Saturday, February 28, 2004

I'm kinda in a very depressed mood now... Funny, I juz feel so enthusiastic not so long ago... Now it has all died out and fizzled...

Well, today was the day when we meet the seniors. They give us quite a scare there with a fake test, coupled by a very convincing acting by one of the seniors pretending to be some IMU staff. I was laughing like mad when it began to dawn on me that the whole spot test/mock test thing is so improbable and unsensible that it mush have been some trick by the seniors. They show us a slide show on the orientation then, which, to my opinion, was so overdone it turned out to be fuuny rather than slightly disturbing (which I imagined that's wat they intend the audience to feel).

Then we're separated into groups follow our OO (Orientation Officers) to discuss the orientation stuff. It's then we have to vote for 3 "post" in our group... Group Leader, BBQ Rep. and... the IMCC... Wat's the IMCC, u ask? Well, the IMCC is a guy who must represent his group to act/talk/walk/dance/wear/etc etc as a girl and perform them on stage in 3 minutes... No big deal, u may think, but he also have to shave his body hair too... i.e. the facial hair (excluding THE hair and eyebrow), the hairs on the limbs, and of cuz, the armpit. Those who fail to do so will be "waxed" by the seniors, that is, having their hair removed one by one using tapes.

When the voting begins, I volunteer to be the group leader, since I'll rather be that then the IMCC (read: I am sissy)... But many of my group memebers' and the OO's reaction really surprised (and in a sense, horrifies) me then... They already have a candidate for IMCC in their mind... ME!!! I was like, huh?! But they're a couple of guys who are slightly girly in nature! Why me?! I guess my "sporting-ness" impressed them a bit too much... Dang it! I tried to argue out of it then, and by chance our station master came to our group...

She could have been a God-send angel then, bcuz she sez that another group's IMCC was very pretty (I felt revolted when I heard that adjective used on a guy), and when asked by our OO which guys among our group is "pretty", she pointed at Jin Aun rite beside me. I was very glad then, and really worked hard on convincing them to select him instead. It seems to be effective at first, but I can't help but feeling guilty pushing such... er... humiliating stuff for others. I mean, I won't be happy if someone does that to me... I strongly followed the Golden Rule (Do unto others what you want others to do unto you), thus i dun feel good doing juz that. I guess I subconciously give in to my conscience, and overdid my part. In the end, I'm still chosen due to my loud mouth...

Well, now that it's done, I guess I could only treat it positively or negatively... I'll opt for the former. Let's juz hope I remained optimistic and enthusiastic (and a good degree of shamelessness...).

Thursday, February 26, 2004


Dang! I dun have enuf time now, so I'll juz blog as much as I can. The library orientation will starts soon, so I have precious little time now. My 1st few days at IMU has been great, but life here can be dead bored... The food sux too, summore dang expensive. Met loads of friends here, but most of them are from SAM, Taylor's. My apartment mates are OK, but since they're all from SAM, it's kinda hard to mix with them sumtimes...

Oops, briefing starting. Gtg. Hope I'll be able to blog soon. Man I feel so disconnected!

* * * * * * * *

Argh, the speaker is damn boring, I'll juz ignore him. Yup, there are times that I felt left out due the overwhelming number of SAM students around here. There must be at least 30 students from SAM, Taylor's here. In fact, in one of the SAM class, more than 10 are here, the same batch! And yes, I'm the only one from CPU Taylor's, juz like TJ last sem. When my SAM friends started to talk about SAM stuff, I really can't help but feel left out. But things are juz fine in campus I guess. Oh ya, seems that my distant cousin who was not accepted due to underage has been accepeted now, since someone abandoned his/her place at IMU.

Life in the apartment is ok too... but I kinda regretted not bringing with me some form of entertainment from home except a Sherlock Holmes book. I have absolutely nothing to do in my free time, and all I could do is to hang around with my apartment mates idly. And one of the I hated most is being idle. Reading that book did help to kill some time, but I'm also in risk of being labelled a nerd... Wait a minute, I am a nerd! Haha.

Well, gtg now. Library tour begins. This entry is blogged from E-learning Lab 3. Thom signing off.

Monday, February 23, 2004


Well, this is it... I'll begin my stay at the apartment starting tonight... Hope I can blog soon after... I wonder if the library's PC will block me from blogging... We'll see...

Sunday, February 22, 2004


Went to KL with my bro, Shu Yin, and Ting Ying today. More specifically, the Jln Chow Kit area. Shu Yin, who have not drove a manual gear car for a long time, drove rather clumsily with my car there. The engine actually dided out 5 or more times at a toll plaza! Damn embarassing man! XD

We started out with Wesley Plaza, which turned out to be a bit disappointing. All the stuff there are SO old! Even the builiding and lifts looked as like some ancient archaelogical site or antiques. But I managed to get myself a couple of key chains for my new sets of keys, the apartment ones and my own set of house keys.

When going for lunch, I asked TY to recommend some good food around the area. She recommended a particular wantan mee place, and straight on we went there... Na, actually, the girls stopped by for some shopping... Kinda boring... Heehee... When we finally tried the noodles, I was delighted. IT REALLY IS GREAT!!! Not only the noodle itself, which has a very unique texture and taste, but the sui kao (dumplings, cuz i ordered dumpling noodles instead) and the soup are excellent too! I actually marked the place after lunch by remembering a few landmarks around it: Hong Leong Bank, Coffee Bean and Georgetown Chemist. I'm sure to return to that place soon! >=)

After shopping around for awhile, we finally reached the place I went all the way there for: S & M! I searched frantically for the DVDs I wanted: Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Panic... After much effort, I still returned empty-handed... I still have my doubts on Cowboy Bebop's subtitle quality, and there ain't no Full Metal Panic DVD series yet... Only available in VCD format, summore juz Chapter 1-4... Disappointing... <=( Guess I'll probably check out at AnimeTech next time...

But not everything is bad after all... My bro and I managed to buy the gool o' classic CRPG Fallout and Fallout 2! YAHOO!!! I'm dying to play Fallout again man! It's one of my fav childhood moments, playing that AWESOME game! Great story, memorable characters, and man, DAMN BLOODY VIOLENCE!!! Hahaha... The Fallout series must have been one of the bloodiest and goriest game ever made! And heck, is it fun to watch ur enemies melted from an alien blaster or got his head blows off by a sawed-off shotgun! Haha, I missed those days! Imagine I'm going to relive them again! Ohoo!!

After a great rush back home, I attended my grandma's dinner at Tai Thong. Man is the food delicious! The best chinese dining I've have for years! Let's hope that I'll get to eat more at that place in da future!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Most of my stuff, especially the BIG ones, have been moved to my room at the apartment already. Bed, study desk, wardrobe, stand fan, fridge, microwave oven, chairs and stuff. Chee Yang seems to put his small room to extremely good use. I'm impressed by how he arrange his stuff so that the room seems well furnished eventhough it's small. Wait, I'm not supposed to sneak around someone's room, should I? Hehe...

By the time everything is put into place, I'm really happy with it. My room looks perfect! I won't be surprised if my room is the best in the apartment! Haha... Finally, after all these years, I have my own room! Yippee!

I'll move in to the apartment next Monday, around 6pm. Hopefully I can find something to do there then! Class won't start till Wednesday. And hopefully I'll be able to blog there!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


I kinda like Chinese newpaper sumtimes... You can really find some trivial yet very amusing news once in a while... Here's one I juz read:

A pair of recently-married couple were enjoying their time out during Valentine's Day. While the husband was driving, he received a sms message. Since he's driving, the wife helped him to read the message. Here's the msg: "My love, eventhough u're not beside me on bed tonight, I still really miss u, and I await all the kisses and affectionate hugs from u!" (Rough translation).

The husband then asked his wife wat's the msg was all about... And the wife ordered him to stop the car, accusing him of adultery, then called for a taxi and headed for her parents' place. Her husband tried to call her and explain about it, but the only one who picked up his call was his father-in-law, telling him that his daughter demand a divorce!

Helpless, the husband implore for help from a statesman working in a MCA Complaints Office. Later, the statesman finally managed to contact the msg sender, a woman. She told him that she actually wanted to send the msg to her husband who is working offshore, but somehow send to the wrong number. After she explained to the wife, the couple embraced in front of everyone and everything was resolved.

If u ask me, I'll prefer the ending with the husband punished his wife for all the stupid and embarassing troubles she caused for so trifle a glitch. Girls can be so illogical and unreasonable when they're emotional. Nv make a woman angry, guys! And read ur own sms all the time!

Friday, February 13, 2004


Applied for ATM card today, and waited for an hour in the bank to finally receive it. Hope it comes in handy when I enter IMU... But I heard that the closest ATM station from IMU is at Sri Petaling, around 2 km from the uni... Man... Well, at least it's better than nothing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

My First Road Accident <=(

I was driving back from my dad's new factory, at around 50 km/h, when a car in front of the car in front of me (let's call it the 1st car) brakes all of a sudden. The 2nd car (the one right in front of me, a Proton Satria) followed, and of cuz, me behind me. But that feat proved to be beyond my skills. *BANG!* The impact wasn't so bad. I experienced worser impact in a bumper car. I went "Dang!", and started to signalled to the roadside...

I parked my car in front of the 2nd car, but I dun shut the engine nor open the door yet, but observed the driver from my side mirror. I remember all the tales about how ppl get bashed up by baseball bats or chopped by parangs after accidents occur... The driver is a middle-aged malay guy, wearing a pair of sunglasses. He walked out from his car, and started to reach for sumthing inside his car thru the open window. I was thinking, "Heck, if he's getting a weapon out of his car, then off I'll go at once!"

When I see that he retrieve his keys, a piece of paper and a pen from his car, I felt an instant relief. Well, at least I'm dealing with a rational guy! I walked out from my car and apologised to him at once, but he seemed occupied by writing down my license plate number. I went to look at the back of his car, and was surprised to find that it has only minor scratches and a very tiny dent. But when I returned to my car at look at the front... Whoa!

The bumper was ripped off at the side. The whole front curved inwards at the centre, and was cracked too. Both frontlights were shattered. But the damage was juz at the front side, thank God. The front part did not 'bend' inwards, and the car is still functional. I called my dad, who was still in the factory nearby, to settle this, since I have no experience at all in this type of dealings. The driver was slightly annoyed, and criticized me for driving too fast, but he's pretty calm otherwise. I could only apologize to him and asked him to wait for awhile for my dad to arrive. He kept asking me if I actually have a driving lisence, for if not, he'll report to the police. I have to show him my lisence to prove it!

Well, 5 minutes have passed, and my dad still haven't arrive. Feeling embarassed and guilty, I asked him how much he wanted for the damage cost. He said that he dun mind the scratch, but he have to replace the part with the dent in it. He stated RM 100, and I'm more than happy to give him that at once. I was afraid that he'll ask for RM 300 or sumthing, and also, this accident was mainly my fault, though the 1st car (which disappears rite after the accident) was also partly responsible. After he accepted the money, he seemed satisfied, and drove away. Well, that settles it... and I drove home then, *very* carefully...

Now that it's over, I thank God that no one get injured in the accident, not even a scratch or shock. Also, there were no kids or other passenger in both cars, and the driver was a rational person, not a berserk ruffian, and there's no giant lorries hitting behind my car after that and squashed me to jelly. Thank God indeed! Hopefully this is the first and last accident I'll get involved in!


The holiday has been too long! Dang! I'm sick of it! Wasting my time everyday, seeing Time passes me by, feeling stupid, hollow and depressed... I always fear long holidays, but this 3 months has been hell to me. Sleep, wake up, play games, watching anime, sleep... The only few moments I feel better were when I'm swimming or doing something worthwhile...

Well... 11 more days to go... Hope I survive that long... And hopefully the next holiday won't come too soon... Or at least, LONG DULL ones... I dun mind a few days break! >=)

Friday, February 06, 2004


The news on Janet Jackson's ripped bodice amused me for days now... The local papers dun seem to show good pictures of that "accident" though, but I found one nice one on the Net. Ladies and gentleman, behold!

The above photo is completely unedited. So I guess they word "expose" does not create an accurate picture in the mind, rite? They claimed that it's an accident, and Justin Timberlake described it as a "wardrobe malfunction" (a very amusing and funny phrase, dun u think?), but dun u think that the, er, silver star thingie was placed at a very strategic location? Perhaps she wear that jewelery there all the time? Hah! Accident my foot!

Now this embarassing event had occured, I wonder wat impact it will cause on future concerts and live performances, especially by artistes like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, J Lo, and Kylie Minogue... Better make sure yer costumes stay in place, ladies! >=)


AHHA! This is a moment of truth, of revelation! To all who looked down upon the Canadian Pre-University Programme, HARKEN!

My cousin brought his cousin to IMU for application, and when his cousin asked about wat pre-U programme she could take (or perhaps they mention it without her asking... I'm not sure of the details), guess wat the ppl at IMU sez? THEY RECOMMENDED CPU!!! HAH!!! Hear that, all u who think that CPU is an inferior programme?! Think again! What we lack in scope, we exceed in details!


Wednesday, February 04, 2004


I've not been blogging frequently lately... I guess it's bcuz I'm busy
1. Sleeping
2. Playing Icewind Dale 2
3. Net surfing, chatting, and music downloading

Cowboy Bebop has got to be the best anime I've ever watched man! Funny that I dun feel so when I watch it the 1st time few years back... I guess it's due to the inferior quality of VCDs back then... Also I find chinese subtitles exhausting... It takes less energy and focus for me to read English than Chinese! Haha... The animation is superb, the character-driven plot intriguing, the hilarious humour, the stylish and explosive action, the moody atmosphere, and most of all... THE MUSIC!!!

There's a lot of Jazz and Blues in the series, but it also contains all sorts of genre and musical instruments. Rock, Techno, Metal, Orchestra, Classical, harmonica, saxaphone, piano, pipe organ... everything!!! I've been busy downloading all the great songs from the series thru Kazaa. Too bad all the cds for sale at Speedy for RM 15.90 has all been sold out! I've check everywhere, from pyramid to Bukit Raja to Klang Parade... No luck! Oh wait... there's still Subang Parade! I'll check there out fast!

The only thing that annoys me about the DVD is the lack of English dubbing AND horrible subtitles... The English was so broken that sometimes I have to read the script on the Internet to understand wat's going on! Man, I know i shudn't have bought local DVD! Shud have juz bought the imported version and pay more! Maybe I'll buy a better version... at RM 119.90? Doubtful... <=(

Anyway, my holidays will end soon, on the 25th of February... and I can't wait for class at IMU to start! Man, I've been waiting for this for a long long time! Now I'll juz enjoy the rest of my holiday, and anticipate the new stage of my life! >=)

Sunday, February 01, 2004


Confirmed the apartment opposite IMU today. Met with Su Yuen's bro, Su Keat, and his apartment mate, at the guardhouse of Kondo Komanwel B. Then the agent, Joey, brought us to the apartment to take a look around. It's pretty decent, but 1 of the single room is juz too small la... But then, it will be too risky to miss this oppurtunity to get an apartment... Seems that empty apartment are in short supplies now... So I juz agreed on the deal. RM 1100 a month. And since I'm the only 'future resident' there, I ended up being the tenant for the apartment... Hopefully it will not be a burdensome responsibility! Well, hope all goes well from here!

Su Keat's apartment mate also have a singke door fridge for sale at RM 200. I'll check it out when we move in the apartment around the 22nd of February. In the meantime, it's furniture planning and buying time!