goreng... Ewwww... I was terribly uneasy then...

Suddenly, something hit my shirt. I know at once what it was. I started to jum around and shook my body, to no avail. I can feel the cockroach's legs climbing all over my back. It's horribly disgusting. But something worse followed. IT CLIMBED OVER MY NECK!!! I shrieked at once then, and used my hand to slapped it away. It juz flew away, carelessly. I was so mad and disgusted that I hurriedly finish my cooking and spray all over the wall with Ridsect at once! This time they have juz gone too far! Vendetta upon ye, ye foul spawns of darkness!

Got the Perfect form of the Ultimate Legion, Thanatos, after spending hour and hours of training in Chaos Legion. Man was I glad I took the time to beef him up. He's juz... invincible! Haha... I'll probably finish the tomolo! Well, there's another thing that will finish tomolo... The Vision of Escaflowne series, which DVD I bought a month ago... I was reluctant to watch the last few episodes actually... Not that I dowan to know the conclusion, but I juz can't bear to see it ends... It was a good series, and tomolo, I'll part with it... Boohoohoo... Well, what must come must come!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Followed my uncle to bring my grandma to Institut Jantung Negara at KL for an appointment with a doctor... When I realized that we were using the same road (Puchong-Damansara Expressway) as the one I used to go to Ikea juz 2 days ago, I know traffic jam was sure to happen. Turns out it's worse than I expected... It took us nearly 2 hours juz to reach KL, instead of the usual 30-45 minutes... Crazy man. The road is jammed all the way!

By the time I reached the institute, I was filled with disappointment... I have always imagined the institute to be a huge place, white white ceiling and bright lightings and that lovely smell of medicine (lovely at least to me =P), complete with hi-tech equipment... It turns out to be nothing like that... It's small, and looked more like an office than a hospital. The corridor was incredibly narrow too, and as usual, the administration department was slow and inefficient. Not that I blame them for not feeling motivated, since that their jobs are so so dull... But still, the place could have been planned better...

The meeting with the doctor was quite interesting. He was so... rushed. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he slammed the door and pulled the curtains roughly. It's as if he has not a second to lose. Also, he's very commanding. He orders his assistant and the hospital workers around authoritatively. He even scheduled an ultrasound appointment after knowing that we can't secure a time. They followed his order as issued. Hahaha... I'm trying to imagine myself 10 years from now, how would I be like, as a doctor? Hmmmm, I wonder...

I was exhausted by the time I went home... Left home at 7.30am, back at 11am. Tired...

Monday, January 12, 2004


Juz bought the cd (pirated... eheh) at pasar malam a few nights ago... I have always love a few of Crow's songs, such as All I Wanna Do, My Favourite Mistake and If It Makes You Happy, but after listening to the whole album, I respect her even more. Everyday is A Winding Road, Leaving Las Vegas, and A Chabge Will Do You Good are excellent too! She's truly a talented songwriter and musician... But why a 'greatest hits' album so soon?! She juz released 3 albums and 1 live album so far... there's still plenty of room for her to continue... Well, hope that's not the last album from her, cuz she's so great! ;)

Also, I can't understand why some of her popular hits were left out, like Tomorrow Never Dies (The 007 Theme), Steve McQueen and Sweet Child 'o Mine (with Guns 'n Roses)... Inclusion of the 3 songs would have make the album perfect! But well, I guess I can always burn a cd with only the songs I like... Haha... I'll do it soon la.

Sunday, January 11, 2004


I went to college to get my book money back from Nigel... Reached there at 12.30pm. Man can he sell the books well... I bought my econs book for RM 80, and he sell it to someone for me for RM 100!!! He said that it has sumthing to do with inflation n stuff... Kewl! As for my Bio and Physics, which I bought for RM 80 and 75 each, he sold them for RM 75 each. Heck it's great! I almost get back all the money I spent on the textbooks! Haha, excellent!

Next, I went to meet Einstein for lunch as planned. Ha, I can't recognize him at all until he called me! He changed his hairstyle, and wore specs now! Whoa, and the hairstyle change is very radical too! Haha.. Next we planned to go to Ikea at Damansara.. but I really have to wait a LONG LONG time for his frens to wake up, get ready and everything... It's not for another 1 hour plus b4 we were ready to 'take off'...

And wat a long journey it is! I nv know it take so long to reach Damansara from Subang! In fact, it seems to be as long as the trip from Klang to Damansara! Plus all the wrong turns I have bcuz the supposed guide was more busy talking then guiding... Blegh... By the time I reached there and get a parking, I've already received a call from my mum... When I told her where I was, she dun sound very happy... In fact, not happy at all!

Well, she told me to drive her back from Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja at 6, but I soon found out I can't make it... Nv thought went furniture shopping with 3 guys can take such a long long time!!!!!! Man, I was so tired when they keep on figuring out which one is better... And they seem to take their sweet time too, even after knowing I need to rush home! But well, I guess it's more fun comparing to be at home... And soon my mum called again and told me that I dun need to drive her home anymore (she sound horribly mad then), so I relaxed my speed and drove a bit slower. By the time I reached their apartment, it was 7.30pm already!

Well, now that I'm home, I think that the whole trip have been worthwhile... It's amazing how much have changed in Damansara in juz a short year! Man I can't recogize a lot of it anymore! And my, is the new Ikea building huge! Biggest Ikea store in Asia, they claim, and I have no doubt about it! The parking space itself is mind-blowing! And the furniture design are juz so creative! When I have a house, I'm gonna fill it with Ikea furnitures! Provided I can afford them... Haha.. In fact, I've already have some plans formed...

Saturday, January 10, 2004


Below is an article I got from the Star Online:

Student sues dad for funds to further studies

IPOH: An accounting diploma student is seeking a High Court order to compel his father to finance his education overseas.

Foo Dui Geng, 22, who claims he is unemployed, said he needs the financial support of his father, Woon Keat, 45, as he has received an offer to do his final-year studies at the Nottingham Trent University in Britain in September.

According to an affidavit filed on Sept 12 last year, Dui Geng wants his father to pay a lump sum of RM81,421 for his study fees, accommodation, food and other expenses overseas.

Alternatively, he wants his father to pay his monthly maintenance dues which he claimed had been stopped after December 2000.

He also wants the payment to increase from RM400 to RM4,000 to reflect the increased expenses overseas if his father is unable to pay the lump sum.

Dui Geng, who lives with his mother in Pinggir Rapat Perdana after his parents divorced in 1987, said a variation order to a divorce petition had stated that his mother was to care for him while his father was to pay maintenance.

He further claimed that his father is a well-to-do businessman holding various assets and is currently operating a factory in Gopeng.

Woon Keat filed an application in chambers yesterday to strike out the claim on the basis that Dui Geng has no legal power to sue his father.

Woon Keat described the claim as "oppressive and frivolous," adding that the plaintiff was abusing the court process.

He also said his son was past the age of 18 and was already working, adding that Dui Geng had even worked for him at the factory for RM600 a month.

The High Court here fixed Jan 12 for submissions.

This article was out a few days ago, but it etched a deep impression in my mind. I was shocked by the headlines, but as I read through the article, I I understand his situation better. There's also an article in NST's Life and Times too, where many youths were asked do they support the entire notion. There were quite a few who support and go against it, along with neutrals... But I'm surprised that one of them call the 'sue-er' a 'unthankful brat'.

But then again, I suppose it all comes down to one's personal moral beliefs. I supported that guy's action totally. This may come as shock to u ppl, and I understand y. But to me, the main cause behind this is the divorce itself, which lead to all this complication... I always believe that it is WRONG to divorce, unless it is due to adultery on either side of the spouse. Marriage is a sacred union, and it is meant to last till either spouse's death. To break the vows means trouble, and the ex-spouses must have full responsibility over their sons and daughters.

So now that they are divorced, they shud still take full responsibility of the damage they've caused, inclusive of their son's education fees. It's late now, I'll post more about this in the future.

Friday, January 09, 2004


I was checking out the news at when I found this cute Gollum pic... U guys probably have all seen this b4, but I'm dang impress by the sharpness of the pic... So I'll juz post the sucker here! >=)


Today is my parent's 20th wedding anniversary... my we didn't really celebrate anything... Cuz my dad has special plan to mark this special day... This is the day the machines from will be shifted to my dad's new factory! He's really proud of it... Build everything up from scratch for the last 7 years or so... So I guess it's a good way to 'celebrate' by staying at his new factory overseeing the shifting too... Save some money on my side... Haha...

I was walking around at the Pasar Malam juz now when someone incredibly familiar walked past me... He seemed to take notice of me too... I know I've seen that face b4, but where??? My mind keeping on turning and turning b4 I finally got it... Aaron! TJ's friend from Friendster! But... how could he be here, at Klang? I tried to check where he live thru Friendster, but seems that Friendster went buggy again, as usual... Can't link to his account... TJ isn't on9 also, can't check from him... Strange... I'll check tomolo.

I've started to grow weary of Radiohead's later albums... Really, techno and electronica and stuff juz ain't... nourishing... Kinda like junk... Taste good, but... juz not fulfilling... I like them in the beginning, bcuz they're unusual and bold... But I guess it's juz style without subatnce... Nevertheless, I still enjoy their earlier recordings, which are more rock-based... OK Computer is still my fav album, follow up by The Bends... Well, hope their next album will be more rock-based!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Graffitis and speed marriage/divorce... Two news that caught my attention when I was reading the papers (NST, Life and Times) today... The graffitis around Bangsar caught my attention bcuz I did see them with my own eyes a week or so ago... It was when me and my friend got lost when we're trying to get to Sungei Wang Plaza from MidValley Megamall... We passed by Jalan Ma'arof then, and I'm amused at those graffitis... It did look artistic, with all those human rights stuff and aerosol addicts... Juz wondering izzit legal... eheh...

Next come the Britney news... Speedy marriage, and speedy divorce... Man I hate that girl! First with her awful fashion taste (no, wat she wear isn't even qualified as clothes! More like rags!), then her awful whining about breaking up with Justin (he's a loser anyway, juz ditch him!), and now... treating marriage as if it is a game... Marriage is a sacred pledge, not one to be treated lightly... She did juz that, and I find it awfully insulting. Hope that she will juz fade out from the limelight... Nasty girl... >=(

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!


I have a job this whole month... Driving my sister back from school, and to tuition classes and back! The 'salary' is RM 200 (boo), but I dun need to pay for the petrol (yea!). Well, since I'm so free in this unbelievably long holiday anywhere, I guess drivving ppl around will be nice... can kill some time!

Man was I wrong... Driving is ok, but to get stuck in traffic jams all day long is sickening! It cost me 45 minutes of my life juz picking my sis back home from her skool! It's probably bcuz today is the 1st day of skool and all the parents of standard 1 students are going to da skools to look at the kids... Later on, when I drive my sis back from her tuition class, the same thing happened! ARGH... Hopefully it will be better next time!

Well, I finished the game HALO: Combat Evolved... Both Kenny and my cousin recommended me that game... Expecting it to be a good game, I bought it with high anticipation... Turns out it's juz a so-so game... Nothing to shout about... I wonder wat's the fuss about with the 2 of them... Hmmmm... I still kinda like Max Payne 2 though... Guess I'll ply the game again!

Monday, January 05, 2004


I truly enjoyed going for the movie last nite... Not bcuz of the movie, but bcuz I've got the chance to meet my friends! We also get to meet few ex-Kwang Hua students too! It's funny how we nv talked b4 when we're at sec. skool (cuz we nv know each other meh.. juz that we know we r from the same skool), but engaged into a conversation so smoothly now that we're graduated!

Indeed, me and my frens aren't as close as b4 anymore, but I still rejoice in meeting with them again. I can't understand, why d so many ppl grieved when they feel that their friendship bond were no longer as strong as b4? Why do they feel sad when their frens weren't as close as b4? Why do they feel unhappy when their frens have changed? Are they so ignorant that they aren't aware that they themselves have changed too? It's human nature to change. Ppl grow, ppl learn, ppl adapt to new enviroment, ppl get influenced, and thus they change.

So, why grief? As bad as things are, not all are lost! There's always be memories! Memories of the past, of the moments we cherish together. Times where we go through joy and pain. They're ever-green, ever-present. So why grief as if sumthing is lost forever when ur old-frens aren't so close anymore? Cherish the memories that we have created together! Memories are a priceless asset of humanity!

Sunday, January 04, 2004


Ooooh I juz hate last minute unexpected outcomes!!! It sud have went well, cuz I planned my time accordingly! 5.45pm, fetch my frens, b4 that, have dinner at home, reached JJ, 6.30pm, then buy popcorns and stuff, and then enter the theatreto watch RoTK (2nd viewing), with no trouble at all... But things juz nv go as planned, dun they?

Ok, these were the unexpected outcomes: 1) My cousins came to our house, and won't be going back till at nite. Problem 1) will not exist without problem 2)... My bro wasn't in the house cuz he went to cyber cafe last minute! And 3) there's no dinner at home! Dang those last minute uninformed outcomes! But well, all turned up well... My uncle drove my cousins back, and we have a quick dinner at JJ... Then we went to the cinema...

When I reached the cinema, it was but 5 minutes b4 the show starts... Then the most unexpected error happened (not really unexpected... my instincts were tingling all over!)... I was surprised when I saw that theatre no. 5, the one that we're supposed to enter, aren't opened yet. I brought out my tickets... and I realized... the date... is on the 1st of January! That instant, I was horrified... not bcuz i'll missed the show, but the ppl I brought with me! They'll be crushed with disappointment!

But thank God I know what I shud do... I still remember my reservation number, 0123126! I approach the counter, and explained to him... I booked the ticket very early on... And I bought the tickets along with the Peter Pan ones on Jan 1st. I gave the counter girl then both reservation numbers, but I guess she dun notice the date for RoTK is the 3rd, not 1st! I'm partly responsible of this blunder too, since I dun really look at the tickets...

Well, lucky for me that I remember the reservation number! The counter guy took his time asking the boss how to deal with the unusual situation, and asking my contact number etc. But thank God, in the end, he arranged the seatings for us... and good ones too! In fact, better than the seats showed on my tickets, which were all side seatings! The arranged seatings are all in the middle, between the stairs! Albeit the last row, but still good!

Well, the 2nd viewing of RoTK wasn't as intense as the 1st, but still juz as touching... I juz can't help sheding tears when Sam talked about The Shire, midway at Mount Doom. I felt like as if I've journeyed with them all the way from The Shire to Mount Doom, and then thinking back of Home... The Shire... The trees, the party, the fireworks, the rivers, the quiet and peaceful life... The direct opposite of Mount Doom... And it's really heartbreaking that Frodo can remember none of them... Sigh... I guess Tolkien also thought of home when he was at WW1 then... Home... makes me cherish wat I have now... Home...

I would like to talk more about friends, but I'm too tired now... I'll save it for tomolo! >=)

Saturday, January 03, 2004


Gym --> Brief Shower --> Sauna --> Brief Shower --> Swimming --> Shower

Whoa, can the entire process (in 1 1/2 hours) be tiring! The gym workout really was energy consuming, and going to the sauna is the natural follow-up, since I'm already all sweaty, might as well get sweater! Clean sweat, that is! Lol... And after the workout and sauna, my body felt heated up... And so I can't resist to jump into the swimming pool! And since I'm in the swimming pool, I might as well as swim 20 laps to improve my stamina while enjoying the cooling water! And so I end up exhausted... Not so much physically as mentally... Haha... Almost forgotten about MIF at nite! But heck, it's fun! Let's do that again on Sunday! Hahaha...

I've finished reading The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov a couple of days ago, and I must say, it's the best book I've read for a long time! Isimov's vision of the future isn't juz convincing, but might very well be the future we'll be experiencing! Also, the murder investigation plot is very interesting too, and it's kinda ironic that R. Daneel Olivaw, a robot, may very well become one of my favourite fictional characters! The book is so good, I finish it in 3 days! U juz dowan to let go off the bbok when u're reading it! I'm going to buy the sequels soon, if I ever get to go to Kinokuniya KLCC!!! Isaac Asimov is a genius!

Friday, January 02, 2004


Happy New Year everyone! 2004 is come! I've been waiting for this year for a long long time… I'll be entering IMU soon! Man, am I excited! Well, here are a few goals I hope to achieve this year!

1. Finish reading the Bible in one year. - I've always plan to do just that, but just dun succeed… Too many distractions from homework, assignments, and (sigh) entertainment. Since I'll be staying at an apartment close to IMU, I hope the time saved from the traveling to and fro will be used more efficiently for both my medical and Bible studies!

2. Academics - One of the reason I like a new year is u have to start all over again. I'll be having new classmates (I can’t think of a better term…) in IMU, and there’s always the excitement and curiosity on where I stand among them, i.e. how good am I among them. Since everyone that is accepted to IMU is top students in their pre-U course, the competition must be seriously stiff. Haha, this will truly be the beginning of a great challenge! Bring it on! Well, since that I dunno how tough exactly the tests will be, I'll start by aiming low… I'll try to get all my tests above 80%. If any adjustments are needed in the future, I'll alter it. I hope I can enter the Dean’s List by the time I finish Medical Sciences!

3. Constant exercise! - After I entered college, I've grown lazy to keep up with exercises. Well, I still plan to swim for at least twice a week… maybe three. And now that I have access to the gym at the condo, I hope to use more of them. (It’s kinda embarrassing that I dunno wat some of the exercise equipments are for!)